Hope you have a Nice time here!

31 Jan 2010


The weather is freaking weird!!!! It was a cloudy and windy morning plus afternoon, but a damn hot evening!

Or was it the guys from the Korean drama, You're Beautiful, that I started to watch yesterday night?


I shouldn't be 'chasing' dramas now. =.="

I should get a cool shower in a short time, and continue doing my assignments.

*ps-Chia min, I told you so...whenever I started watching a series, I'll keep going until the final episode...

28 Jan 2010

15 days since the last post...

...and I've done 70% of my final year project (FYP), which is translating a book. We are doing it in a group, so we are like a translating company, receiving work from our 'client'-our lecturer. For now, we'll have to finish translating half of the book, entitle "Say You Are One of Them" by the 10th of February, pass up along with our report. There are 5 stories in the book, and the center stage is on those African people who have to suffer. Each stories are different, but they share the same goal, that is to motivate people.

Besides that, I'm brave enough to go to another FYP's group, topic on subtitling and dubbing, lead by Dr. Hasuria. Hence, I need to do 1 more small scale project. Small scale as in I only need to do 1 out of 6 videos. Yippee...it's not an easy job, cos in this semester, they are not doing subtitling and dubbing on movies but on video games. The job was harder cos we need to do the transcription on our own, as there were no scripts given. So, the process will be transcript, translate and then do the subtitle. These things need to be submitted before the Chinese New Year break, and the dubbing stuff will only start after the CNY break. Though there are much more things to do, but I guess it's worth it as I'll be going into this path in the future~

And I've been to the cinema for 2 movies in these days. Had watched Tiger Woohoo, a Malaysian movie and The Imagination of Dr. Parnassus. Both movies have their own style, and I would say both are quite creative. But Tiger Woohoo has much simpler storyline, whereas the later was quite confusing-I need time to 'chew' and make my conclusion.

Coursemates and I still 'behave' like what we used to do in the past-lepak-ing during the lunch time and gossiping. Nowadays, we seldom go out as a big group as we were busy with our own stuff-workload-different FYP has different due dates and partners. But Angela, Joss, SzeSze-when u wanna put an english name, sze sze?! and I did went for a bicycle ride.

It's scary that the time flies so fast. It's just really like a blink, and then 15 days were past. Another blink, and then it's middle of February...blink blink blink, and I'll leave USM!

13 Jan 2010


Recently, 2 songs, sang by 2 different singers with different styles, captured my heart. But there is one thing that these 2 performers have in common: both entered American Idol and coincidently, both were runner-ups in the contest.

Touch My Hand by David Archuleta

Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert

5 Jan 2010

5 days into 2010...

...and life goes on as usual. Bored days, were the days I've been going through, as if the semester has not started. Probably it's because the lectures were not started out, or was it there are lesser lectures in this semester? I guess it's both. Book for my FYP haven't been decided, thus I can't start it now. Should I be happy cos there is lesser lectures for this semester? I'm wondering now. I believe it's "lesser lectures, more workload". I don't mind if there is much workload, but just don't let it come in one shot. I don't one a rush-rush work.

...and the time we spend together become lesser. 010110 will be one of the memorable outing with you guys, and I hope there are more to come-'thanks' to Birdie coz she flown away last semester. But don't go places that is very expensive lar. Genting or Sunway again, anyone? I guess the next 'big' outing will be our very last outing before most of us leave this uni life.

...and I'm thinking where to after my uni life. It's 99.9% to working life, but still thinking wanna apply jobs in Singapore or not. *I like the feeling of staying in Singapore.* But this things won't drag until late January, as I'm thinking to apply in few days time.

...and I wish all the best to everyone, including myself! :)

Hapi Belated New Year!