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31 Mar 2007

6 wEiRd ThInGs AbOuT mE

6 weird things about me

i have been tagged by my friend, fadilah about this question...so, i guess i have to answer it....or else she might get upset with me!!! hahaha....

6 weird things about me:

1) i must wear socks while i'm sleeping, at night, of course. whether itz rainny day or a damn hot day, i must wear it. if not, i'm not going to sleep. well, i haven't try it whether i'm going to sleep or not if i didnt wear it. guess i might sleep, but mayb have to take a longer time! bcoz if i forget to get my socks when i change it (for hygiene purpose), i will definetly find a socks to wear although itz already late at night, say 1 or 2 am. so, whenever i went to stay at my grandparent's house or went for holiday, i will definetly bring along my socks...

2) every morning, the first thing that i do when i have clean myself, i will read the newspaper first. breakfast itz not my first thing, though. i dunno why i have this habit. my parents won't say much about mine habit as they had already knew my 'style'. but whenever my grandma (which is currently staying in singapore and will come to my house on holiday or on festive season) came here, she will surely scold me for reading paper rather than having breakfast first.

3) whenever i read the newspaper, mostly the star, i will definetly read from backward, whether itz main section or the section 2 part. i really dunno why. what i can say is, yes, i like sports, so i will read the sports' section first. but other section of the paper like section 2, i dont have the answer. dont ask me, ok??

4) i'm a gurl who loves sports very much, especially f1 and badminton. i watch soccer, tennis cycling, swimming, rally, (etc) (too much, i couldnt remember, but those i named it is those i watch most of the time!) too...but, of course, i didnt take part in any 1 of them. occasionaly, i play badminton and cycling with my brothers. and i really like to spend my money on magazines. but, i do not buy every edition of the magazines. i only bought it if there are things i like in it. most of my magazines are about f1 and entertaiment news. i wrapped up most of the magazines, especially magazines about f1 and those edition that i like. other magazine that i didnt wrapped up, i'll cut out those pix and article that i like and glued them in my file. and the left over magazines which has been cut out? i keep for 1 year...coz, sometimes i might read it again....after that, itz on the way to the recycle bin!!

5) mp3....important for me...last time i used walkman, disc man, but now i got mp3!!! although itz a bit outdated, but i think mp3 itz enough for me. i said itz important coz i like music very much and i put music as part of my life..no music, no life......whenever i'm driving or sitting in the car, radio must b on. so, if i sit in a car which the driver dont like music, i fell like soooo sick!!! but now, i got mp3. so, i bring them along when i went for a long journey (which, of course, i'm not the driver!!)...or when i have to go out with some1 who dont like music!!

6) i'm a gurl who dont like to wear skirts......long jeans or pants itz my favourite....dunno why, mayb when i was a kid, i used to wear pants. so, when i grew older, i got used to it...hahaha!!!

now, itz my time to tag my friend to do the same thing. she has to answer the same question just like i have done it. sorry, but i have to tag u, Norhannah Shahruddin!!

29 Mar 2007

f1 official testing 29 mac 2007

f1 OfFiCiAl TeStInG iN sEpAnG-dAy 3, 29 mAc 2007

ImPoRtAnT tHiNgS tO BrInG

ear plug...if u don't bring this along, when u come out from the circuit, u'll b DEAF!!!!!!

camera and extra memory cards...there are 10 teams and 10 drivers out there......

food and drinks are quite important as the stalls there are not opened yet...but foods and drinks are not allowed in the actual practice, qualifying and race day...

umbrella...important whether itz rain or not!!



FerrariSuper Aguri

finally, the day had come.....actually i planned to go to watch the f1 testing which is open to every1 and is admission free on tuesday, the first day of the testing, which is on the 27th of mac, but, dunno why, i didnt go. wednesday, a day where i definetly couldnt go anywhere..(has to send my bro to tuition!!). so, thrusday is the only day where i can go to watch the testing....i felt really excited on the way to sepang, coz this is my first time to the circuit!! when i had just finished parking my car at the parking area, which is still quite far away from the circuit, i can hear the sound of the f1 cars, vrooming here and there!! this make me even more excited as this was my first time hearing those sound with my own ear!! (although itz the same sound that can be heard while watching f1 through tv channel, but it still feel different!!) so, my brothers and i walk pass another parking area, went through the main gate, and walk up a small hill....after walking for 10 minutes, we still cannot see the circuit....this make us more excited as we had already heard the vrooming sound for 10 minutes, but still couldnt see the track. so, u can imagine how big is the whole place! finally, we saw another gate...actually, we didnt know exactly where is the seated area, we just follow all those people who walk around us!! after we passed through the gate, we finally saw the seated area...still quite far away from us, though. at least, now we knew where to go!!
team ferrari

felipe massa coming out from the paddock...
felipe massa walking back into the paddock after doing for some laps..
...going into paddock after started raining..

the crew preparing on massa after the rain

team mcLaren mercedes

lewis hamilton waiting in pit .....

the crew stopping the car...
...and push the car back to the paddock
going in again to the paddock after started rainning

team renault

the crew stopping young heikki kovalainen....

.....pushing the car back into the paddock...

preparing for heikki to come out after rain

we went to the mall area where we were opposite the pit building ( a place where the f1 car come out from their paddock and where the crew change or refuelling the f1 car). this is the bestest place among others bcoz u can see the crews changing tyres or refuelling oil on the race day. other than that, this place is where the f1 races getting started and the podium is here also. but for these testing days, what the spectators can expect is just a glimpse of their favourite drivers, and see the teams test their respective cars. on these testing days, each team only can test on of their cars. so, if both of the drivers wanted to test drive, the car must b shared. well, i actually hope that i can hav a glimpse of my favourite driver, kimi raikkonen from ferrari. but, as he had test drive for the past 2 days, so itz his team mate's turn to test drive...i was very upset bout that... :( anyway, from the place where i sit, i can see the whole teams' paddock(a place where they keep their cars) and the very first corner of the circuit...

started raining....

unfortunately, it started to rain heavily. so, all the cars went into their paddock and we waited for about 35 minutes for the rain to stop. after the rain had stopped, only 3 teams, the ferrari, honda, and renault came out to do their testing..team toyota came out too but only test for 1 lap .there were no accidents occured during the afternoon session's testing although the track is wet...afterward, my brothers and i went to another part of the circuit, which is behind the mall area that we had left. on that place, we can actually see 5 corners all 2gether....i think this area is better than the previous area...unfortunately, the time for the testing is over...at 5pm...so, all the cars went back to their paddock....and my visit to this place also come to an end....a bit sad...as my 'mission' to see my favourite driver is certainly impossible....but, at least, i get to feel howz itz like to b in the circuit and feel the f1 heat...good experience for me!!

my brother, the f1 'cameraman'...

with my brother.....

so, the day end with lewis hamilton from mcLaren-mercedes as the pace setter, ahead of mark webber (red bull-racing), ralf schumacher (toyota), vitantonio liuzzi (toro rosso-ferrari), felipe massa (ferrari), nico rosberg (williams-toyota), jenson button (honda), anthony davidson (super aguri), nick heidfeld (bmw sauber) and heikki kovalainen (renault).

26 Mar 2007

nEw EnViRoNmEnT, bAjU kUrUnG n Me

gReAt TeAcHerSSS!!

form n MUET teacher,Pn Shirin,who has studied in England b4

sejarah mas n sejarah asia's teacher,Pn Norizam,who can speak a bit of japanese n went there b4
Pn Maznah,who is also the ketua bidang bahasa,taught me bahasa melayu....

Pn Zaharah,who know sooo much bout current issues,taught me pengajian am,paper2

a very sporting teacher,Pn Meriam taught me pengajian am,paper1,loves korean drama n RAIN!!

one of the dicipline teacher,Pn Sharipah taught me sejarah islam

the sole male teacher n incharge of school's koperasi,En Mat,teach pengajian perniagaan

new environment

since primary 1 until i was graduated in form5, i was in a chinese medium skuls,which is located in klang(although i stay in shah alam). most of my friends r chinese but i also got a few malay n indian friendz. when i went on to secondary, i also make friendz v the malay gurls in our skul as we r same age. for me, itz no limitation to make friendz. i mean, if i got the opportunity 2 make friendz who r different races v me, i will really get along v them. for me, different culture n backgrounds should not b an 'obstacle' 2 make friendz! i think it is interesting to know more bout other's culture...but, of course,since i was in a chinese skul, most of my friendz r chinese. but there were no unfair thing among me n my malay or indian friend.
when i was graduated after form5, like my other friendz, i got the opportunity to do form6 in High School Klang, a skul where most of the students hope to join in(for stpm students only!). of coz, i was very hapi. but the prob is, i dunt hav transport to go to skul. hence, i hav 2 find an alternative. so, i decided 2 switched skul. after doing some findings, finally, SMK Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in section 2, shah alam,bcome my next destination. 13 june 2005 was the day i first stepped in this new n unknown skul. i hav prepared to expect the unexpected things. so, i was kindda ok v the new environment. the very obvious diffrence btween this new skul n my old old skuls is that there will b a small
size assembly every morning, except the rainny day. this assembly is not a formal assembly where we sing negaraku or the principle speaks in front of us. this assembly is just for saying prayers n some stuff, like dicipline n things like dat or inform us whether on dat perticular day got extra curicular or not. then, b4 n after a peroid, prayers must b said.n the most important thing is,i dunno wat 2 do during recess time as the library is open!! going to library during recess time was my routine for the past 5 years!!!!!! n i was quite upset bout dat...but after 2 or 3 weeks, i really adapted the 'system' in this skul. n i hav a bunch of malay n indian friendz!!! i was the only chinese during my form6. i didnt felt lonely as i got along v my friendz. 1 n the half year was the time w
e spent 2gether. during this time, some of our frienz leave form6 2 do other thing like technic skul n there were 2 newcomer when we were in upper6. i really got along v them, though i was not a talkactive person. some of us went to midvalley 2gether after our final exam, went to celebrate hari raya at teachers' hse....during these time also, i find myself know a lttle bit more bout their culture, which is very good for me!!:) i think i made a right choice of switching environment..i had finished my form6 now n when i think back the time i had spent here, i think itz valuable....i've learn soo much thing here, whether itz from my friendz or the teachers or the skul itself!! so, thanks to those who teach me directly or indirectly!! i want take this opportunity to say to those people who is trying or plan to change to a new environment,go ahead v it!!! try to hav fun while adapting n learning new things..itz really a benefit things n a right move. it really will improve yourself, if not 100%, at least 60%...

Gang 1:
the bollywood...
back row: rom left-right, malar, paveethre n mogampigai.

front row: (l-r),suganthi, mishallani

Gang 2:
me n my gang
from left-right: salwa, me, nur jehan, siti salbiah

Gang 3:

back row(l-r): yasmin, nurul asma, salizasafina
centre: nurul ezzah
front row(l-r): alwani nurul julia, melati

Gang 4:
from left-right: wan aisyah, nashazila, fadilah, sabrina

Nor hannah

Gang 5:
back row (l-r): atiyah, iryani, umi salma
front: farhana

Gang 6:
the only boyz in our class. from left-right: ikhwan, tajirin, fauzi

baju kurung(bk)

mmmmm.....bk, knew nothing bout it....didnt touch it b4 as i was in a pinafore since primary 1 til form5....i only knew dat itz an attire by the malay, and majority who wear it is the malay. the indian n chinese gurls+aunties also wear it, but itz for functions n itz only minority.....i never thought i will b wearing it coz i sweat all the time!!!! but when i switched to study in smk ssaas, the majority wear bk, including the indian n the chinese. so,i put in tooo...well, i felt very proud coz i'm a chinese wearing a malay attire!!! i think my tuition teacher will easily remenber me as i'm the only 1 wearing bk to tuition class (well,itz chinese sub
ject..)!!! to tell u the truth, i still sweat everytime execpt very very cold day! n every time i put down my bag while waiting for the assembly to starts, i will automaticly rolled up my sleeves....except the formal assembly...n u'll always c me v a handkerchief on my hand coz i really need it!!! my day v bk come 2 an end when i finished my last stpm paper....i'll miss it,though!! i dunno whether i will wear it(bk) again, but i think i'll just hav 1 or 2 pairs first so dat i'll hav sthing 2 put on on certain function....but for now, i'll leave 'her' for a moment.....

22 Mar 2007


wait for friday 23 mac to come.......will go out to eat mac d v my bros....actually the three of us are kaki mac d, but my mum always 'stop' us from going to mac d....if possible, whenever we go out, mac d will not show up in front of her....otherwise, the valcano ( my mum) will burst out the lava....oopppps!! sorry mum!!!hahaha....but we all know why she acted like dat....coz eat tooooo much of mac d is not good for us......so, whenever we passed by mac d, we still very 'kacau'....hope to eat mad c....at least the ice cream also can.......but if she insisted 'NO', then it will be no......well, if her mood is ok dat day,then we will get to eat mac d!!! hahaha.. :)