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30 Mar 2009


I've been doing homework since Saturday, though I don't have my own laptop, I still need to do my work, through my roommate's. Sien. The eyes were real sore, very tired. Now, I stil have 1 more to go, the last 1 for this semester. Actually the due date is on 3rd April, but since I'm going back on that day, my due date will be on 2nd April. Haiz. I'm going to start it soon, I just hope I can finish it in 1 day. Can I? I really hope I can do it. But I need to look back all my translation works and editing works, only then I will have things to write. It's a report based on those things we've done this whole semester. I'll start later, but I'll need to give myself some time to rest. Hence, I'm going for a movie tomorrow! YEah!!! 

29 Mar 2009

%^$& ~@$ newspaper!!!

I misssed the first race of the new Formula 1 season!!! Arghhhhh!!! Stupid newspaper didn't show that it will broadcast!! Dxxx!! I only knew about it when I chat with my brother long after the race had finished. Sien ahh!!! I wouldn't mind if the reason I missed is because the local station didnt broadcast, but I'm real sad because I did missed it for some stupid reason! Anyway, the whole race was quite amazing. Those big big teams were left out, and those who went podium are small small teams. Not sure what's the reason behind these, surely there are some things the drivers will talk about after the very 1st race. The car during testing period will definitely different from the actual race, Kimi Raikkonen once said. Indeed, it's very different. Guess the teams needs to figure it out what happened before going to the next race at Sepang.

28 Mar 2009


Why must be at this time??! I still got many assignments to wrap up!!! My laptop kena spyware, coz I don't have spyware system. Sien ar!!!! Things happened yesterday. Woke up and wanna finish up my works, then I can't get into internet. Then many small windows popped up. Then I called my coursemate and let her check. She can't help it either, and I had to send to 'workshop'. I don't like to send my laptop there!!! Anyway...I'll spend this afternoon with my room mate's laptop, and try to finsih up my work as fast as I can!

* 28 March 2009. Earth Hour 8.30 pm-9.30 pm. Switch off the lights, dude!!

26 Mar 2009


Formula 1 Season 2009 will starts SOON!!! YEAH!!!!! I'm verrry EXICTED!!! All the teams had reach Melbourne, Australia on yesterday or days before. Tomorrow is the first practice session for the new season. So what happened today in Albert Park? Well, there are the new season photograph session for all the drivers, some promotional events for the teams and FIA press conference by Felipe Massa, Robert Kubica, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel.

Here's the drivers line up for season 2009:
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Heikki Kovalainen
3. Felipe Massa
4. Kimi Raikkonen
5. Robert Kubica
6. Nick Heidfeld
7. Fernando Alonso
8. Nelson Piquet Jr.
9. Jarno Trulli
10. Timo Glock
11. Sebastien Bourdais
12. Sebastien Buemi
14. Mark Webber
15. Sebastien Vettel
16. Nico Rosberg
17. Kazuki Nakajima
18. Adrian Sutil
19. Giancarlo Fisichella
20. Jenson Button
21. Rubens Barrichello

And these are the races in season 2009:
1. 29 March-ING Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. 05 April-Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang, Kuala Lumpur.
3. 19 April-Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai.
4. 26 April-Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir, Manama.
5. 10 May-Gran Premio de España Telefonica, Barcelona.
6. 24 May-Grand Prix de Monaco, Monte Carlo.
7. 07 June-ING Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul.
8. 21 June-Santander British Grand Prix, Silerstone.
9. 12 July-Großer Preis Santander von Deutshland, Nürburg.
10. 26 July-ING Magyar Nagydij, Budapest.
11. 23 August-Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe, Valencia.
12. 30 August-ING Belgian Grand Prix, Spa.
13. 13 September-Grand Premio Santander d'Italia, Monza.
14. SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore.
15. Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka.
16. Grande de Premio do Brasil, Sao Paolo.
17. Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi.

23 Mar 2009

I don't mean to be harsh, but please Go Away!

Lazy bug pay me a visit me again!! Though I've told him I won't be free to 'accompany' him, I can't resists when he came! Arghh!!! I wanna ask him out, but I just can't do it! I don't have much time for him. I still have a 'long' time to go before I'm free. Can you please just leave me for the moment? I promise I'll accompany you for 1 whole day when I'm totally free! I just want to be leave alone to finish up my job. Please!

22 Mar 2009

The Parent Trap

Few days ago, there were news about actress, Natasha Richardson (who was quite a famous actress, I think), fell while taking a skiing lesson and sustained a head injury, but after 2 days, she passed away. There were many news about the late actress, from her background (her mother was also an actress) to her own achievement in the film industry. And a movie's title, The Parent Trap, always appeared whenever the story about Richardson being told. I happened to have the movie, but haven't watch it. Thus, it was my weekend's movie.

The Parent Trap is a 1998 family film remake of 1961's same titled film. It stars Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan and the late Natasha Richardson. The plots involves a pair of twins who have been separated at birth, and upon meeting by chance, decide to work together to reunite their divorced parents. Lindsay Lohan played the twins role, and I must admit that she's cute! (hey, I don't like the present her, okay? coz she's like self destructing herself, as she is actually quite talented.) Natasha Richardson take the mother's role. Gosh! The actress was sooo beautiful, and graceful! And the movie is, well, like the title itself, trap their parents! The twins did a lot of things so that their parents will back together. They switched their role to meet the parent whom they never had a chance to meet before. And each of them have a duty: one finds out how their parents met, while the other one finds out what's the reason their parents divorced. Oh, did I mention that the twins also trick the lady-in-red-lipstick-who-seduces-their-dad-to-marry-her-so-that-she-can-get-his-wealth?? Its fun to watch these kids try so hard to get their parents back.

But in reality, couples who have children always want to get divorce, for many reasons. Do these couple really think of their children before they anounced to divorce? Do they really know what is their children's feeling??

21 Mar 2009


Tagged!! Arghh!!!! Ok...here comes the answers..opps..the questions first!

1. Do you think you're hot?
~The weather here is already hot, still wanna be 'hot'?! hehe..I think I'm cool.~

2. Upload your favourite picture of you
~here comes the pix!

3. Why do you like that picture?
~ Because family gathering is the PRECIOUS moments!~

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
~Hmm...I think it was months ago, with my coursemates.~

5. The last song you listened to?
~ Sail Away by Enya.~

6.What are you doing right now besides this?
~Reading online newspaper...~

7. What name would you prefer besides this?
~Hmm...my name is my identity!~

** 5 person
1) Kimi Raikkonen
2) Mark Feehily
3) Mummy
4) Daddy
5) Sha Ney

8. Who is no. 1?
~Easy! He's my favourite F1 driver!~

9. No 3 is having relationship with?
~Daddy lor.~
10. Say something about no. 5
~My old friend from kampung, both of us had sweet childhood memories!~

11. How about no 4?
~My dad is not as strict as my mum!~

12. Who is no 2?
~Mark is my favourite band member from Westlife.~
Rule: Use Google Image to search the answers the nswers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

*The Age Next Birthday*

*Place I do like to travel*
~Republic of Ireland~

*Favourite place to be*
~My room!~

*Favourite Food*
~Any homecook food by my family.~

*Favourite Thing*

*My Nickname*

*Favourite Colour*
~This one.~
~One of it. Still got others.~

*My Love*
~None other than this!~

*Wish List*
~Real hope I can do this.~

I'm not going to tagged anyone, but if any one of you feel free to do it, just go ahead!

20 Mar 2009

Blind Love

Case 1:
Singer Chris Brown, at the night before the Grammy Awards, was reportedly "tried to push Rihanna from his rented Lamborghini but failed because she was wearing a seatbelt. Brown then shoved Rihanna's head against the passenger window and repeatedly punched her in the face, spattering blood in the car and on her clothing and filling her mouth with blood, the affidavit said. During the beating, Rihanna left a message for an assistant to have police waiting for the couple at home, prompting Brown to tell her: "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you."Brown continued to punch Rihanna, bit her ear and finger and put her into a headlock." Then the young couple were "separated", with Brown 'busy' with police about the charging, while Rihanna was "resting and recovering" for her bruises (physically and mentally) from the incident. Most of us will think that surely this couple won't got along again, but "unfortunately", rumours said the couple was reconciled (back on 9 March 2009) after the spilt. Upon hearing the news, friends were worried bout her and Oprah Winfrey said the alleged beating make her so sad that she'll do a show dedicated to dating violence this week. Winfrey offered Rihanna advice on her Friday show, saying, "Heal yourself first, and also, love doesn't hurt." She also urged the couple to seek counselling. Winfrey says the Thursday episode is "dedicated to all the Rihannas of the world". (10 March 2009) Then, Rihanna was quoted saying that she was concerned at the reaction she will get if officially confirms she has rekindled her romance with Brown. "She still loves Chris very much and, although she's forgiven him privately, she's not prepared for the backlash from her fans." said a pal of Rihanna. (16 March 2009) And now, on 19th March, "Rihanna has reportedly heeded Oprah Winfrey's advice and take a break from on/off boyfriend."

Case 2:
Vivian Chow, Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress, are married to her long time boyfriend Joe Ngai. But the wedding are not the months long type of preparation. They got married after Joe was found seeing a younger (much much younger) women. Joe was 'famous' with his playboy fame, and that was not the first time he cheated on Vivian. And Vivian forgive all the things he had done. Although Joe publicly admits his mistakes and apologize to Vivian, he did not wish to broke up/things like that. People thought that this time Vivian will not be a good lady. She had suffered so much because of him all these years. Ironically, she decided to marry the boyfriend. They secretly got married and of course, they don't have big ceremony like other celebrities will have (somehow, they think it's not suit to do a grand ceremony upon these happended things).

LOVE is Blind. Women just can't let a relationship finished off, just like that. When a women really fal in love, they really go for the same man, but not others. When a women loves a man, she'll fight for him and do all that she can, probably will aslo sacrifice herself. No matter how bad a man is, what had he done to her, she still love him. But can't a man be more responsible in a relationship? All women want from them is their LOVE!

19 Mar 2009

Don't Pray Pray!

The guy with curly hair, a big mole and a pair of yellow boot with his famous line:"Best in Singapore and JB, and some say in Batam" is coming back!! This time around, Phua Chu Kang and his wife, Rosie migrate to Malaysia to start a bussiness. PCK will now known as Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. as the show will now based to it's Malaysian audience. Thus, Malaysian's actors and artistes will have roles in the sitcom. Adibah Noor, Harith Iskandar, Nell Ng, Carliff Carleel and Fadzlie Rahim will appear in the show.
Originaly, the sitcom were known as PCKPL, and was filmed in Singapore. But after 10 years of airing through it's 8 seasons with a successful achievement and full of sweet memories, the show came to an end on February 2007. Throughout these years, the show had filled in most people's life-with laughters and funny scene-in Singapore itself and in Malaysia. While some of us grow up with the sitcom, the casts itself also grow up with the show. The actors had felt a huge life changes when they were labelled as Singapore's icon.
Though I'm not a 100% fans of the show, I'll catch up with the series whenever it is possible. It's good to have some laughter after a full day of work, to stress out my mind and recharged back. In that way, I'll live better. I'm glad that this show is coming back again with a new context, and I'm hoping that it will be as funny as last time, or funnier!

17 Mar 2009

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick (AD 385-461), one of the patron saints of Ireland, and is generally celebrated on March 17. This day is observed by the people of Irish ancestry, the Roman Catholics, the Angelicans, the Easter Orthodox and the English-speaking countries. Normally, this day is celebrated by attending mass parades, wearing shamrocks, wearing green and drinking alcohol.
It is a national holiday for Republic of Ireland. In Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States and New Zealand, it is widely celebrated but is not an official holiday. So are Malaysia. Guinness (yup, the famous Guinness Stout @ 'O Kao' [in Hokkien]), an alchoholic drink synonymous with the celebration, took the famous feast to Malaysia for the first time in 2007, and had hoped that St Patrick's Day will be a huge hit. 2 years on, and now in the third year of celebrating, I can say that St Patrick's Day are on the way to become a huge hit. According to Eugene Hutchinson, the celebration is already well-known in Malaysia.

In 2007, revellers had the chance to adopt another Irish St Patrick's Day tradition by adorning themselves with shamrocks, leprechaun outfits and green hats as they dance the night away to Irish music, when this festival were first introduced to Malaysia.

In 2008, this day was celebrated with much gaiety at Plaza Mount Kiara. Since green is the colour commonly associated with the festival, folks decked in the colour. And those who came were treated to various games and international cuisines from various participting restaurants courtesy of Guinness, which served draught beer throughout the carnival. One of the highlights of the event was special guest chef Emmanuel Strooband, the popular host of Chef In Black, who showed the audience how to prepare the Great Guinness Sorbet, a dessert served at the participating restaurants throughout the celebration. The carnival took a more upbeat note when a group of dancers took the stage to officially launch the Guinness St Patrick's Carnival. Then, there were games and quizzes, acrobatic stunts by African group, musics by an all-girl band, before popular deejays got the crowd going with their spinning.

And this year, the KL Tower was all green for a night when Guinness launched the St Patrick's Day recently. Guests, trade partners and members of the Irish expatriate associations in the country who attended the event cheered and celebrated as they witnessed the occasion from the Hakka Republic restaurant across the road. Guinness have lined up a list of events for the celebration, with Guinness-serving outlets having a promotion of St Patrick’s Day-inspired dishes with sauces created by celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Exclusive limited edition St Patrick’s Day merchandise would also be given away free with every purchase of three Guinness Draught pints or a bucket of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout till March 31 at all its participating outlets.

Besides that, there were outdoor festivals courtesy of Guinness (again) with the celebration at Juru Auto City in Pnang on March 14, and the Central Park Avenue, New Wing of 1 Utama, on March 13, which kicked off at 6pm. This year's celebration at 1 Utama featured international entertainers, street acts, exiciting games and a variety of cuisine from all around the world. Central to the 'shamrockin' theme of this year's event is the headlining act, the Skybombers. The Aussie rockers were down for a one-night performance. The other highlight was the Dutch acrobatic troupe, Corpus, renowned for putting together awe-inspiring and energetic performances, combining acrobatic feats, choreography and music in dazzling display. And with a series of exciting activities by Guinness. Besides that, Guinness-infused cuisines, games and Guinness Draught were served at both venues.
And of course, one should celebrate the day with the Irish themselves (if possible lah)! Hutchinson, an ambassador of Ireland, hosted a reception for the Irish here, as well as Malaysian who enjoy 'a taste of Ireland'. You don't have to apply to the Irish government to become an Irish, because "Everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day"!! So each year, all of us have a chance to become an Irish! :)
St Patrick's Day Trivia
-The enjoyment of Guinness is synonymous with St Patrick's Day all around the worl, with some 13 million pints of the black beer expected to be consumed.
-Shamrock or seamrog (in Irish) has been the symbol of Irishness since the 16th century when Irish Rebels adopted it as a symbol in their fight for freedom from British rule.
-The first recorded celebration of St Patrick's Day in North America was in Boston in 1737.
-The biggest annual parade occurs every year in New York City where it has been a feature of Fifth Avenue celebrations since 1762.
-The city of Chicago has been celebrating St Patrick's Day by dyeing its river green since 1962!
*The writer LOVE Republic of Ireland very much.


I just don't get it why there are people who likes to waste their time by doing 'nonsense' during daytime but only start rushing to do their work at night and then stay till late at nite, and during the next morning, skip the morning classes, and then complained that they don't have enough time to sleep and feels very tired. The first thing come into my mind upon this situation is: You DESERVE it! I just can't understand how they can lepak-ing, movie-ing, relaxing during the day when they yet to finish their work. And the thing I hate most is that all the 'noises' I got during the night, the time when I wanna to sleep. You see, I'm staying in an apartment. And I think the wall in the apartment is not thick enough, thus we can hear through the wall with the door closed whenever the person outside speak too loudly. And I don't know why these people don't have common sense. How can they laugh so loud at the middle of the night, during 1-3 am? Don't they know that other people can hear them?! I just can't get it what is inside their brain, or should I said do they really use their brain before doing something?! They know they are 'heavy', but they still can't control themselves when walking in the room-walk like a gorilla, making lots of noise. They know people are sleeping, but they just rammed the room's and bathroom's door loudly. Why should they do that? They've been doing this for some time, especially when the due date of assignments is nearer. Told them quite some times before, but still in no vain. It's not only these. They seems dunno how to care for others, and themselves. Thrashes that are full, drinking water that were going to finish etc. Til now, some of them didn't do these things before, or they did do those things, but when only being asked. I do show my anger-while I'm doing all that stuffs-banging harder or I'll just keep quite and do the things all the time or when they asked me something, I'll just replied them coldly. And that's when they know I got angry. But it doesn't change anything, as they didnt do anything either! The thing I got from here is, they don't have an initiative to do something. And I just don't know how far can they go even these little small stuffs they can't do on their own initiative. I don't think I'm very fussy, but I just think that somehow, these little small stuffs should be done on their initiative. I don't like to embrass them by asking them to do these stuffs frequently, but they really should be ashamed of themselves!

15 Mar 2009

The Reds vs The Devils

A battle that most of the soccer fans were waiting for. Battle between rivals Liverpool and Manchester United. Man U is the reigning champions of the English Premier League, but Liverpool who thrashed Real Madrid with 4-0 few days ago looks so strong. Though it's not a title fight (still got some months to go), but it's still a match worth to watch, as both teams always play well. Man U are the favourite to win the match as the team are now leading the EPL chart, and it has many great players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wanye Rooney, to name a few. But Liverpool is not bad either. Players like Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, also have a good career. I'm not a big fan of both club, but just wanna know the on going match. I didn't watch it live, though. 'Watching' online will not have the chance to see clearly, but it's enough for me. It's unimportant that I nearly forgot it. When I remembered, it's already minutes 88, the scored 3-1, where Liverpool was leading. I was not shock, as I do think anything can happen in the 90 minutes. But the score do suprised me. 4-1! How did they do it? Anyway, I can't 'rewind' back the scene, and I won't know how they scored. But just after I had finished read all the commentaries written before, Liverpool scored again!! AMG! They were all 100% fit! And I'm not sure whether Man U's did badly in this match or just that Liverpool played superb-ly! Man U were really humiliated by the score, especially lost 4 goals in a home game. I don't think Man U had done so bad in a home game so far. Thus, my conclusion is, everythings have it's up and down. One will not always stay on top forever. They'll fall in the end. But the important thing is, what approach do one use when they fall deep down. Do they just let it be? Or do they fight back? This is important, as it will decide the next step, to move forward or just stop there.

13 Mar 2009

City of Ember

City of Ember is a 2008 science fiction-fantasy film directed by Gil Kenan, which was based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Jeanne Duprau.


The movie introduction explains that the City of Ember is a fully-contained city built underground to house a human community for 200 years as a shelter from an unspecified disaster. A box has been provided which automatically opens after 200 years, and contains a tool and instructions for returning to the surface. Mayors of Ember keep the box a secret and only disclose its existence to their successors in office. When a mayor suddenly dies while still in office, the box ends up forgotten in a closet in a descendant's house and unnoticed by anyone when it automatically opens as designed.

Some decades later Ember's food supplies are becoming depleted and blackouts are increasingly frequent and longer-lasting, as the hydroelectric generator that powers the city has deteriorated. Much of the knowledge and technology from the city's near-mythic Builders and earlier generations has been lost.

Two young friends, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, who live in the City of Ember, are graduating from school. Lina is assigned to work in the Pipeworks of the hydroelectric generator, but trades jobs with Doon, who does not like his assignment to work as messenger. They begin their jobs with Lina as one of the messengers who run around the city to deliver communications following the collapse of the telephone system, and Doon as a technician in the Pipeworks. Lina witnesses the city's decay as she relays messages, and Doon learns that the Pipeworks are held together with increasing amounts of patchwork. Nobody knows in detail how any of the city's systems work. After a major malfunction of the generator during the city's annual celebration, Lina and Doon conclude that Ember is in danger of imminent collapse. With the city's adult population either largely ignorant of their plight or cowed by the corrupt Mayor Cole, Lina and Doon search for the clues left by the Builders showing the citizens of Ember how to save themselves.
Mayor Cole, understanding the gravity of the city's situation, has been stockpiling food in a secret bunker to guarantee his own survival. After discovering the bunker, Lina attempts to report Cole's hoarding but instead is brought to the mayor. He suspects that Lina, a descendant of the earlier mayor who died in office, may be in possession of lost secrets about Ember and orders her and Doon arrested.
Indeed, Lina has the box in her home and has begun to understand its importance. The pair escapes and try to find their way out of the city with the instructions left in the box by the Builders, and receive unexpected assistance from Doon's elderly mentor Sul. Meanwhile, Mayor Cole goes to his bunker and he is killed by a giant star-nosed mole. Arriving at the surface they are initially disappointed that it is dark there as well, as described in Ember's folklore, but when the sun rises they discover that light has returned to the skies and the planet has recovered. They also see through a hole the lights of Ember deep below the surface and realize they had lived in an underground city. Lina and Doon drop a message tied to a rock through the hole down to Ember telling the other citizens how to leave the city, where it is found by Loris Harrow, Doon's father and one of the few adults aware of the city's serious situation.

*It's not hard to understand the storyline, but it's just beyond our imagination about how people live 200 years before can plan so precisely. It's like a Nancy Drew's but with less actions and adventureous scene. Still, it's fun to watch.

11 Mar 2009

My Love

I was happy to see you again, my love. I miss you so much, my love. I was glad to be with you on time, my love. I'm proud to say that I made a precise decision to go back home on that particular moment, my love. And there we are, we met again, my beloved badminton! I was happy I had a chance to watch badminton matches again. I missed badminton so much. I was glad to be with All England 2009 badminton matches on time. I'm proud to say that I made a precise decision to go back home on that particular moment to watch All England 2009! The players I support made their ways to the final, and I was glued to the televesion during the final (well, I did went away during the Women's single and doubles). Here's the final matches: Mixed double: China vs Korea; Men's single: Malaysia vs China; Women's doubles: China vs China; Women's single: Denmark vs China and Men's doubles: China vs Korea. I just wanna watch my favourite palyers from team China, for the Men's doubles. It's been a long time since the last time both of them played as partners. But the match was the last match of all, so I watched most of the other matches.
First, it was the mixed double match. He HanBin-Yu Yang of China vs Ko Sung Hyun-Ha Jung Eun from Korea. I went out before the match, and when I came back, it's halfway through. The Chinese lost the first set, but won the last two sets, hence winning the match.

Then it's the men's single match, Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. I didn't watch the whole match, as I went to take bath. When I got back, Lee Chong Wei was leading 19-17. I thought Chong Wei will have won that set, as with Lin Dan's style, from my observations, when he think or see that he's gonna lost, he'll quickly finished up the set and try hard on the next set. But then, Chong Wei made some mistakes, and now Lin Dan was leading the set. Then, I think Lin Dan found his strength back to play carefully and precisely, thus winning the first set with 21-19. The crowds there at Birmingham Stadium was full of Malaysian and Chinese supporters. Each sides cheered for each point the players scored. And while the player they support was left behind, they cheered to the player, to give him more strength. Both players were playing cat and mice with the score, from 1 all to 6 all, but when Chong Wei lost 2 points continuosly, Lin Dan lead all the way to point 8. And then there was a long rally between the top players. But then again Chong Wei made mistakes and Lin Dan done a superb job to finish up the set by winning 21-12, thus becoming the champion. This is his fourth time winning the All England Championship. From my observations, Chong Wei did played well. Maybe it's just that Lin Dan played a better game. Chong Wei did said after the match that Lin Dan played better compared to the Beijing Olympic's Final. It's not that Chong Wei did not prepared well or he lost his consistency while playing, it's just that Lin Dan was better than he used to be.

Next was the women's double. Its a battle between players from same country, but a battle between seniors, Zhang YaWen/Zhao TingTing and juniors, Cheng Shu/Zhao YunLei. All the players did play hard, coz everyone also want to have the All England's trophy. There were rallies that won by juniors, smash shots that juniors didn't managed to receivee, etc. And there was no team coach around. Normally, if the opponent is from a different country, there are coaches for both sides, to tell the players what mistakes they had done or what are the opponent's mistakes. But since it's an 'internal affair', no coach is needed. Players can find out the opponent's mistake on their own, as the coaching system are the same for all the players. The juniors did not let their seniors won the match easily though the seniors are much more experienced than them. Seniors won by straight set 21-1, 21-15.

Then it's women's single match between world number 1 and reigning All England champion Tine Rasmussen of Denmark and unseeded Wang Yi Han. Tine is much more experienced then the newcomer Yi Han. But unseeded Yi Han had battle past other better players like Zhou Mi (world number 2) and Xie Xing Fang (world number 5) before enter final. Though facing a youngster, Tine did play carefully with Yi Han. She lost the first set by 19-21,but fight back on the second set, and won that set with 23-21. But in the third set, Yi Han fought hard, and the gap between Tine and her is 5 points. Then she control the whole game, and Tine can't match her. She went on to win the set by 21-11, and got her first All England trophy.

Finally, the match I've been waiting for. Men's double, Cai Yun/Fu HaiFeng vs Han Sang Hoon/Hwang Ji Man. Cai Yun/Fu HaiFeng is a favourite double players in team China because they achieved more than other double players (I mean in this few years time). But they were split out to pair up with juniors so that the juniors will improved/learn a thing or two. Hence, they were partially spilt out, but when entering major tournaments like All England, they will pair up again. Han Sang Hoon/Hwang Ji Man is a younger pair from Korea. It's not a long match, but full of excitement. Some of the service by the Korean pair are let (too high), and some return serve by the Chinese pair were stuck at the net. But all those players do pair up perfectly. It's hard to describe it, but I enjoyed to watch it. It's not because of my favourite players were there, it's just that men's double are quite fast compare to others. The court is just enough to fit in four people to run up and down. Whereas in the single's match, a player have to run such a big half court. It takes time to run such a big place, kind of wasting time. Plus men are more powerful than women when they do smashing. Thus it's much more excited to watch this type of match. Anyway, Cai Yun/Fu HaiFeng won by 21-17, 21-15.

It's just that I was lucky to be at home at that moment. If not, I'll just have to 'watch' the games through newspaper, which I'm not into it. But I do 'envy' one of my friend, who is in England to further her studies, where she went to watch the semi final matches!! When will I have the chance? It's not that I want to go to England or anywhere to watch. I just want to watch a real badminton match with those top players!!!

My favourites players!! :)

10 Mar 2009

I nearly missed my class today.

Woke up early in the morning as I supposely took the earliest Plusliner bus, 7.30am, back to Penang after few days at home. Took 6am's KTM to old KL station, as I never took a Plusliner bus back to Penang before. I was afraid I'll 'lost' while searching the place for the bus to take off, thus went there early. Turn out the place is just in front of the building. So lepaking there before reaching the time to take off. 7.25 am...there was no sign of any Plusliner bus. Went in to the Plusliner/Nice's ticketing counter to ask around. Turn out that the 7.30am bus had been postponed to 9am! Wah! How am I managed to attend the 2pm class?! I've planned that by taking 7.30am's bus, I'll reach Penang at 12.30 noon, and then I can walked slowly to the class. Now I'm stuck at the station. Though there are a lounge for the waiting passengers, I still feel uncomfortable. I wanna sleep!! And I really fall asleep while waiting! At 9am, finally the bus to Penang was there. It's the Nice, not Plusliner!! I guess it's a compensation for people like me (I'm not the only one). I was overjoyed because I actually wanna try to take this bus, at least once during my times studying in USM. Many people had said that if possible, try once on Nice bus. It's very NICE. Thus, I was happy to see the bus. The difference between these two busses is that Plusliner have 2+2 seats, while Nice have 2+1 seats, and with food given. But the price of the ticket for Nice is much more expensive, around RM 50++ whereas Plusliner is only RM35.
Anyway, the feeling of the first step that I took to climb up the bus was this, Comfortable. I really had that feeling. Maybe it's because of the decoration and the colour of the seat. It's not like normal bus which uses dark colour for its seats. It uses a lighter colour. You too can feel that the whole bus is neat, clean and beautiful, though it might be an old bus. I was seated at the last row, with two others who share the same 'fate' as me (delayed bus). One was a lady whom I think travel quite frequently with bus to Penang to work, while the other one actually is an USM student. I guess she's a student from Management School, as she was holding an Accounting book. The lady said the delay issue is not the first time. She said whenever she took the 7.30am bus to Penang, it will be delayed. (3 times at the same time, 3 times also being delayed) I guess maybe that's a tactic of the bus company, probably there were to little passengers who bought the tickets. Hence, they make us take another time's bus. ~That's my opinion upon hearing what she said.~
As the bus moved away from the station, I waved goodbye to KL and starts the journey to the north. After 15 minutes, the hostess gave everyone a packet drink. And around 1 hour after we took off, we were given sandwiches. Half way through our journey, there was a tea/coffee for us. It seems like many food to eat! Ehheheh...but I felt a bit disturbing, as the hostess come around like 6 times, first to serve the food/drink, then come to collect the leftover. I said so because normally in the 'normal bus', we don't have people walk up and down and serve you. You can sleep almost the whole journey but no one to disturb you. Though the hostess does not physically disturb the passenger, like wake you up to ask whether you want tea or coffee, it's still a disturbance when she took out the foldover's table to put the food.
It was not so bumpy or bouncy to sit at the back of the bus. Maybe it's because the bus is in good condition. And it was not hot to sit near the engine. Once, I was seated near the last row of the bus in a bus, I was 'overheated' by the bus's engine. That time, I sweat a lot. But in this Nice bus, I don't have that problem. I also feel that this bus is much more powerful than the other bus that I've journeyed before. I think it moved quite fast compared to other busses. It only took us 4.30 hours, sharp, to reach Sg. Nibong. The lady beside me confirm this. She said:"Oh, you got 2pm's class? Sure you'll make it 'coz the journey is only 4.30 hours. By 1.30pm you'll reach the terminal." I think punctuality is one of the bus company's motto, as Plusliner is also the same. And I think the officers working in the company are also down to earth and really stay closed to their clients. I saw a higher management's staff, with his necktie on, went to check the bus upon the arriving of the bus at the KL station. He check the air-conditioner in every seats. And he guided us to our seat. And the lady who checks our tickets in the driver seat, help an old lady to climb up the bus. I can see that at first she just look at the old lady who is trying to climb up the bus. But seeing the old lady can't afford to do so by her own, she got up and lend in her hand. Overall, I think the hospitality that I got from this bus company is quite good. I guess I can spread out the words!
Last but not least, I appreciate my younger brother's companion while waiting for the bus. He had waited from the momment we arrived until I get into the bus!

6 Mar 2009

Michael Learns To Rock

MLTR is in show business for some time, but the songs I remebered from them are only a few. And I didn't know all the lyrics, as I just humming along when those songs were played. You may think I'm outdated, as those songs I mention were actually their old songs. But hey, it doesnt' matter if it's an old song. If the songs keep playing until now, means the songs are worth to listen to! Lately, I truly understand the whole lyrics for some of their songs, and this is how I felt: OMG! How can they sing with soo much feeling? The first time I heard those songs, I managed to feel something. But with the lyrics, I trully feel things deep inside myself!! Those songs, of course are 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, That Why (You Go Away). For me, these are my all time favourite songs. But songs like Blue Night and Take Me To Your Heart are great too. Hmm...i'm going to look for others songs from them also, as I think their voice and the melodies are great!! :)

Days after 'suffering' with workloads,

I went out to have some fun with other 'workmates'. It's supposed to be a movie trip, but as we were bored with this all-time activity, we think of trying new things here. At last, we try to bowl here. Lawrence, coursemates of mine, was a local here in this area. Thus, it was his idea actually to bowl. As this was a bowling trip, there were less people joining in. Hence, we took bus to Bukit Jambul (BJ) mall after our class. BJ is, well not my favourite place to go. It seems like Klang's CenterPoint with many Bangladeshis, Indonesians etc, these so called 'foreign people'. It's not the best place for me, now and future. If it's not the bowling center, I will not come all the way near Bukit Jambul area. Never. Played for 2 games there, but I still can't find my playing rythm. Thus, I did not scored well. The high scorer among us was Ming Wei the beginner!!! OMG!! But hey, it's just a game. Hehe...nothing much to feel lost. Everyone did lost something in their life. For me, it's not a big loss. Still manageable!! :)
After the games, we played pool. It's not easy to 'make a ball roll into the hole'. Hmm..we took some time to finish the game. Some time for us, a few minutes for the amateur. It's like after they had finished a game, we still half way through to finish ours. Hehehe...then went for movie, entitled Love Matters. A funny movie and laugh til I fall from my chair, especially when Mark Lee appeared with his "Madam...madam and madam" scenes! It's quite enjoyable to laugh out heartly after a long time with workloads. I felt energized!