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26 Apr 2010

A Priceless Present

2010's Birthday present from my close friends-a sketch book!!


The front page, with my initial and a very-private-photo.

The first page: different roles of me

and then it continue with their messages, deep from their heart!! =)

It all happened yesterday when Ah Wei asked me for dinner, where I thought it was just a normal dinner, although it's my birthday, as most of us already started to enjoy our holiday (yeap, no exams, meaning our holiday starts earlier than others!). The meeting time was supposed to be at 7 pm, but it started to rain at 5.45 pm. Initially I thought of cancelling the dinner, since it was really a downpour. But Ah Wei asked to go out a lil late, when the rain is getting smaller. I didn't smell any tricks there though, as I was not expecting a birthday celebration, since we've done it during our Taiping trip. So, I made myself ready to get a call from Ah Wei to indicate that she's arriving. While waiting for her, I continued watching anime. Thus, I truly don't have the time to think, or guessed any birthday surprises, until Ah Wei rang the bell and said hello to me, and then a loud shout comprising Happy Birthday and Surprise that really surprised me! I didn't expect that! It turned out that they were going to have dinner with me! :)

Dinner took place at Hidden Recipe. It was a normal dinner though, with normal way-chatting before, while and after meal. And then, I was given the present! I was like, Huh? Biar betul ni. Cos I've celebrated my birthday with them, and I didn't expect to receive anymore from them. I'm a very simple person. Warm wishes from people close to me is more than enough for me. I don't bother if I didn't get any birthday presents. So, to get something so special from them is unthinkable. I can only say that I was really surprised by that. Honestly, I did not felt touched but I definitely felt warm being showered by their loves, in the cold night after a heavy downpour. You guys make my night wonderful! Love you all forever! =)

23 Apr 2010

Not-so-productive Days

Since the Taiping trip, I've been staying in the house for the majority of the time, except 2 or 3 days went out for movie, dinner and visiting my uni's museum. It supposed to be good to stay in the house without having to do assignments or reading books for exam, but the bad and lousy internet line makes it less fun. Luckily in the early days, I still managed to watch a few movies, before the internet line became worst starting the past 2 or 3 days until now. I can't think of doing other stuff other than watching movies taken from friends or downloaded before this, or watching television, go through the old magazines again and sleep. Getting out from the house frequently is a no-no for me cos the weather here is farking hot, plus there is already a huge hole in my purse. I can't afford to go out and spend again. =(

The only productive things that I've done was that the reason I still stay here in Penang when I actually can go home and enjoy my holiday. I've contacted lecturers and asked them to become my referee for my Master's application and I've got one done, and one more to go. I've also met the lecturer whom I wanted to be my supervisor and Dr. had been very helpful by giving a few ideas on what topic should I do for the research studies. In the meantime, I'm reading a book recommended by Dr. and try to set up the topic. *Hope I can finish filling up my Master's form by next week!*

As the examination starts this week, most of my house mates were already back here in Penang to prepare their respective examination. Thus the peaceful and quiet house become merrier and full of musics again. While they prepare for their exam, I'm having fun on my own.

As for yesterday, I had an advanced birthday celebration again, this time from my house mates. I was already in bed at that time and my room mate woke me up when they came into the room with a cake. Oh gosh! This will be one of the memorable birthday celebration, as no one celebrated in that way with me before. If it's not because the next day I'm free, which means I can sleep until I wake up on my own, I surely will be moody cos I don't like people disturbing me when I'm asleep. Lucky for them! But it's good to celebrate with them once during our 2 years time together. Thanks to my Desa U's house mates from April 2008-May 2010! =)

And in the coming days, I shall start packing my stuff. Though I will be here again in Penang when I'm doing my Master, but I'm not staying in this cozy and lovely room where I can hear the water flowing in the swimming pool 6 floors below me again. I shall move into the uni's hostel or another room outside the campus, which I'm still considering for the sake of the internet line.

*初恋红豆冰@Ais Kacang Puppy Love which is now airing in cinemas is quite good. A simple storyline, but a lot of memorable scenes.*

15 Apr 2010

Graduation Trip

Graduation Trip-9 April - 12 April 2010

9 April 2010

Before started the journey to Taiping to my lovely Miss Chuah@burung's house, went Meriendita El Fin de Semestre organised by Dr. Noni at C24. It was a final gathering for us the 3rd year seniors, before we leave this uni. I went around asking for 'autograph' from my fellow course mates with my laminated group photo. It was great fun to do this, as this will be my last chance to speak to them and get to know what is their planning after this. Through this meriendita too, I had a chance to taste the all the way come from Finland's Salmiakki, a salty liquorice, courtesy of Miss Chuah. It was a weird flavour, and felt very geli the moment my tongue make contact with the salty candy. But afterwards, I felt okey, but is not delicious. Spent around 1.5 hours there, went around getting signature and photographing with Dr. Noni and others.

Then went to Chia Min's room to pack her stuff, before starting our journey to Taiping.

Reached Taiping at 8.3opm, had dinner at Taiping Lake foodcourt. After dinner, went to Taiping Zoo. Took a train to round the zoo, and then we walked for about 30 minutes before we left. A typical zoo, but the nocturnal animals are not as much as the Singapore's Night Safari. A place that will never ever 100% attract me cos I don't personally like animals, but Night Safari at Taiping Zoo is famous here in Malaysia. So went for it as I was here at Taiping. =)

After zoo, we went for supper before heading off to Miss Chuah's mansion and called it a day. Had pillow talk until 3a.m. before we finally dozed off.

10 April 2010

Reached Maxwell Hill at 8.30am. Had breakfast there while waiting for the jeep to fetch us up to the hill. Like FRIM, this place is full of trees. There were a lot of ah peks and youngsters walking up and down the hills. Like Cameron Highlands, the weather gets cooler whenever we moved higher up the hill. Thus, it's like a combination of Cameron Highlands and FRIM. The only way up the hill by jeep is a narrow road, and there are schedule to go up and down the hill by jeep. The top of the hill is verry cool, and the view is full of mist, which I like it so much. Somehow, it rains cats and dogs, and then stop, and rains again. On top of the hill, there were 2 cafes at different spots, chalets and a place where they planted the tulips. It's pity that it was not the period when the tulips blossom. Otherwise, we might have seen the beautiful tulips. Oh, the flowers here are all beautiful, like those we seen in Cameron. I can feel the freshness and aliveness in it.

Next destination: the charcoal factory at Kuala Sepetang. From the information that Miss Chuah gave, I roughly knew how a charcoal is made. And only now that I know that there should be a canal to make a charcoal! It was totally a new information for me, to see on my own and to get to know the details of making charcoal. By the way, it was totally hot there, as it needed a very high temperature in the furnace to heat the wood. And we all smelled charcoal and become blackie when we get out from there!! Well, too exaggerate!

Then went Hutan Paya Laut Matang to see the tress before becoming charcoal. There is a path throughout the mangrove for visitors to move around to see the different types of tress and creatures in it.

Next was lunch at Restoran Tepi Sungai at Kuala Speetang too. Before that, went to Port Weld, the very first railway station in Malaysia, but is now dismantled. And first time met Tauke Chuah@Miss Chuah's dad. Hello, uncle. The lunch was a table full of seafood, cos this place is famous for its seafood-fresh and delicious, because it is right above the place where fisherman collect all their catches of the day. I ate heart fully, especially fishes, as I've not ate seafood for a long time, since I did not go back home after Chinese New Year.

After lunch, went to Miss Chuah's relative's house, to see the sea right behind the house. There were a few boats behind the house where her uncle used to catch fishes long time ago. If I'm not mistaken. Had experience in seeing these before, so I'm not too surprise to see this. Just that I felt great to be with mother nature again after a long period in the concrete bounded city. It doesn't matter whether it's a sea full of salty smell or hill with hilly road, as long as it's mother nature, I'm grateful.

Went back to Miss Chuah's house to bath before went to the famous Taiping Lake Garden. Except that it is much bigger than Shah Alam's Lake, they are almost alike in the other parts. People jogging and walking around and it's a lake with a fountain. Walked almost an hour, and then went to a kuil to see wild boars. Rumours said that touching these boars will bring good wealth. There were even a bus of tourist all the way from Singapore came to touch the boars!

After that, went to a shop to buy the famous hiong pia, and then straight away went back home. Had barbecue, and a little birthday surprised. It was a joint birthday celebration for me and Chia Min. I thought it was a belated celebration for Chia Min, but never thought that they will celebrate my birthday 15 days in advanced here in Taiping. Thank you very much, my dear friends!! =)

11 April 2010

Started our journey to the north at 11.30am. Stopped at Butterworth for lunch. Then went to Ah Mi's house at Sungai Petani. Lepak for a while at her house, then continue our journey to Alor Setar at 4pm. Went to Menara Alor Setar and stay there for an hour. Then we went to Ah Han's house at Jitra. Had steamboat as dinner. We rest and chat and watched TV before we headed to Changlun, to a friend's house, and clean ourselves before a pillow talk.

12 April 2010

Went Universiti Utara Malaysia before going to Padang Besar. UUM is really big, and it's very ulu. I'm not sure whether it was a lecture day that day, because there were not many students around. It feels like USM's weekend, less people moving around. After driving around the campus, we started journey to Padang Besar. After an hour ride through the sugarcane farm and endless road, finally we reached Padang Besar, Perlis, border of Malaysia and Thailand. The place is actually famous for it's cheap price, on shirts and shoes, not in the very original brand. There are also food like cashew nuts, dodol, all these, but I didn't buy any of it. One thing for sure, the weather is very hot. I think last time when I went to Hatyai, the weather was the same too. I wonder is it the weather up to the north is getting hotter.

After lunch, went to Gua Kelam Recreational Park. Spend about an hour there, before leaving tiredly back to Changlun to take bath and going back Jitra. At Jitra, had dinner at Rung Reang Thai Seafood Restaurant. Head back to Penang after a short stop at Ah Han's house, and said goodbye to Ah Han who lead the way to highway. Ah Han is officially 'graduated' from USM, cos she's not going back there in a short time.

4 days 3 nights trips to 3 different states and many places make me experienced different things. It's totally a trip, where we go here and there, taking photos, talk more, sleep less and gain new experience at new place. It's tiring-sitting in the car and walk around under the different weather at different places. But what's more important is that it will be one of the few memories we will have as a gang of the 8 of us from Universiti Sains Malaysia. I personally will cherish the moments from this trip, and others that we had before!

9 Apr 2010

Curtain Falls for Degree's Life

Finally, my degree's life is officially over.

No more classes, tutorials, assignments, group works, pair works, rushing for class's moments, being 'shoot' by lecturers, lepak-lepak moments at Subaidah or Queensbay or RedBox, etc. I can't believe that my three year's uni life ended so fast. It really feel like just a click of time. It seems like I just started the uni life not so long ago. And now, I'm saying goodbyes to friends whom I met here, lecturers whom had taught me. Since my final semester is more on final year project where less classes being conduct, I started to miss the life full of classes, though I hate it so much when there were classes back then.

These three years have been a good year for me. Of course there are bad and worst moments, but we need to think positive. So overall, it's a good three years. Met many types of people and learnt how to handle them. It's good to know all of them-friends, coursemates, lectures in my journey of life. Through them, I saw many things from different perspective, and of course, I learn things from them.

I had sorrow, I had bad moments, but I had joy and I had fun in Universiti Sains Malaysia! I will treasure these moments forever and ever!

6 Apr 2010

Precious Moment

2th of April 2010

It's a day totally without any school work, an afternoon with my zhi muis, and a night with all 2007 batch of BATI-ans plus wonderful lecturers!!!

It's a proper prom night for me that day. Really. With hairdo and make up, and of course the dress and the killing shoes...I haven't done any make up before, let alone the hairdo. Anyway, it was a great journey to the salon and let the hairdresser show off his creative skills.

Next was the make up session at Chan Poo Bee's house. Thanks to her, I looked a little different that night. After 1.5 hours of make up session, we finally went off to City Bayview Hotel for the big event.

Many of us looked different that night!

What I saw and felt that night was not something that can be describe by words, but is to be feel by heart. I know all of us had a wonderful night, cos I myself really enjoy that night, with themakan-makan session, the singing session and the prom queen and king session. Even the lecturers were different that night! :)

It's a night that I shall not forget in my life!

BATI-ans ROxxxxx!