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23 May 2007


LeNdInG a HaNd????? gUesS u CaN sAy Sooo....

Grocery shop
i grew up in a kampung, name Sri Menanti, in Negri Sembilan...i stayed with my grandparents until i was 6 years old, only then i shifted to Shah Alam and stay with my parents....both my grandparents stay in the same kampung, and both of them run a shop..except dat 1 runs the coffee shop, while the other 1 runs the grocery shop...but the 1 who runs the coffee shop, already retired when i was 2 or 3 years old....so, i can run here and there...to both my grandparents shop, freely...although i sleep and eat at my paternal's grandparents'....after my grandpa(coffee shop) passed away, my grandma stayed alone there for about 1 or 2 years, b4 she left to stay with my younger uncle....so, i only went back to the kampung during school's break and during the festival holidays....

it bcome my bros and mine routine to help in the grocery shop whenever we go back for holidays...but we only help to add on the goods, like the soft drinks, cigarette, susu manis, soy sauce, mihun, roti Azan...pack the ice, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of flour, 1 kg of garam kasar......these things....and i only collect money from those who is only buying newpaper or magazines...coz i dunno other goods' prices...it's fun to do these things as we have already spend a semester on our books, exams, computers, revisions...u know wat i mean...so, we kindda love it...although not dat we spent all of our time there helping....u know, kids tends to walk here and there..n i go to look for my old friend...1 thing dat i like to do the most is packing the ice...the ice come in a big bag...so we have to pack it into smaller packets...and ice is the most favourite thing dat people want to buy, especially during the festive seasons, like Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Qurban....as u know dat the weather is hot, plus is holidays...many who works in city go back at these time....of course, with their family....the most crowded time during a day? first section, 9.30-11am, as my uncle just come back from buying all those grocery...vegetables, fishes, chickens, newspapers....some of them who is early will wait for my uncle....and when my uncle still havent finish load the grocery, the customers are already started to select those things they needed.....the second section is at evening, 5-6.30pm, as they wanna prepare for dinner.....they tend to buy things last minute...so, whenever they come in for something, say, sawi, or cili api, and u reply them 'dah habis..', their reply will always be 'aiyoooo!'...dat's the funny thing i found out...why couldnt they buy it in their first trip here? it's not that there are a fresher veggiein the evening...those are the same thing as in the morning....i dun get it wat these people are thinking...geee...

although i'm not a full-time worker here, i know dat it's a tough job..and, u need at least 3 people to handle a grocery shop...my uncle's 1 is a small size....why must a least 3 people? coz if 1 need to send goods to customers, still have 2 person to help each other....then, u have to wake up early, well, not so early, though, to go out to buy those grocery...and after business hour, u have to clean the shop, like sweeping, add in those grocery dat have been sell off, do the inventory stuff, like checking whether all the goods are enough or not...these thing....so, say u close the shop at 7.30pm, after doing these things, it may end up at 11.30pm....a tired job!!! and whenever we go back, there is no enough time for us to chat to each other....coz the purpose of going back is to get closer to each other, to chat along....but the sad thing is, itz always not enough time to chat!!!

1 of my uncle is a caterer, who stays in KL...he worked with La Tropica b4, a catering's job, but afterwards, do it on solo...i guess i can called it a family matter as his wife and children are helping him....my dad+mum helped him b4....dat is when he was doing a function and needs some help...to prepare the food...last saturday, the 19th of may, he has a function to do...a birthday party for 1 of his biggest customer, well a malay....this customer, i tell u, is, very rich, of course! and i havent meet this customer b4, nor went to his house to do a function b4....but i heard from my dad about this customer...he is 1 of the biggest clients of my uncle.....my uncle, who is 50++, can survive for so long in his catering years, must thanks to his and his mum's 'contributions', dat is asking for catering for all events dat they need...like Hari Raya, birthday part...etc...and i havent go through a cater job b4....and when he called to ask my dad to help him at the function, i went along...well, actually, is to help my dad, as he cannot regonise the road, especially at night...called 'buta jalan', i guess??

after a 45 minutes drive, at last, we were at the house...at about 4pm...at Tasik Titiwangsa, yup near the Eye Of Malaysia there...but dun ask me how to go dat place, as i'm no 100% sure...b4 i entered the house...Oh My God!!!! there is a Mercedes CLK and a ferrari!!! and i'm not sure other luxury cars belong to this same person or not...geee....how rich are they?? and the house...guess is double size of my house....a bungalow, no doubt....and a guard, with his own guard house, including a set of tv, and his own toilet....oh my goodness, guess they are very rich, eh?......and the car porch? indeed, very big...guess enough for 10 cars...but they build it up, like a sideway of restaurant, mayb bcoz they know they will do many functions, coz they put along the fans and lighting....and of course, there is a garden there...along the house....un4tunately, i couldnt 'slip' into the house....but i guess inside of the house must be very 'luxury' also...

my uncle and his family except his son were already there, preparing all those dishes...my dad actually came here to help him on the ABC corner....so, i helped my dad on the ABC side...many people started to pour in at about 6.30pm....this birthday party is for his son...so, many brought along their children...and he had asked for a clown, and those children stuff for activities...there are variety of people who attended it....malay, chinese, indian, indonesian, foreigner etc....i dunno how to describe it....some of the malay friends are not so traditionally malay....really dunno how to describe...

so, the whole night there, i help my dad did the ABC....and it's not very difficult to do it, coz i had only to 'kisar' the ice and put other things like red bean, corn, cincau etc ...the hardest thing for me is dat i'm not sure whether the ice can still be 'kisar' or not....coz if the ice are too small, it cannot b 'kisar' and it will get broken very easily....and i got the opporunity to eat the famous 'roast lamb' made by my uncle.....it was really delicious, with the mint sauce...among the dishes dat my uncle prepared were fried prawn-very big prawn, mashed potato-delicious, asam laksa, curry mee, char kueh teow by an aunt who was summoned up by my uncle, satay (order from outside)....mmm....dat much i knew...couldnt remember.....of coz got drinks..mirinda, root beer, sprite, mineral water only....and some dessert-fruits, cakes, kuih....

the function finished at about 11.30pm, as the host didnt invite many people.....those waiters, who served and cleaned the tables, were those who worked for my uncle....they are all part-timers, means they will work upon there are a function....they said it was a lucky day for me as there were less people asked for ABC dat day...normally, there are a long queue for ABC , well, i guess it's bcoz it was a rainny day....so, we started to clean up our place....the left-over's food can be bring back, as my uncle will definetly throw away...so, the waiters packed wat they want, while my dad pack for the leftover's ABC...i walked over to the 'food corner' and packed the leftover's satay....as we had finished cleaning our place, we helped my uncle...shifting all those cooking stuff to the outside of the house, b4 loading into my uncle's van....

this job, i guess, i also tough, although itz tough for a day or 2...means 1 or 2 days b4 the actual function, and a day after the function...why do i say so? coz they had to prepare those things b4 the function, like the veggies....and have to wash all the culinary things+plates and drinking glassess....but the thing is, not everyday there will be a function to do....so, kindda have a break between 1 and another function....but the pay is reasonable....coz they work so hard, they deserve the pay.....but hey, nothing in this world comes easily.....although it may seems to be very hard and tough, we have to face it....that's what life is all about!! :)

19 May 2007

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BeEn taGgEd!!

7 things(not including people) I like:
1) read MAGAZiNES
2) listening to music
3) play badminton
4) cycling
5) serve net
6) play computer games
7) sleeping

7 things(not including people) I dun like:
1) people smoking
2) disturb me while i'm sleeping/doing my own things
3) crowded places
4) touch/take my things without my knowledge
5) going to my room without knocking the door-no manners
6) shopping, except shop at bookshops
7) drive a manual car

7 things I can do:
1) crazy bout something...people...things...n tend to buy all those thing dat i crazy about..
2) sleep for more than 12 hours
3) can hear small things clearly, like i can know my school bus is coming although the bus is not in vision yet...
4) the whole day reading the book dat i like
5) cycling in the car porch many rounds but didnt got headache.. :)
6) sitting in the train without going to the toilet for 8 hours...long journey...hate the toilets..
7) singing..but my voice is not sooo nice...

7 things i can't do:
1) swimming
2) drawing
3) do girly stuff..like make-up...
4) decorations-dont have the 'seni's cell...
5) drive an F1 car :(
6) flying withour wings....how?!
7) add maths, physics, biology, chemistry...sucks...modern maths can lah...

7 celeb crushes:
1) Kimi Matias Raikkonen
2) Mark Michael Patrick Feehily
3) Fu Hai Feng-badminton ace...also count as 'celeb' right?
4) Prince William
5) Cai Yun-badminton ace
6) Won Bin-Korean celeb
7) Wang Lee Hom-American born Taiwan celeb

April 1 1997
1) How old were you? 9++, going to 10
2) Where did you go to school? SRJK(C) Pin Hwa 2
3) Where did you work? huh? 10 year old also can work?!
4) Where did you live? shah alam, seksyen 18
5) Where did you hang out? the lake near PKNS
6) Did you wear glasses? yup
7) Who were your best friends? Ang Bee Poh, Yap Bong Gee...many more..
8) How many tattoos did you have? mmm...10? haha..how can a 10 year old have a tattoo?
9) How many piercings did you have? mmm...on both ears..a pair?
10) What car did you drive? oohhh...a 2 wheels car...hahaha...bicycle
11) Had you been to a real party? how REAL? went to birthday party lah!!
12) Had your heart broken? huh? nope

April 1, 2002
1) How old were you? 14++, going to 15
2) Where did you go to school? SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang...best skul
3) Where did you work? work as a daughther at home!! :)
4) Where did you live? shah alam, seksyen 18
5) Do you wear glasses? yeah
6) Where did you hang out? tuition centre near Giant seksyen 18..
7) Who were your best friends? Goh Xue Ying, Shahadataini...many more
8 ) Who was your regular-person crush? oohhh...a guy by the name MP...Mark Feehily...etc
9) How many tattoos did you have? zero
10) How many piercings did you have? on both ears
11) What car did you drive? still the 2 wheels 'car'
12) Had you had your heart broken? hmmm...guess no

April 1, 2007
1) How old are you? 19++, 21 days later going to be 20!!
2) Where do you work? unpaid driver
3) Where do you live? shah alam, but its in Kemuning Greenville
4) Do you wear glasses? yup
5) Where do you hang out? my house..seldom go out...if got, also at jj klang...carrefour
6) Who are your best friends?? Goh Xue Ying, Fad, Wawa...many more
7) Who was your regular-person crush? Kimi Raikkonen, Fu Hai Feng, Mark Feehily....etc..
8)Do you talk to your old friends? yup...
9) How many piercings do you have? a pair
10) How many tattoos? nope...wouldnt do one...very painful....
11) What kind of car do you drive? Kancil
12) Has your heart been broken? nope...

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13 May 2007

primary skul's gathering

Gathering- x-1999class6b's gathering

11 may, 8.30pm, at station 1, behind Klang Parade....that's where we, the x-6b's classmates (primary school's year 6's classmates) met..it's been a long time that most of us met....7 years, precisely...some of us did meet b4, those studied in the same secondary school...but others who were not same school with me, rarely met...few attended...roughly 10++...bcoz others got things to do...those who make it, 80% of them were same school with me...but, juz felt great that they came...this is bcoz although we were in the same school, we seldom talk to each other coz we were in different class...besides that, itz already 2 years since i left them and the place....this place where we met, was once a place i knew very well...i can tell u precisely which junctions lead to what place, or which shops/stalls are always full with customers...but, ever since i did my form 6, i havent been to that place b4...the place change soooo much!!! the are these new blocks of shops....very 'in'...and during nite time, it is really a 'hot spot'! i still remember during my time, this place here was very quite and dark during nite time as the was no crowds here...but, hey, things change!!!

it's a good thing that a gathering was held...to know what they are doing now and what they have been up to...most of them (who make it) are working...2 of them are teaching in primary, 1 is a clerk at AmBank here, 1 is working at a telephone shop, 4 of them still studying, while 3 others which including me, are at home now...we took turn to tell each other about those who didnt make it, (but still contact with them) what they are doing now.....i guess it was a good gathering, but was not good enough coz not all attend...but what can we do? not every1 was free at a same time....n there are 3 who is currently studying overseas now...pity for them coz couldnt join us! there should be another gathering on this coming june, as our form teacher (yes, our standard 6's form teacher!) wants to organise a gathering for us at her house b4 every1 further their studies...actually, she planned to come, but couldnt make it...yup, we still know what our teachers have been doing these years, especially our favourite teachers...as some of them still contact them, while 2 of my mates work along with them!!

i'm glad that we still have this feeling...to gather standard 6's mates...i've went for form 5's gathering tooo...but itz already 2 years...now, itz harder to meet them, as most of them are studying at overseas...mayb have to wait for some time again!! :)

11 May 2007



hahaha...2day, i went for a scholarship interview......geee....i was, well not soooo nervous!!!! bcoz i dunno what to expect, i just prepared those info bout myself....luckily, they just ask those things!!! well, i applied for The Star's education fund.....applied for 2, 1 is Bachelor of Arts (communication & media managemant) at Taylor's College, the other 1 is at UNITAR, which i already forgotten what course that i applied!! so, i was shortlisted....at the Taylor's....and my interview is 2day...my papa sent me there...when we reached the college, we were lost...the college were soo big...luckily the 'information center' was in an obvious spot....the lady incharge gave me a form which was supposed to fill by those candidates for the interview...went to the school of communication's office, where i guess all those study communication are at this block..there was a girl, whom i guess also came for this interview...the lady incharge, was Miss Koo, who is this college's student services executive. she asked me to wait at the lounge there.

so, i ended up talking to the girl..her name is Tan Yee Leng...well, she's from cheras, and she took stpm too....she said she has 5 siblings, which are all gals...and she said it was not soo best...u know, being in an all girls siblings...so, her mum was quite protective, until she went to work after spm...i guess she really hunger for freedom, coz she said it was the best moment when she went out to work...while we were talking, then came one guy, rushing in to the lounge...he sat at the other table to fill a form, n we guessed he also came for the interview...after filling the form, yee leng asked him to join us...he introduced himself, which i couldnt remember his name as his name was 'rare'...this guy is from johor...whoah!!! sooo far away!!! n he's here with his parents....well, actually, the parents came along coz the three of them are going to visit this boy's sister...she's is studying at The Nottingham, at Semenyih...she will be leaving Malaysia to UK....so her family members came to visit her lah.....only then we realished that there was only 3 of us who are going for the interview (all same course)...mayb they shortlisted a few for a course as there are also other courses and other private colleges/universities

as we were talking, time passes...and the boy really looked very nervous....the only thing that i dont get it was, why was the interview starts sooo late? yee leng's time supposed to be at 2.45 pm, while the boy's time should be at 3 pm...mine supposed to start at 3.15 pm, which means every interview lasts for 15 minutes....then, at 3.15 pm Miss Koo came and asked yee leng to go in...the interview, at last, going to start! so, only left me n the boy...we didnt talked much, as the boy really looked very nervous..but time passed very SLOWLY.....although it's only 15 minutes..at last, yee leng came out and the boy went in.....finally, itz my turn...i just went in, and i saw 2 ladies n 2 men, plus Miss Koo herself... i guess these 4 person are from The Star as they are the 1 who give the scholarship...well, they didnt ask much, actually, i'm the one who do the talking...talk bout myself...co-curiculum that i took part....interest..these kind of things....roughly after 15 minutes, the interview finished...i wouldnt said that i was verrrry nervous, but the thing is, i'm not used to speak in english...so, i was kindda stuttering....hahaha! the result will be coming out next week...


2morrow, 11 may, my 3rd uncle, from my mum's side, went for register...i wished i was there, taking some photo for him, but my papa didnt want to go....well, actually, they register at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, which is near my grandma's house...so, i couldnt drive by myself, as my parents wouldnt allowed, but hey, i drive back before, except that i drove with my aunt as my passenger lah!! u must be asking why they will not allowed, right? coz the road to my grandparent's house is just like the old road to Cameron Highlands, or the road to Genting Highlands, minus going up the hill....basicly, the road are winding, plus have lots of big lorries, carrying tree trunks, oil, etc to the Pahang that side.....actually, if these lorries are going to Pahang that side, they must go this way, as this is the shortcut....anyway, just want to say congratulations to my uncle...my mum 'reduce' 1 single siblings! heheh! i still have 2 uncles and 1 aunt left who is still single....i think my grandma is the happiest...coz all this while, she's always nagging her children to get marry fast...but we know that a suitable partner is not easy to find....it takes time...it always starts from friends...only then we will know whether they suit us or not....but i guess, if we have partners, we should wisely manage some time with them..otherwise, they'll feel neglected...so, i just wonder how my aunt can find a partner as she's always busy with her work...anyway, just wish these bachelors and what we call those unmarried girl? bachelor girl? good luck in finding their partners!!