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17 Aug 2007

buddhist society

The Buddhist society's activities

I became a member of the Buddhist society because I think I don't know this religion 'deeply'. Besides that, my friend is reverent to Buddhist. Hence, I sign up as a member. The first activity that I encountered was the Buddhist class, which is held on every Friday, 12.30 pm to 2.30pm. The class are divided into 3, the first one is the first level for the beginner, while the second level is for those intermediate to continue. The other one is a workshop for those who wanted to become a facilitator. This workshop is to help to produce facilitators so that they can guide all the beginners and those intermediate. It's not compulsory to take part in the workshop. Only those who really think they wanted to help can take part. Bascially, the Buddhist society have 4 major activities throughout the week, that is the Buddhist class, the choir class, the meditation class and the dhamma talk.

Buddhist Class

So far, I've been to 2 of the Buddhist classes. The first class that I attended was a short movie about the birth of the Buddha, and how the prince became the Buddha. After the screening of the movie, we went into our groups and discuss all the things that we don't understand with our faci. These faci will help us as much as they can. And from this movie, I got to know some questions that I've wondering about. The second class is a continuing class from last week. We still discuss about the short movie that we had watched and the facis also told us about other little things like who are the 10 juniors' of the Buddha and what are their specialities. Afterwards, we had a game about the Buddha's juniors to help us to remember them. By now, I knew a little bit more about the Buddha compared to last time. But if you asked me to name all the Buddha's juniors, I still cannot memorised all of them!! :)

Choir Class

Choir class. I like to sing, so I go lah!! But the main thing is that I don't know those songs that they always sing. That's why I went to the class, hoping to learn those songs. Those senoirs who are under the choir class will teach us the correct way to sing a song, like we have to 'exercise' our throat and sound before we start to sing. This is done to help us sing better and won't lose our voice. The teaching are simple. They will play the tune with guitar and we sang according to the tune. All of the songs that we sing are played by guitar. And they will tell us what is the song about, so that we can know the meaning of it. Until now, I had learned many songs, but I still could't memorized all of them. But the song that I really like is the society's theme song, "Home Away From Home". This song was written and composed by a senoir. Our Yang Dipertua (Pengerusi lah...) said there will be a different feeling when you sing that song in the first, second and third year. He said the writer has written out all those 3 years' feeling in the song. For me, I think the song might have done so because from the lyrics itself, they are like divided into 3 parts. The first part are for those newcomer who came into USM from all places and different backgrounds; the second part are for those intermediate and the third part for those 'oldies'. I cannot elaborate much because I still haven't have that feeling. Maybe wait till I graduate first!! I think it's a wise move for me to participate in this choir class because I really feel closer to them because we sing the songs together. I mean, there will be a strange feeling when everybody is singing except myself. I guess I have to try my best to try to memorised all those songs so that I won't be left out!!

Meditation Class

Meditation class had been go on for 2 weeks, but I only managed to go 1 time (the other time I couldn't make it because I had a test). There are 2 meditation class, 1 in English while the other 1 in Chinese. This is done so that those who don't know Chinese can also attend the meditation class. I think it's a good thing because the class really make you think of yourself properly. The master said during the meditation, all those you had suffered before, like what and what pain, it will all 'come out'. I haven't feel it, maybe because this was my first time doing it. Beside doing meditation, the master also tell us some of the meditation-related thing. But overall, I think it's a good class after a whole tiresome day. During meditation, we can really rest our mind and think of all those things that we had done during the day, whether it's a good or bad ones. If we did bad things, we have to think again why we acted that way and remind ourselves not to do it again next time. If we do good things, we must remember continue to do good deeds. Hence, we will not going into the wrong way.

Dhamma Talk

I haven't have a chance to go to this class, because I got a class to attend to when the time where this talk is held. It also have 2 classes, 1 in English and the otehr 1 in Chinese. A master will be invited to each class to talk about a topic. I'm not sure, but I guess it might be something about life, people and surroundings.


I think I had learnt something from all those activities. And this is a good scenario, as this is what I'm hoping for, gain something new or experiencing something different. This is university's life. If we don't really involved in uni's thing, when are we going to experience it? There is a different life in university compare to secondary-school's life or worklife. If I didnt enjoy the uni's life, when can I enjoy it again?? That's what my aunt and cousin (who had been to university) said before I entered university. And I really don't understand why, at that time, they always wanted me to enjoy life in university, keep telling me to remember this. And now, after 1 month in university, I knew the feeling they tried to tell me, and I understand it now!!

PPB's day trip+DTSP's mlm anugerah

Day Trip+ Mlm Anugerah

4 August 2007

I'm a member of Persatuan Pelajar Budhhist in USM. So, I took part in a lawatan, named Lawatan M.O. Actually, M.O. means Minggu Orientasi. It's was a day trip to visit Penang. So, at 6.30 am, all the participants gathered at Dewan Utama Pelajar, a place where all the examination take place, which is quite far from my hostel. We were given a pamphlet which had some briefings on what places are we going to visit. Besides that, we had to find a person because inside the pamphlet included a name. So, we had to find out who he/she is, and gave back their name. Then, we gathered into groups according to the pamphlet's colour. In my group, I'm the only 1st year. Then we introduced ourselves to each other. At 7.15 am, we went to our first destination, our society's 'home'. Basically, it's just the place where all the society's things were keep, notice's board, a place where the Exco held meeting, etc. They named that place 'cubicle', because it really is a cubicle!! This were done so that all the members know where is the society's 'home'. We took turn to visit the cubicle as the place are small. While we were waiting for our turn, we had some games. It's a game to remember other members' names.

After that, we straight away went to Kek Lok Si Temple. On the way to the temple, we sang songs in the bus. Those songs that we sang are all from the society's songs. At Kek Lok Si temple, those facilitators ( 'faci' in short) gave us some briefings about the history of the temple. We spent about 1 hour there before we left for next destination. Our next destination is The Botanical Garden. Before we had our lunch, we had some games. After the lunch, we were given our own time. That's the time where we had rest. It was a sunny day, and was quite hot. And there were monkeys who came to disturb us!!! But they didnt attack us lah!! Those faci were sporting. They always had games for us, which means we wont got bored. At 2.30 pm, we started our journey again. That's when we really have our rest (in bus, got air-cond mah!!). Later, we went to visit Penang Museum, Dharmikarama Burmese Temple and Wat Chayamangkalaram before we went to Tanjung Bungah's beach.

At the beach, games were held, and we also sang songs. All those games that we played, some of it has the meaning of 'we have to help each other', or 'the unity is the strength' "s concept. We spent almost 2 hours there before we left for USM at 6.30pm.

My Feeling

It was a great trip as I really felt very warm by all those faci had done . They really are like my big brothers and sisters who would care for their little sisters and brothers. It feels like a second home here. Maybe that's the main objective of the society, to give warm to all those who are far away from their hometown, besides let them get in touch deeply with the religion.

The 20th Malaysia Film Festival

Upon arrived in USM after the day trip, there was a different scenario in USM. The 20th Malaysia Film Festival were here!!! The festival were held in the Dewan Tunku Syed Putra. Some of our students had the opportunity to watch it live from the hall itselt. And it was really a star-studded night!!! ARGHH!!! These 'outsiders' who came wore beautiful outfits, although I didnt had the chance of meeting any artistes. I just happended to be walking near the hall, and saw some of them, and saw 4 vintage cars!!! ARGHH!!!! My friend, Nor Farhani, went to watch it, and these are some of her photo's. And I couldnt say much about this event because I didnt attend it!! Do you know where was I? I'm at the night market!! Hahaha!!!

My 'sister' Nor Farhani b Ariffin

With Hans Isacc

With Khatijah Tan

With Jalaluddin Hassan

*I had watched Cinta and think it was a good movie. I cried while watching the movie ( in cinema!). And congratulations to Cinta 'cos won the Best Film, Best Editing and Best Screenplay's categories.

Bon Odori

Island Trip + Bon Odori

21 July 2007

Took part in a society's 2 days 1 night's trip. It's a trip to visit the Penang Island. There were 14 of us, 6 of us are the 1st year's students, and the remaining are senoirs. The places that we visited are the josstick maker, the 'billboard' (small size one, like those shop's name, etc) maker, Kuan Yin Temple, Penang's Little India, Kapitan Kling Mosque, .....I also forgot what places that I've been visited!! But one thing I'm very sure was I went to the Bon Odori!! It was held in the Esplanade, Penang. Well, actually, it was a big field lah!! Just like the Bon Odori in Shah Alam, there were many stalls which sold many Japanese things. Foods, fans, games, etc... But it was not so fun here, as the field was too spacious, which led to a scence like 'there were less visitors'. Then, the other thing was, it rains cats and dogs, then stop, and then rain again!! GOSH!! I really hate it!! There was a firework at 9.30pm. I prefer the Bon Odori in Shah Alam, because it really feel like there was a festival going on. In Penang, I couldnt feel the Bon Odori's 'heat'!!

22 July 2007

Had breakfast at a Malay restaurant at the Batu Ferringhi beach as we stayed overnight at a motel there yesterday. Then we spent 1 and a half hour at the beach. We had some games and the rest of time were our free time. At 12pm, we checked out from the motel, and went to Balik Pulau. On the way to Balik Pulau, we visited a place called 'At The Ends Of The World'. Actually it was a place like you walked in Pulau Ketam, minus all those houses and the boats, which means we walked on the wood until the end of it. Well, it was quite far away from the seaside. I guess that's why they name it that way!! The road to Balik Pulau from Batu Ferringhi is just like we go up to Genting, minus the steep's roads. Basically, it's just lengkang-lengkok. Balik Pulau is a place over a mountain of Batu Ferringhi. Half way to Balik Pulau, we stopped by at roadside to buy some durians, because they said the best durian are from Balik Pulau. Ah! Durians again!!! At 2 pm, we reached Balik Pulau's market. We had our lunch there. After the lunch, we were given some briefing about the history of Balik Pulau. It is believe that before the opened of Penang, Francis Light first touched down at Balik Pulau. But for some reasons, they managed to find a better place, that is Penang. After the briefing, we went to a village which has paddy field. The place supposed to be very nice with paddy plus it's yellowish's colour. Unfortunately when we reached there, the paddies had been harvested. Later, we went to a fish market. Actually, it was a place where fisherman sell their things when they had finished catching fish. It smells. Feel like vomiting, as there were also the smells of the dead fishes!! After that, we went to the beach. I don't know the name of the place. It all went smoothly when they cut out the durians ( I said 'they' because I really stand 100m away from the durians!!) until it began to rain. Haiz!! What a waste!!!! But we still hang in there for about 1 hour. At last, at 6pm, we went back to hostel.

My Feeling

Actually, this trip was quite fun, although rain make it only 75% fun. Besides going to the small places that we seldom went to, it's good to get to know some new friends and to know better our old friends. It really 'closen' us (the old friends). The other thing is we have the opportunity to know more of the new friends since there was only 14 of us. I mean it's easier to know someone if there are less people.

16 Aug 2007

Program Anak Angkat

Program Baktisiswa (13 July -15 July 2007)

13 July 2007

I took part in a program 'Baktisiswa', where all the uni's students do something to repay back to the society. There were varieties of activities organised by all the desasiswa, but I choosed this Program Anak Angkat, because I think it's a new thing for me to experience. Hence, I took part in this activity. The place where I'm going is in Seberang Perai Selatan, a village name Kampung Sungai Bakau. There are 3 villages included Kampung Sungai Bakau which took part in this programme which were organised by Rakan Muda, where USM also took part, are Kampung Sungai Chenaam and the other one, I forgot already. So, on this particular day, we went off to our first destination, that is a hospital, to donate blood. The first thing that a donor must do is to weight and check our blood. Those who are less then 45kg, sorry, you cannot donate. Otherwise, after you have donate, you are the one who need the blood!! :) To check the blood is to make sure your blood are suits to donate, which means all those basic things in blood must have, well, i dont know what is it!! So, after all those checking has done, we went upstairs, and to donate blood. Well, it was a new experience for me. No pain at all. After the process, we were given some food. All donors must eat after donating, to put in back all those we had lost. Afterwards, we went to Kampus Kejuruteraan in Nibong Tebal for the Friday afternoon prayer. After the prayer, at about 3 pm, we only start our journey to the village. At 4pm, we finally reached the village. We gathered at the community hall, where the programme kicked off. There were some words from the organisers before we met with our adopted family. There were some families who adopted 1 child, and others adopted 2 children. My adopted family adopted 2, me and a new friend I befriended with, Nor Farhani bt Ariffin. Our adopted parents are Hj Fadzil b Ishak and Hjh Azizah bt Ahmad. They have 4 children, 3 female and the youngest is a male, 19 this year. All other daugthers have work now, 1 in KL, the other 2 work here. So, after the ceremony, we went back home. Their home are just like other normal village home, just that their's are a brick one. At night, our parents brought us ate outside. They also brought us round around the places. Actually, this village is a border to 3 negeri, Kedah, Perak & Pulau Pinang itself. During the half hour ride, we already been into 3 different negeri! After that, we went to our 2nd sister's house. We had a chat there. At about 11.30pm, we left for home.

14 July 2007

At 8am, we went to the kolam udang which is near to our house. We went there by motorcycle. Afterwards, we went to someone's house to get the prawn, before we went home to have our breakfast. Then, we went to the community hall in Kampung Sungai Bakau to take part in the Sukantara. But we were late for the Rentas Desa. So, we waited aside for other games to start. But both Farhani and I found out that it was quite a boring game, so we went off to buy filem for the camera. We went back home later to get the camera, and found out that our brother and 3rd sister are going to their aunt's dusun. So, we followed them, which means we skipped the Sukantara and Program Motivasi. It was a long journey because the dusun is near Bukit Merah. We stopped over at our aunt's house first to have some durians and rambutans. The durians were from the dusun while the rambutans were plucked at their house. Afterwards, we went to picnic in the dusun. This is the first time I do picnic in the dusun!! We spent about 2 or 3 hours there to have a picnic and to pluck langsats. After that, we went to a recretional park to play in the water. I didnt went in because I didnt like the environment!! Afetr a long day, we went back home with all those fruits. At night, went to listen to a talk, before we went to bed. A very tiresome day!!!

15 July 2007

Woke up at 8am, went to a masjid to do gotong-royong. Afterwards, went to round a fish village with other participants. Then, it's time to pack our belongings. Our mum gave us a pack of keropok pisang. At 4pm, we went back to the community hall to finish up the closing ceremony of this programme. At 6pm, we left the village.

My feeling

I think overall the whole activity gave me a new experience. This is because it's not everyday someone can take part in Program Anak Angkat. So for me, it's a new experience lah, although I really didnt felt anything very very very special!! Everything was ok for me. It's just that the food that I cannot really adapt it. Because all those food that my mum cooked were in red colour. Sambal all those thing. That's the only thing I couldnt adapt lah!! After this programme, I got sore throat, because I ate tooo much of durians the other day. And I got phobia of durians afterwards!!! Whenever I see durians, I walked 100m away from it!! ( for a short time only!!)