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30 Nov 2009

Pre-Singapore trip

Yo! I'll be leaving to Singapore in an hour time! Well, there's not much excitement as the first time I went, but there are still a bit of enjoyment. Will stay there for 5 days, and we'll see what my aunt had plan for me and my brothers! So, ciao for now!

29 Nov 2009

Post Sri Menanti Trip

Went back to my grandma's house for the past four days. Main reason? One of the relatives were getting married and we were invited to the makan-makan occasion.

It's almost 2 months since the last time I went back. But there were many changes throughout the route back to my grandma's place in Negeri Sembilan. The roads are much better, no more potholes, and Pekan Sri Menanti itself has a new image. The houses have the same color, and each of them have about three clear parking lots-with the line drawn in each lot. All in all, the whole kampung look nicer and not so ulu.

The changes happened due to the installation of the new Yamtuan back in September. It was a grand celebration, almost 2 weeks, as the previous Yamtuan had ruled for a long time. Grandma said there were not much people, but I think the atmosphere was very upbeat. Heard that there were invited singers.

Anyway, apart from the physical changes, there were nothing new. The life in kampung still going slow and steady, while the life in a grocery shop is going fast and furious-well, at certain hours. Except that yesterday, the shop closed much more earlier than any other days, as we were going to the relative's house.

It feels weird to see a 'new' painted house, but that's what a nearby people will get in a royal town when there is any changes/happening in a royal family!

21 Nov 2009

Kedah trip

Went Kedah on last Thursday til Friday with XinMi, ZheRong and SheiHan. MingWei too, but she didn't joined us from Penang. We met her at Alor Star's bus terminal. Our journey at Kedah started from Alor Star, then going south to Sungai Petani. Had lunch at Alor Star's town, and then went to Paddy Museum. It's actually divided into 2 main place, 1 is the spinnning area to watch the very nice view of the whole village, and another 1 is the museum itself. And then went to the science center. The center is not big, but as long as there is a place like this, it's good for the whole community, especially the children. Afterward, we went to Alor Star's shoping mall, and end up at Shei Han's place. Had dinner and overnight there.

while waiting for MingWei

Journey to Sungai Petani started at 11am. Went to Kedah's airport before leaving to SP. The airport is not big, but it's ok for this small town. Lunch at SP was at a place called "Seventeen". Next place was Lembah Bujang, the famous place with its candi. Then, went to the mall in SP and had egg tarts as our tea break there. Chat a long time there, and then went back to our hotel room. We bathe, and had our dinner, which we bought on the way back from the mall, and then went to XinMi's house. Stayed until 12am, went back to the hotel room and started our pillow talk, until about 4am.

Last day at Kedah, and it started to rain. Had our breakfast and I was accompanied by my friends while waiting for my bus at the SP bus station.

Though it was not a very long trip, but it surely was one of the memorable one, as we shared the laughter together.

teabreak at SP's shopping mall

19 Nov 2009

It's official

Kimi Raikkonen will now be an 'ex-Formula One driver', since he and team McLaren failed to reach an agreement. Well, it's kindda sad, seeing him leaving the cockpit, but if the agreement does not favourable to both sides at the first place, nothing good will happens, right? Hence, he's taking a sabbatical year, or years. Hopefully it won't be years, as I'll miss him greatly in the F1 picture. I don't think that his passion of driving will 'dry out'. It's in the blood of the Finnish, the Iceman. Whatever it is, I think he'll do things that will make his adrelina runs fast-anything that has to do with speed. I think the next thing in his mind is definetly rallying, a thing that he wanted to do long long time ago. Guess he'll put much effort in rallying, and 'officially' doing it. We'll see what happen in the future, either he'll continue in rallying or in the racing car.

*Will be away from lappie for few days. Going for Kedah trip. Happy holidays to Joan! :0

17 Nov 2009

Mini update

Done the final test, which was sucks...Dr. A, give me marks ar although there are mistakes!! And here's the important part-holiday starts now!!! But this time around, there were no 'grand' celebration, as Chan Poo Bee has her final test tomorrow, and Lee Ah Wei need to rush to catch the 7.15pm's bus to Ipoh to meet her family. The leftovers? Bo bian, have to sendiri makan sendiri. Went dinner at Gee Hin@little wooden house, and had kangkung belacan, lemon chicken and claypot taufu. Chat like always after dinner, only had to stay a little longer as it was raining heavily. Reached home at about 7.45pm, and start to clean my room-I wanna go back to my real home luh!!! Fadilah, wait for me, I'll be back soon!! :)

16 Nov 2009

What I feel right now is that....

...I Miss HOME!!! After days of locking myself in the house and watching 2012, I really missed home and family, food and bed, scenery and bicycle, and the feeling of being at home. Totally different as what I'd feel as long as I'm here in Penang. I speak to my parents on the phone, chat with my brothers online and on phone (well, only speak to 1 brother on phone) but it still not the same feeling as being around with the family.

But there is my last paper tomorrow, and I'll only be back in 5 or 6 days later, still is a long period for me. As such, Westlife's suits my mood now-the feeling of missing someone.

14 Nov 2009

Yet another Saturday

Saturday is a radio day for me. Strangely enough, I don't know why I'll only switch on the online radio on this particular day. Mix Fm is the radio that I always listen to, and this station always mix the current songs and the oldies. Guess that's why I prefer this station. Today, I heard Zombies by The Cranberries, and it brought back my memories of the first time I heard this song when I was 10 or 11 years old. I really like this song since the first time I heard it. I think it's the lead singer 's voice and music that I like this song so much, but I didn't know anything about the lyrics. Up til I heard it just now, I went to search around about this song. Turn out that this song is about people holding grudges because of the war.

12 Nov 2009

A letter

To my body,

Today I've did some good things and bad things.

Good thing is, I played badminton for about 1.5 hours! It means I sweat a lot during the game, and I think at least some fat was burnt off. :)

Bad thing is that there might be some side effects of it. Legs and hands might feel some pain tomorrow and days after tomorrow as I haven't play for a long time.

But the thing is, I was very happy as I've not been playing for a long long time. As it was not enough, it was the first time I played with my coursemates-Angela, Atan, Bazli, Ben, Gigi, and Kai Sheng. It was full of fun, seeing how we act in sports. Frankly, I haven't see any coursemates in sports. Hehehe..

I hope we can have more badminton matches.

Love, Joan. :0

10 Nov 2009

20th Anniversary

November 9 2009, Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The famous wall had separated the east and west of German for 28 years, and was built after the Civil War, when many people were migrating to the west. The wall was finished building in 1961, and that's the official time east and west Germans were totally cut off. No one is allowed to cross over the wall without a valid reason. Among the effects of building the wall was that some families had to live apart form each other-parents in the east, children in west. Years after separation, west German grew stronger, but east German still fighting for freedom and economic purpose. It's not an easy life, but after 28 years in 1989, these people were finally free, and managed to reunite with the families. As the wall is now part of the Germans' and the world's history, the pain that was suffered by those people will be keep in their heart until they had their final breath.

*Source: Wikipedia

The remains of the wall:

7 Nov 2009


People said that 7 or 8 hours is the normal sleeping hours per night, but I guess is not for me. Normal sleeping hours for me-wake up on my own-will be around 9 or 10 hours. But it only happen during my 'free time'-study week, exam week and holiday. My highest record? 12 hours of sleep without waking up. Funny thing is, sometimes after an enough sleep at night, I can still take a nap during the afternoon. Well, to be precise, it's not a nap at all, cos it's more than half an hour. And now I'm in the 'sleeping mode' period-exam time. While there are many days off for the next coming paper, I sleep as much as I can. Sometimes, I got dizzy after a long sleep. Sigh.

To hibernate or not to?!

*I wish I can be at home now. In that way, there are many things I can do, thus this problem will not occur~

3 Nov 2009


Here comes the second last month of the year. The last Formula 1 race of this year had come to an end when the season was wrapped up in the inaugural race at Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Both the driver's and constructor's championship have been declared, and now the vroom vroom session will stop for about 1 month (depending on the teams), before testing session begin.

By that, it means My exam is around the corner. Well, to be precise, my first paper will be on tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Yet, I'm still blogging and Facebook-ing. It's not that I wasn't doing revision. I did. But probably because I've read the same thing for a few times that make me feel bored. Anyhow, I'll read the whole thing again after this.

And coincidently, this semester is my second last semester as an undergraduate. Life as an university student will come to an end. It's frustrating when come to think of it. It seems that I had just entered the university few days back and now, the ending is nearer. I've just started to enjoy the uni life, get along with more friends but it will all end soon. Life's pretty funny.

A little reminder here: There was some tragic happened in these few days. First was the bridge collapsed incident, and then there were 3 Uni students were drown in the waterfall incident. Please take good care of yourselves and give more attention to the surroundings while planning for a vacation-be it weather, the place you wanna visit or any other small things. And to those in abroad, please take good care of yourselves too~I still need you all back here in Malaysia~