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23 Jan 2008



Hmmm...why human always like to do things at the very last minute? Me myself is one of them. Tutorial's homework due tomorrow, today only finish it. Assignment due on 31 January, but now haven't started yet. But I already found out all those information about the assignment lah. Haiz. Human's habit. I already told myself from last semester not to do this again in this new semester, but then I think I already failed on of my New Year's Resolution. Hahaha....But I really found out that all those ideas for the works we have to do really pop out during the very last minute. Funny right? But that's what I found out, at the moment. I wonder did our lecturers do like us, doing last minute things. Hehehe... cos they are also human!! Hahaha...

10 Jan 2008

just another day

Public holiday....but just another normal day for me!!

It's a public holiday today, but for me, it's just another normal day. My day was filled with homeworks, books and revisions. That's it. I have enough already!!! I'm gonna go crazy if I keep on like this. But if I didnt do this now, when should I do? Tomorrow? What if tomorrow have another bunch of works to do? Haiz... This semester got more books to read. Every week has 2 quizes to do, but have to read for 2 chapters. I need some time to relax, to do my own stuff. Can't I?? Luckily I got my laptop. If not, I think I went crazy ready!! But hey, I still couldnt do whenever I want to do in the net, as 'they' bar some websites for those who use WiFi in uni's compound. Haiz. ARGHHH!!!!! I wish I have a bicycle here, can cycle around the campus. Hmmm......

7 Jan 2008


NEw year, new car....

Yesterday, 6 January, Ferrari unveil their new F1 car, named F2008. Today, 2007 World Champion, Kimi Raikkonen tested the new car at Fiorano, Italy. It features a new electronic system called SECU (Standard Electronic Control Unit) that is the same for all F1 teams this season.
Other new details include a revamped transmission, which must be used for four consecutive races, and more safety features, including lateral guards near the drivers' helmets.
According to new rules for materials, the car is heavier than last year's edition, weighing in at 1,333.78 pounds, including water, oil and the driver. There is also a complete overhaul in aerodynamics, although Ferrari said more changes will be put in place before the first race in Australia in March.
Raikkonen said the cockpit is tighter.
"There are a lot of changes. Most of all the loss of traction control is gone, which will make it a little difficult to drive in the wet," the Finnish driver told the ANSA news agency. "We'll have to change our style of driving, but that happens with every new car."
I personally hope that Kimi will retain his World Champion's title. Go! Go! Kimi!Gambateh kudasai!!

The new F2008

Steering wheel

Kimi with Massa

Both drivers with the Ferrari's sport director

Kimi doing the testing for the first time

5 Jan 2008


Angkawasan is here in USM!!!!!

wooohh!!!! today, a forum, entitled ' detik manis bersama angkasawan' was held here in USM.....of course there were sooooo many students came!!! ahaha....felt very proud as USM was his first university that he gave talk!!!! i really enjoyed his 1.5 hours talk...and he really like 'mengasyikkan' this word, as he always used it describe something undiscribeable.....and to tell you the truth, he is extremely HANDSOME!!!!! argghhhhh!!!! really fell in love in him......wahahaha.....when he first came the hall, he was kind of malu-malu kucing a bit...can see from his expression....but then, when the forum starts, he kind of already used to the environment, coz he looked a bit relaxed....and you know what, his voice are very sweet!!!! ahhhhh!!!! really gonna go crazy bout him now!!!!! but really, he really try hard to inspire us to do everything we dream of.....the way he talked, really showed that when u dream of something, you have try hard and you will really achieve at the end of the day....so everyone out there, believe in yourself and try hard....coz you gonna make that dreams come true!!!!!! gambateh kudasai!!!!! :)

ps: i took this pix from usm's web...as i sat upstairs....haiz...a bit upset coz didnt have a chance to shake hand with him....