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5 Mar 2011

An Ordinary Me doing Ordinary Thing

We may be the so called closed friend, but we only contact each other once a while.
So while I'm not busy shopping today, I "loiter" around Facebook and you've just updated your posts.
I recalled that it was some time ago since the last time we had chat.
So I decided to Facebook-ed you just to know what have you been up to recently.
It turned out that we had a long chat through phone.
All this while, I knew you've taken a different path from your original plan and I always wished you all the best in your new route.
But I didn't expect that you felt so bad with all those that had happened on you on this route.
After digesting all your grumbles, all I can do was imagined myself in your shoes, feel it and try to imagine how would I react.
And then, I offered some words of encouragement.
Frankly, I wonder whether all those plain and ordinary words from the deepest of my heart will help you.
But at least I think that our conversation will make you feel better as you've voiced out all those things in your heart.
Up until the moment I don't know what should I said anymore, you suddenly thanked me and said that I was the first person to give you some encouragement's words and that you felt motivated to go on with your plan.
My mind went blank and I was very surprised upon hearing it.
To tell you the truth, my eyes were filled with tears and I felt like crying at that moment.
Like I said, I just wanted to know what you've been up to.
Never in my mind that this conversation we had would have help you, let alone the words that I had said.
I'm glad that you find my words motivating.
Here and now are the last few words from me to you:
"I got your back!"