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27 Feb 2011

"Forget You"

I didn't know Gwyneth Paltrow could sing like that! ^^

20 Feb 2011

Down Memory Lane

Saturday, 19th February, 2011

6 months after my graduation day, I went back to a place that I had spent for most of the times for the past 3 years-the Pearl Island of Malaysia, Penang. The purpose of returning to the old place? Spent a precious time with my beloved sistahs! As most of the member of the sistahoods are staying over in Penang, I myself travelled to the north to meet them. I took Friday night's train and reached Butterworth at 5.30 am. As the earliest ferry to the island only started at 6 am, I waited for about 15 mins at the train station before I went to the jetty. Though it was a weekend, there was a crowd at the jetty at this hour. I guessed the ferry still played an important part for the people to/from the island. The cool air breezes while the ferry moved and I felt like I was back "at home".

As I took a bus to my destination, I started to "mesmerise" the times that I had spent in Penang throughout my university days. The 30 minutes bus ride really brought back all my memories.

As I reached my destination, I truly thought that I was coming back to start my new semester! Arghh! It really brought back all the memories of the times I stayed here!

the best part of USM which can look over the sea~

the place where I learnt about languages~

"terjumpa" my old friends~^^

the new library~

nevermind if I can't enter the new library...pic with it will do~

my faculty with its tutorial rooms~

the hall where I got my scroll~

the Penang Road in USM~

lecturer halls full with memories~

the road I've taken for the past 3 years~

As I've finished "enjoying" my old times, it's time to starts the "agenda" of the trip! =)

must do:breakfast at Sg. Dua's Plus Two's wanton mee~

KTV-ing at Red Box at First Avenue~

sistahoods in the lift! ^^

After a day full of entertainment, we headed back to one of my sistah's house. All of us stayed over at her house. We chat, we ate, we drank and we played hard. At the middle of the night, we all finally dozed off.

Sunday, 20th February, 2011

Woke up around 10 am and get ready to have our breakfast/lunch at the nearest hawker stall. We said goodbye to a sistah as she was going back to her home, and went to Queensbay Mall and spent the last few hours at Old Town coffee shop, before I said goodbye to the remaining sistahs and got into the bus and headed back KL.

It was a real tiring journey, but it's worth it as I spent the some quality time with my beloved sistahs! ^^

12 Feb 2011