Hope you have a Nice time here!

31 Dec 2009


Curtain falls for year 2009...

Bad or sweet memories of year 2009 will always be kept...

In the memory...

So long 2009...

Welcome 2010!!

27 Dec 2009

Suprise! Suprise!!! Suprise!!!

Went to check the mail box when I reached Penang. To my suprise, there were 2 mails from Suomi Finland and 1 from London!

Above is from Ms. Birdie Chuah to Ms. Joan Chong...lovely Mr. Santa for me!!

From Ms. JC Loi, Ms. Wendy Tan and Ms. KP Lim to the residents of 10-6-1, Desa U!

This one: I don't know why the photo was upside down, as it is in the correct position in photo gallery, was sent by Ms. KP Lim from London, but Ms Wendy Tan and Ms. JC Loi sent regards too!!

*Lots of thanks to Ms. Birdie Chuah, Ms. Wendy Tan, Ms. KP Lim and Ms. JC Loi for the postcards. To my other housemates, can I keep those cards? I'm a card and stamp collector~ Just hope that these gals will safely return to Malaysia on 28th, as their flight which was scheduled on 26th from Finland to Netherlands was delayed, thus they are delaying their flights back here from Amsterdam.

14 Dec 2009

All the way from England

Hohohoho..this is the book from England!!! I Lurve it! Of course lah...Westlife mah....It arrived 5 months ago with the person who bought it, reached my house 3 months ago, and I just feel it last month. It was not on sale here in Malaysia-well, I didn't see it at any bookshop, thus got help from my friend. Haven't finish read it, as I was busy travelling~don't be mad at me..hehehehe.....

13 Dec 2009

Trip to north part

My aunt and her kids were in town last week. My cousins haven't been to Penang, so all of us made a trip there. As there were 9 of us, dad and mum each drove a car. We stopped by Ipoh old town to have a tea break, and reached Penang at 2pm. Checked in into B Suite hotel at Bukit Jambul and rest for half an hour before proceed to Burma Road for the Siamese and Burmese temples. The next stop was at Batu Ferringhi's public beach, and then dinner at the end of the world, Teluk Bahang. After dinner, we went to Gurney drive and enjoyed the night's scenery. Went back to hotel after grabbing some stuff in Gurney Plaza.

We spent most of the next day at Air Itam-Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill. Went to the new pavillion at Kek Lok Si, which cost us RM4 for 2 ways of the elevator ride. It was a short ride though, so it's kindda expensive. Penang Hill was much better, as it is not so warm. Stay at Penang Hill until 3 something, and straight away when to Penang Road for the asam laksa and cendol. We wen back to hotel afterwards, and rest early, as we are going to Hat Yai the next morning.

The charted van reached the lobby at 6.50am, and we started the journey to the north straight away. It is a beautiful view of the sun rising from the Penang bridge, but the journey will be a long and bored one. It took us 4 hours from Bukit Jambul to Sakol Hotel in Sanehanusorn Road Hat Yai, through Bukit Kayu Hitam's exit. The driver stopped at Gerik's rest area and Changlun's CTC rest area, which is near to the border. While we had our tea break, the driver helped us settled the immigration stuff. The place looks like a small scale of rest area, but it's exactly an important place for people who wanna go into Thailand through Bukit Kayu Hitam. There is a shop like a travel agency, which settled the immigration stuff. So, the place is crowded, with people and buses.

After settled with the immigration card, we continue the journey. 10 minutes into the ride, we reached the custom's checkpoint. As always, Malaysia's custom is always the different one. There are only 2 manual and 1 automatic counters for the checking purpose. As there were less people going in, we managed to finish it in less than 30 minutes. After the custom's check, we came across the soldier's checkpoint, really the border between Malaysia and Thailand. Not long after that, there's the Sadao custom's house-Thailand's custom check point. After the check point, it was a straight line to Hat Yai town.

The journey to Hat Yai is 1hour++ from the border. It's not a bust town like Penang, but there are many crowds-local and foreigner. As we only stayed a night there, so we didn't visit any temples. We managed to visit the markets and the shops near the hotel, and the central of the town. There are many shops which sell many types of stuff-foods, shoes, shirts, those cookery stuff.

It was an unplanned trip to Hat Yai. Our initial trip was to visit Penang, but the plan occured when my mum speak with her colleague, who is a Penangite. So, it was a short trip. If it's a well planed plan, it should be Hat Yai first, then only visit Penang.

Anyway, it's good to have the opportunity to visit a foreign country

7 Dec 2009

Movie-New Moon

Just watched this movie online. Luckily I didn't went to cinema for it. It sure will be a waste of money! Stephenie Meyer's New Moon is hard to put on screen, as there was not much action from the book itself. It's more on the story telling part from Jacob. Hence, I didn't expect much of the movie itself. Guess what? I nearly wanna vomit at the beginning, as the screen keeps turning round and round, when Edward left Bella-an effect by the director. And I nearly stopped watching halfway through as I find it too bored! Maybe, the feeling of watching a movie based on novel really will never beat the feeling of reading the novel itself. I admit that throughout the 4 books, New Moon was the least I like. But the feeling from watching the movie was much worse. At least I'd read the book the third time, but I will not watch the movie again. Really. But kudos to Dakota Fanning, as I think that she is the Jane from the novel!!

6 Dec 2009

Trip to Singapore

Went Singapore for 6 days. Initially, I've plan to let the picture do the talking, but the uploading process was dang slow. So, I'll do the writing~

Took 2pm's train to Singapore. It was a 7 hours ride, hence sleep, eat, read and listening to music throughout the ride. Reached at 9.30pm, and went to my aunt's home at Clementi.

Went Marina Barrage, the water reservoir of the country. It was a giant building, with green scene from the grass at the roof on top of the building, which is great for picnic. Stroll along the places and went to Commonwealth to have our lunch+tea break. Went back home to take bath and then went dinner at Uncle Sam at City Vibe, which was new for me as it was still in construction the last time I went. Then, went to Orchard Road for the Christmas decorations. Well, it's just the normal deco, which I never really know how to appreciate it anyway. Saw the ION Orchard, the latest shopping mall in Orchard Road. We didn't went in to shop, but from it's outer layer, and as it is situated in Orchard Road, it's for those who wants to get some branded stuff: Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, LV, D&G, Cartier, to name a few.

Trip to Downtown East at Pasir Ris. It's actually a place which have everything you want-place to shop, resorts, dine and leisure. Checked into the chalet and went shopping for the BBQ stuffs. After placing our stuff back into our chalet which had fridge, we went to the Escape Theme Park
to have some fun! Actually I've went to that theme park few years back. But we went too to kill some time as our main purpose here in Downtown East was to have BBQ. Around 6pm, we went back to our chalet and started the fire for the BBQ. This chalet is designed to have this BBQ facility. Each chalet has a BBQ spot at the back of the building, which have 4 chalets in a building. Had fun while BBQ-ing, and I wished that Malaysia has this type of resort too!

Checked out from the resort at 10am, and went back home. Some of us were tired off, as yesterday we played card games until 4am. Thus we didn't went anywhere. Had pizza as our dinner and there was a birthday celebration as it was my cousin sister's birthday.

It was raining in the morning and afternoon, on and off, so we were all lazy to go out. So we stayed at home and play cards and watched TV. It was a steamboat night, and we had all those fishballs, meatballs, hot dogs, all those steamboat stuff.

Packed our stuff and took MRT to the Kranji station to get 170 bus to come back to Malaysia. The old immigration place had shut off, and the new one is much bigger. But the short road to get into the immigration place has become a small scale F1 circuit, with a longer distance then the old one, but the 'journey' was a long one: the was no straight road. Pusing sana, pusing sini. But passing trough the custom was the easiest and fastest: just put in your passport into a passport holder, wait for 20 seconds to let it scan through and then put your thumb on the screen. When the green light was signaled, took out your passport and say bye bye. The building is linked with a shopping mall, which was linked with the train station. If I'm not mistaken, it is called Sentral. Had our lunch in the mall while waiting for my uncle to bring my grandma to meet us. Grandma is coming to KL with us. The train came at 3pm, and we boarded the train in the rain. Reached Shah Alam at about 10pm, and went to mamak stall to have roti canai.

30 Nov 2009

Pre-Singapore trip

Yo! I'll be leaving to Singapore in an hour time! Well, there's not much excitement as the first time I went, but there are still a bit of enjoyment. Will stay there for 5 days, and we'll see what my aunt had plan for me and my brothers! So, ciao for now!

29 Nov 2009

Post Sri Menanti Trip

Went back to my grandma's house for the past four days. Main reason? One of the relatives were getting married and we were invited to the makan-makan occasion.

It's almost 2 months since the last time I went back. But there were many changes throughout the route back to my grandma's place in Negeri Sembilan. The roads are much better, no more potholes, and Pekan Sri Menanti itself has a new image. The houses have the same color, and each of them have about three clear parking lots-with the line drawn in each lot. All in all, the whole kampung look nicer and not so ulu.

The changes happened due to the installation of the new Yamtuan back in September. It was a grand celebration, almost 2 weeks, as the previous Yamtuan had ruled for a long time. Grandma said there were not much people, but I think the atmosphere was very upbeat. Heard that there were invited singers.

Anyway, apart from the physical changes, there were nothing new. The life in kampung still going slow and steady, while the life in a grocery shop is going fast and furious-well, at certain hours. Except that yesterday, the shop closed much more earlier than any other days, as we were going to the relative's house.

It feels weird to see a 'new' painted house, but that's what a nearby people will get in a royal town when there is any changes/happening in a royal family!

21 Nov 2009

Kedah trip

Went Kedah on last Thursday til Friday with XinMi, ZheRong and SheiHan. MingWei too, but she didn't joined us from Penang. We met her at Alor Star's bus terminal. Our journey at Kedah started from Alor Star, then going south to Sungai Petani. Had lunch at Alor Star's town, and then went to Paddy Museum. It's actually divided into 2 main place, 1 is the spinnning area to watch the very nice view of the whole village, and another 1 is the museum itself. And then went to the science center. The center is not big, but as long as there is a place like this, it's good for the whole community, especially the children. Afterward, we went to Alor Star's shoping mall, and end up at Shei Han's place. Had dinner and overnight there.

while waiting for MingWei

Journey to Sungai Petani started at 11am. Went to Kedah's airport before leaving to SP. The airport is not big, but it's ok for this small town. Lunch at SP was at a place called "Seventeen". Next place was Lembah Bujang, the famous place with its candi. Then, went to the mall in SP and had egg tarts as our tea break there. Chat a long time there, and then went back to our hotel room. We bathe, and had our dinner, which we bought on the way back from the mall, and then went to XinMi's house. Stayed until 12am, went back to the hotel room and started our pillow talk, until about 4am.

Last day at Kedah, and it started to rain. Had our breakfast and I was accompanied by my friends while waiting for my bus at the SP bus station.

Though it was not a very long trip, but it surely was one of the memorable one, as we shared the laughter together.

teabreak at SP's shopping mall

19 Nov 2009

It's official

Kimi Raikkonen will now be an 'ex-Formula One driver', since he and team McLaren failed to reach an agreement. Well, it's kindda sad, seeing him leaving the cockpit, but if the agreement does not favourable to both sides at the first place, nothing good will happens, right? Hence, he's taking a sabbatical year, or years. Hopefully it won't be years, as I'll miss him greatly in the F1 picture. I don't think that his passion of driving will 'dry out'. It's in the blood of the Finnish, the Iceman. Whatever it is, I think he'll do things that will make his adrelina runs fast-anything that has to do with speed. I think the next thing in his mind is definetly rallying, a thing that he wanted to do long long time ago. Guess he'll put much effort in rallying, and 'officially' doing it. We'll see what happen in the future, either he'll continue in rallying or in the racing car.

*Will be away from lappie for few days. Going for Kedah trip. Happy holidays to Joan! :0

17 Nov 2009

Mini update

Done the final test, which was sucks...Dr. A, give me marks ar although there are mistakes!! And here's the important part-holiday starts now!!! But this time around, there were no 'grand' celebration, as Chan Poo Bee has her final test tomorrow, and Lee Ah Wei need to rush to catch the 7.15pm's bus to Ipoh to meet her family. The leftovers? Bo bian, have to sendiri makan sendiri. Went dinner at Gee Hin@little wooden house, and had kangkung belacan, lemon chicken and claypot taufu. Chat like always after dinner, only had to stay a little longer as it was raining heavily. Reached home at about 7.45pm, and start to clean my room-I wanna go back to my real home luh!!! Fadilah, wait for me, I'll be back soon!! :)

16 Nov 2009

What I feel right now is that....

...I Miss HOME!!! After days of locking myself in the house and watching 2012, I really missed home and family, food and bed, scenery and bicycle, and the feeling of being at home. Totally different as what I'd feel as long as I'm here in Penang. I speak to my parents on the phone, chat with my brothers online and on phone (well, only speak to 1 brother on phone) but it still not the same feeling as being around with the family.

But there is my last paper tomorrow, and I'll only be back in 5 or 6 days later, still is a long period for me. As such, Westlife's suits my mood now-the feeling of missing someone.

14 Nov 2009

Yet another Saturday

Saturday is a radio day for me. Strangely enough, I don't know why I'll only switch on the online radio on this particular day. Mix Fm is the radio that I always listen to, and this station always mix the current songs and the oldies. Guess that's why I prefer this station. Today, I heard Zombies by The Cranberries, and it brought back my memories of the first time I heard this song when I was 10 or 11 years old. I really like this song since the first time I heard it. I think it's the lead singer 's voice and music that I like this song so much, but I didn't know anything about the lyrics. Up til I heard it just now, I went to search around about this song. Turn out that this song is about people holding grudges because of the war.

12 Nov 2009

A letter

To my body,

Today I've did some good things and bad things.

Good thing is, I played badminton for about 1.5 hours! It means I sweat a lot during the game, and I think at least some fat was burnt off. :)

Bad thing is that there might be some side effects of it. Legs and hands might feel some pain tomorrow and days after tomorrow as I haven't play for a long time.

But the thing is, I was very happy as I've not been playing for a long long time. As it was not enough, it was the first time I played with my coursemates-Angela, Atan, Bazli, Ben, Gigi, and Kai Sheng. It was full of fun, seeing how we act in sports. Frankly, I haven't see any coursemates in sports. Hehehe..

I hope we can have more badminton matches.

Love, Joan. :0

10 Nov 2009

20th Anniversary

November 9 2009, Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The famous wall had separated the east and west of German for 28 years, and was built after the Civil War, when many people were migrating to the west. The wall was finished building in 1961, and that's the official time east and west Germans were totally cut off. No one is allowed to cross over the wall without a valid reason. Among the effects of building the wall was that some families had to live apart form each other-parents in the east, children in west. Years after separation, west German grew stronger, but east German still fighting for freedom and economic purpose. It's not an easy life, but after 28 years in 1989, these people were finally free, and managed to reunite with the families. As the wall is now part of the Germans' and the world's history, the pain that was suffered by those people will be keep in their heart until they had their final breath.

*Source: Wikipedia

The remains of the wall:

7 Nov 2009


People said that 7 or 8 hours is the normal sleeping hours per night, but I guess is not for me. Normal sleeping hours for me-wake up on my own-will be around 9 or 10 hours. But it only happen during my 'free time'-study week, exam week and holiday. My highest record? 12 hours of sleep without waking up. Funny thing is, sometimes after an enough sleep at night, I can still take a nap during the afternoon. Well, to be precise, it's not a nap at all, cos it's more than half an hour. And now I'm in the 'sleeping mode' period-exam time. While there are many days off for the next coming paper, I sleep as much as I can. Sometimes, I got dizzy after a long sleep. Sigh.

To hibernate or not to?!

*I wish I can be at home now. In that way, there are many things I can do, thus this problem will not occur~

3 Nov 2009


Here comes the second last month of the year. The last Formula 1 race of this year had come to an end when the season was wrapped up in the inaugural race at Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Both the driver's and constructor's championship have been declared, and now the vroom vroom session will stop for about 1 month (depending on the teams), before testing session begin.

By that, it means My exam is around the corner. Well, to be precise, my first paper will be on tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Yet, I'm still blogging and Facebook-ing. It's not that I wasn't doing revision. I did. But probably because I've read the same thing for a few times that make me feel bored. Anyhow, I'll read the whole thing again after this.

And coincidently, this semester is my second last semester as an undergraduate. Life as an university student will come to an end. It's frustrating when come to think of it. It seems that I had just entered the university few days back and now, the ending is nearer. I've just started to enjoy the uni life, get along with more friends but it will all end soon. Life's pretty funny.

A little reminder here: There was some tragic happened in these few days. First was the bridge collapsed incident, and then there were 3 Uni students were drown in the waterfall incident. Please take good care of yourselves and give more attention to the surroundings while planning for a vacation-be it weather, the place you wanna visit or any other small things. And to those in abroad, please take good care of yourselves too~I still need you all back here in Malaysia~

31 Oct 2009

Lunatic Pervert!

You idiot molester! Respect the LADIES! Don't you know if you do this to the ladies, it means you are doing the same thing to the one who gave birth on you?! You farking idiot!!

I know these things happen around us everyday, but happened on one of my friend that really got me angry. I mean, I'm not that furious, but it happened on my friend, so...hey, I have feelings too. Just can't understand why do they do that. Is there any fun by molesting someone? Hmm, maybe challenging? =.="

Btw, it happened when my friends, A and B took a night ride in a bus back to their room. There were not much people in the bus and the bus was in dark. A got down earlier then B, and right after A got down, a fat idiot went to sit beside B and molested her. B did shout, but no one heard her as the surrounding was quite noisy. She got down at the next stop, which was quite near to the previous stop. B did make a police report, but no one has been caught. Sigh.

1-0, the molester lead by 1 point, and probably the scores by the molester will rise up (well, in reality, it Is.)

So, ladies out there, please beware and take care of yourself where ever you are. Oh, if you can recognized the idiot, we have a better chance to catch him.

And to the gentlemen, please don't be one of the point scorer. RESPECT.

28 Oct 2009

Venturing Jerejak Island

Woke up after 2.5 hours sleep (well, reach home at 3am from RedBox) coz will be going Jerrejak Island. My mum asked me to be careful while I was there as Jerejak Island was formerly a leprosarium, a sanatorium and a prison during 1910s until 1980s. Well, it's an extra reminder for me, as I've remind myself after hearing some info on that island from my friends.

Curiosity still spinning inside my head as I stepped into the ferry. What will the place looked like? Yeah, the pamphlet at the jetty stated that it was an island resort-beautiful scenery with sand and coconut trees and sounds of wave occured in my mind, but I still wondered how the historical island can be transform into a resort island.

There is not much people in the ferry. Most of them looked like staff working in the island-wearing nice attire or some wearing an army like uniform. But there are a couple who is a visiting customer-they brought bags like me and my friends.

After 10-15 minutes ride, we officially reached the place. We followed the crowd, and reached the lobby of the Jerejak Resort. Waited at the lobby as the events start at 9.30am. We were asked to gather at the man made beach at 9.30am. At the beach, there was 1 instructor and the couple we saw in the ferry. So, there were 6 of us in the group. He told us what's the plan of the day. Start off with jungle trekking, flying fox-ing, wall climbing. Then we will have lunch and a 2 hours rest time. After that, we will have archery and we will finish off with cycling.

Well, the activities were not much but it was enjoyable. The whole jungle trekking took about 45 minutes. There was no easy path and we need to move around in the damp ground-thanks to yesterday night's rain. The uphill part was a bit challenging and it was a 20 minutes uphill way. Though it was a bit tough, I felt great upon reaching the peak. Surrounded by the green leaves and big trees were cool, but there were some eerie feelings upon recalling this place's history.

The suspension bridge was not long and were not very high. Walked to the end of the bridge, and we came back to the start part with flying fox. After a few times of having flying fox at other places, I can now officially say that I'm not scare of doing flying fox! *applause* We ended the heavy activities with wall climbing. It was a really tough activity, and it needs a strong hands, cos it depends on your hands to support yourself up there. Tips on this activity: the lightest you are, the better chance of you getting much more higher.

Had fish & chips as my main course over fried rice. The taste was not bad and we had ABC chicken soup as appetizer and watermelon, honeydew and papaya as dessert. Ah Bui and Ah Wong played congkak while Ah Liew and I play carrom. And then we went to the playground...to play the swings!! huhuhu...I LURVE it!! The last time I played was 10 months ago when I was in Shen Zhen, China.

Before we had the archery game, we strolled along the beach. There were trees around, and we can see the airplanes landing. The bad thing was there were buildings on the other side of the end-Bayan Lepas area. But other than that, it was a perfect place to free your mind. There were no vehicles around or buzzy noise. Archery was fun, but the bow was a bit heavy. *Tangan kiriku tak kuat*

Ah Bui and I teach Ah Wong and Ah Liew cycled. But I think we failed, as they still not 100% know how to cycle. Pity Ah Wong, balancing also got problem. But at least Ah Liew can cycle for like 2 meters without problem. *Anyone out there who knows how to teach cycling, please leave some comment*
A few drops of rain lead us back to indoor, playing table tennis and darts. After the games, we chatted while having some crackers and waiting the rains to stop. But it didn't. It rains and stopped, stopped and rains, demolished our plan to play beach volleyball. End up we had sandwiches early and went back to the jetty, to get back to Penang Island.

For me, it's a place suitable to go to relax and forget about the real world. It doesn't matter that there is not much things to do. A place that is away from the vehicle's vroom vroom and honk sounds is good enough for me to keep myself calm and cool.

25 Oct 2009

No topic

Time flies by when you are doing things you like.

I've been sleeping and watching series since Friday night, and now, it's Sunday night!!

The Mentalist was the series that I watched.

Ooh, my head is fulled of Patrick Jane!!!

Life is sooo wonderful when there are movies/series.

There are many movies and series that I wanna watch, but....time does not allow.

Ah Bui, I don't like Vampire Diaries . I think is Elena too 'strong' for Stefan!!

Life full with entertainment will end soon.

It's study week now. I supposed to study, not to entertain myself.


22 Oct 2009









20 Oct 2009

To the Queen of My Heart

This song is specially dedicated to my mum, cos it's her birthday today!

16 Oct 2009

The Star's Thumbnails

My bro was on The Star newspaper leh~on 13th October 2009

Title: Will Work for Food
Content: Now that's a guilt-free way to enjoy fast-food: exercise on the bicycle before digging into a hearty meal.

15 Oct 2009

Low Bat

A busy week for me. Started from Sunday up til today. Discussions, discussions and discussions. Really worn out! But today, it all started to end. Now there are 2 more things to be done: short story and a report. Oh, haven't watch Godsford Park.

I wanna have a good rest.

A friend is reaching, and I'll take her Komtar, Gurney, Queensbay, and.....tak tau mana lagi. She only wanna shop and eat.

I'll do the works at night. I promised.

I'll re-energized after this. I think.

9 Oct 2009


This week has passed so fast that it's a Friday now, and it's getting closer to weekends in a few more hours. I love weekends, but I guess this coming weekend, I'll be spending with reports. I love weekdays too, but it passes so fast that I can't remember clearly what have I done. It's not that I was very busy with many stuffs. It was just another week. But there are new thing mention up this week when my gang and I went out for lunch. Though it's just a normal lunch, topics that we discussed range from many aspects. And it seems that we, the gang who always eat and went out together, are getting much more closer, as the things we discussed were much more deeper and more private. I think probably we can now consider ourselves as close close friends, since we know each other much better now. I wish this relationship of ours will maintain till death do us apart! :)

*Opps! SzeSze, you are one of us too! :0

3 Oct 2009

中秋节- Mid-Autumn Festival

Below is a very famous poem in Chinese culture. It is also used widely during the Mid-Autumn Festival, as it's very meaningful. It has been transform into a song, first sung by Teresa Teng with the same title of the poem, 《水调头歌》, and then Faye Wong did a cover version of Teresa's, with a different title, 《但愿人长久》。


明月几时有 把酒问青天
不知天上宫阙 今夕是何年
我欲乘风归去 唯恐琼楼玉宇
高处不胜寒 起舞弄清影 何似在人间

转朱阁 低绮户 照无眠
不应有恨 何事长向别时圆
人有悲欢离合 月有阴晴圆缺
此事古难全 但愿人长久 千里共婵娟

我欲乘风归去 唯恐琼楼玉宇
高处不胜寒 起舞弄清影 何似在人间

转朱阁 低绮户 照无眠
不应有恨 何事长向别时圆(月时圆)
人有悲欢离合 月有阴晴圆缺
此事古难全 但愿人长久 千里共婵娟

by Su Shi

Bright moon,when was your birth?
Winecup in hand, I ask deep blue sky;
Not knowing what year it is tonight
In those celestial palaces on high.
I long to fly back one the wind,
Yet dread those crystal towers, those courts of jade,
Freezing to death among those icy heights!
Instead I rise to dance with my pale shadow;
Better off, after all, in the world of men.

Rounding the red pavilion,
Stooping to look through gauze windows,
She shines on the sleepless.
The moon should know no sadness;
Why, then, is she always full when dear ones parted?
For men the grief of parting, joy of reunion,
Just as the moon wanes and waxes, is bright or dim:
Always some flaw-and so it has been since of old.
My one wish for you, is long life
And a share in this loveliness far, far away!

*I'm not 100% sure that the translation is accurate. But the author had tried hard on it. Please bear this in mind before you get mad with the translation (if you think it is awfully inaccurate): it is not easy to understand the actual meaning, and secondly, it is harder to translate it!

Hope you enjoy the songs.

2 Oct 2009

Now, where to?

It's official. Kimi Raikkonen will be leaving Ferrari after this season. So where will the Iceman go after this? Rumours had it that he will go back to McLaren, but he himself have not given an answer. Or will he switch to rally?

It doesn't matter for me, as long as he choose the thing he likes. For sure, it is better for him to stay in F1, but it is meaningless for him and for us the fans if he can't have a good and reliable car to fight for the championship.

All I can do now is to wait for an answer.

27 Sep 2009

Raya Break-3rd part

Friday, 25th

Help out again at the shop before we went back to Shah Alam at around 4pm...went pasar malam and had dinner before going back home. Upon reaching home, we had cleaning session-1 week away from home, it was dust everywhere. It took us 1 hour++ to finish it. A day was gone, just like that.

The feeling of coming back at home was great. It's the feeling I'm craving for. The feeling of being at home is totally different from say, being at somewhere else, although other family members are there and I'm familiar with the environment. It feels more relaxed and it's like I can do whatever I want when I'm at home.

Saturday, 26th

Went market and had haircut after that. Auntie potong sampai sangat pendek lah!! Then, I had bak kut teh for lunch!! Hahaha.....and the rest of the day? Online, watched badminton and football, cook dinner, find short story...life at home was soooo relax!!! But the time passes so fast!

Sunday, 27th

Took 11am's bus back to Penang. It's a bas tambahan, which means only these few days they have this time slot. Normally, there are only 2 slots to Penang-9.30am and 5pm. After hearing that it was a bas tambahan-my dad bought the ticket, I knew the journey back to Penang will not be a smooth one. So, lets see how's it going. First, it was a 2+2 seats. So, the seat is small, and it was not so comfortable for a long journey. Then, when the bus started to move, I know instantly that something might happen-cos it's an old bus, and the revving sound was different. And I can hear that some parts are not working smoothly. It's just a matter of time that when it's gonna happen. As usual, it stopped to refuel before really starting the journey, but I don't know why it took a long time. The real journey started at 12 noon. After some time, the bus stopped at a rest area, still in Selangor. Don't know what happen, but the driver managed to fix it. So we continue the journey.

At around 1.30pm, it stopped for a shcedule stop-Tapah's rest area, for the passengers to have some break. But it was way too long-half an hour. I was already very pek chek. I was way back of time. If follow the schedule, I should be arriving Penang at 3.30pm. But here I am, still haven't reach half of the journey. The journey continued after the break, but then halted again, this time at a road side, for the same problem. Still, the driver managed to fix it. Up until Jelapang, the problem occur again, but it had gone worst until the driver couldn't do anything. And only now I know what had happen-a water tank had broke off. I'm not sure which tank was it, but the tank must have been connected to an important part that makes the vehicle unable to go on.

The driver called a foreman from Ipoh to fix it, as he couldn't get a back up bus-cos all buses had been used up to fulfill the festive season's demand. So, we waited in the bus for some time, until a man got into the bus and told us he's charging RM 5 per person to Butterworth. Turn out he's in another bus, which was not full. Whatever it is, I think it is faster then waiting for the foreman to fix the bus. Most of the passengers took the chance. The bus was actually from Gopeng to Butterworth. And it only carried 5 passengers. That's why the co-driver make the suggestion.

It was 4pm when I finally got into the bus. Pity for 3 or 4 passengers cos they had to stand, as they were late when deciding want to take the 2nd bus or not. Anyway, reached Butterworth at 5.30pm, and the damn ferry only move after around 15 minutes after I got onboard. When I finally reached Weld Quay, it was already 6.05pm. And the same thing happen when I got up the Rapid bus-the driver went off when I entered the bus. Waited around 5-10minutes before it finally move. And I finally got back at Desa U at 7pm.


8 hours of journey from Shah Alam to Penang!!! I think next time, I'm going to take Aeroline back to Penang. It doesn't mater if I were late when I go back home, but it DOES matter when I reached Penang late!

24 Sep 2009

Raya Break-2nd part

Wednesday, 23rd Sept

Another typical day. But the crowd was lesser. Most probably was that many people went for visiting relatives and friends at other place. But there were still business to do.

Feeling unwell today. Headache, and I felt that I'm getting fever, soon. Felt warm all over the body. Maybe it was the hot day and those junk food that I had for the past few days. Not too much, though. But at least a small packet a day. Had as much 100 Plus as I can, thus getting better at night. Still, felt some itchiness at the throat. Eww...hate it!!!

Thursday, 24th Sept

Last day here in Sri Menanti. Tomorrow will go back Shah Alam. Can't stay any longer, as I myself haven't start any of my homework. Well, at least I've done the slides for the HBT304 presentation. But there are still many works to be done. And I haven't really spend some time at home. Haiz...time not enough!!

22 Sep 2009

Raya Break-1st part

Saturday, 19th Sept

Came back to Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan early in the morning. It was the last day of the fasting month, but the traffic was smooth at the North-South highway. Had our breakfast at Seremban Jaya before started continuing the journey to grandma's house. Reached around 9.30am. Unloaded all our stuff and started to help out. Normally, 10am-1pm is the rush hour for the villagers to get stuff to prepare lunch, but today, there are not many people cos it's still in the fasting month. But those who came, aimed for stuff to baked traditional food-rendang and ketupat. They came for nyiur @ kelapa and ketupat in pack. But around 4pm, people came in continuosly, until around 7pm. It was a tiring day.

Sunday, 20th Sept

1st day of Raya. Grandma bought 60 packs of ice-a big packet. And now, my jobs will be unpack those ice into a smaller packets...as fast as I can. It looks like an easy job, but it takes a long time. The job will be much easier if there are many who buy the big packet. The best time? Around 10am, after the Muslims had finished the morning prayer. Anyway, ice sure is a good friend of the bright hot day. The ice was sold out at around 12 noon, not only ours, but also other shops. Now, this time around, old people came for stuff for lunch, while young people came for ice, soft drinks, and tit bits. The crowd were much more than yesterday, but around 2pm, lesser. Normal scene, though. Around 3pm, grandma asked for 25 packets of ice. Here I go again with the ice. Sigh. But the cold melted water was cool enough to soothe my hands and legs. :0 Evening: People came in again at around 4pm, this time, for sardines, sawi and mee/mihun, plus those mosquito/insect repellent. Kampung mah....and Panadol is also something they needed the most. The shop was not closed up until 10pm. Still there are people who came in for soft drinks, cigarettes, and tit bits.

My aunts came back too this morning. Hence, my 2nd uncle and his family came again tonight. We had a wine and nuts while chatting. Hari Raya break is also a good time for a small family gathering. Chatted until 12am only we went for bed.

Monday, 21st Sept

Still, it was a full day of tiresome. Ice packing, add in the inventories to the shelf, etc. There were still some crowds, but not so much in a time. People came in whenever they feel too. And it's not much tense, though. But the time flies fast when you are doing these things. It's not an easy task to manage a shop, let alone when there are 2 people who are actually managing it. That's why my family and I always come back to help whenever there is a festive and long holiday.

Tuesday, 22nd Sept

Here I go again with the same old jobs. But today was much more relax, as there were not much crowd. And that's why I can slipped away for a long time to blog, and Facebook-ing. Hehe...but then, I have to leave now, as the ice is here again.

See ya! :0