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30 Aug 2009

What a race!

The drivers had an interesting race in Spa, Belgian! At the begining of the race, 4 cars were collided, thus safety car was deployed. And after some laps, after marshalls had completely cleaned the debris, the race was restarted. Guess what? Kimi Raikkonen overtook Fisichella after the first corner! :0 And from then on, though Fisichella fought hard to edge closer to Kimi, he stilll can't make it.


Kimi Raikkonen won his first race of the year in his favourite track!

I was delighted about it!! And kudos to Fisichella for finishing 2nd!

It's unbelievable. Believe it

There are 5 remaing races (excluded today's race) left in the 2009 Formula 1 race calendar. Since the first Friday practice in Australia, the Brawn-GP Mercedes has shown that they were a strong team, although they were just formed not long ago. And since them, it's driver, Jenson Button had been on the podiums for 7 times out of 11 races, won 6 of the races. This make him one of the favourite to win this year's championship.

But since Formula 1 had gone back to it's European tracks back in June, it had done nothing good to Button. He had never been on the podium. Even worse, his qualifying seems to be unconsistent. The lowest grid position he had was number 8. But things got worsen during yesterday's qualifying in Spa. He couldn't make it into the 2nd qualifying, with the lowest grid postition he had so far, number 14. So, the title contender will have a long way to climb up during today's race.

As if the suprise was not enough, yesterday's qualifying finished with a very rare scene. The very front row for today's race will be filled by the underdogs-a Froce India-Mercedes and a Toyota. And the 10 drivers who made it into the 3rd qualifying round were not the big big teams, except for 1 Ferrari driver. And I guess it will be one of the best qualifying we will have for this year, with the top runners NOT in the position where they should be.

An unpredictable qualifying had ended, but an unpredictable race will starts soon. Tonight at 8pm.

27 Aug 2009

It's raining days

It has been raining since Sunday. 4 days of uncontinuosly rainny days. It's like they are taking off to rest for some hours, so that they can again and again. Where did the water come from? I like rainny days, but the liken part only starts if it rains when I'm at home. Have some hot drinks and food is the ideal way to keep warm, as the cool air keep flowing around. And it's the best time to curl into the comforter, with the soft toys and cozy bed I have. Love, love, love. But I dislike rainny days if I was out to somewhere, especially during classes, as I have to move around the campus. Wet, wet, wet. And it makes me, my bag and shoes went wet. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Suddenly, I missed the sunshine. Want it, want it, want it. I used to dislike it as normally, it was too damn hot. Wherever we go, the sun will shine at us and make us sweat a lot. But now, I'm not the only one who need him. Many of us too. Mr. Rain has stayed way too long. And I'm not sure how long can Mr. Ditch hold on to before he 'vommited' what Mr. Rain had given. When will Mr. Sun visit us again??

It's unpredictable. I'm going to my cozy bed now, as Mr. Rain and Mr. Wind makes me feel sleepy. And Mr. Cozy Bed too...keep on persuading me. Goodnight for now. Hope the will be a sunny day tomorrow.

23 Aug 2009

Curtain falls

Semester break has finally come to an end. Sweet time had passed, and I need to restart the normal Uni life-books, assigments, discussions, etc again. Started with the International Conference on Translation, and ended with a trip to Genting-Sunway Lagoon. Like I said, I had spent some precious moment with some coursemates that I seldom mixed with. And with those friends that I used to mix with, the Genting-Sunway trip make our relationship grow stronger-we know more about each other. That's the fact that can't be left out, coz I think each outing that we went, we surely found one or two 'new' elements about others.

Anyway, back to the trip, we went off to Genting on Thursaday night, reached there at 3am. =.=' The weather was damn cold. We didnt plan to stay, thus we went to toilet to brush up, and went to casino. That's the only place that was still operating. Spend around 2 hours there, before went for breakfast after failing to watch sun rise, as it was raining cats and dogs. Had our breakfast for some time, as we were real slow when eating-tired of not getting a good sleep. Anyway, around 7am, the crowd grew bigger. Went to buy bus tickets to KL, before going into the outdoor theme park. Played most of the excited rides, except the Corkscrew and space shot ride. Only after we had play, we had our lunch at KFC, before loitering around in door and First World Hotel's lobby for the time of going down to Genting Skyway. Got our 5.30pm's bus to KL Sentral and waited for 4 KTM trains to get back to Shah Alam. I don't know why there were sooo many people until we had to wait for the 4th train to get in. The train that we took was also full. We were sandwich-ing and was pushed in, not walked into the train.

I was damn so tired.

The next day, which was yesterday, went to Sunway Lagoon. It was half dry, half wet day. We bought an All parks pass, and went to all parks. A stupid remarks. Started off with those dry games, as the rule stated that once went into wet parks, we are not allowed to play those dry games. We started off with the nearest ride that we could find-Pirates Revenge. This Pirates ride was much more exciting than the one in Genting, coz it swing until we were upside down, plus, it stops for a moment when we were in that upside position. Lukily I had voice to shout out. Then it started to rain. So we went to the Wildlife park to pay those animals a visit, and Shei Han's string of beads was snatched by the ever naughty Snowy, who put the bracelet into his mouth too. Aiiks. Disgusting. Then, went in to the Scream park-it's like a ghost house, but with many themes-Night in Museum, Prison Breaks, etc. Scary leh. And then, went for Apache Pots as it had shades, thus spinning all the way. As the rain stops, we went for the Tomahawk ride aka the scissor ride, where it really turns upside down, 360 degree. Fun leh. Too bad Sze Sze was not here, cos I guarentee she will like it too.

Then we went to Wild Wild West part-we had Vultures, Butch Cassidy Trail, Grand Canyon River Rapids, Buffalo Bill Coaster, Colorado Splash, Niagara Falls Flume Ride. We had twice of the Niagara Falls Flume ride!! It's so exciting, with the splashing water!! Just after we had the Niagara rides, it started to rain again. We stoped to had our lunch. Then continue with the Extreme park. As the Suspension Bridge was not open, we walked through the surf beach to get there.

At Extreme park, we had the All Terrain Vehicle ride-was fun to have a chance to drive it through the terrain. Then went for Swan ride, which was quite bored. And then, went for the Flying Fox game. Had fun while flying foxing!! :0 As the park was closing at 6pm, we went to have some water rides-Cameroon and Afikan Python rides, before went to take bath.

After we had clean ourselves, we checked out, and got ourselves a souvenier from Sunway Lagoon by exchanging out wristband valued RM 10, with the staffs in charge. Took a group photo before we left to JCo donuts in Sunway Pyramid. Left this place at 7pm and had our dinner at Shah Alam. We had a pillow talk after I've done my laundry until 2am.

I had so much fun!!!!

Woke up at 6.30am today as we had an 8am's bus to catch. Reached Penang at 11.30am, which was quite early. Not sure whether it's because there was less traffic or was the driver speeding, as I slept during the whole journey. Anyway, Aeroline bus was comfortable as the Nice bus.

We had so much fun!!!!!!

20 Aug 2009

Short Update

Just came back from the International Conference on Translation@PPA-Persidangan Penterjemahan Antarabangsa. A 3 days conference, each days started around 8.30am and finished at 4.30pm. We had morning tea break at 10.30am, lunch at 1pm and another tea break at 4.30pm. Life's good at the conference, especially during the lunch break! So many food to choose!!!!

It was a good experience to join this conference, as I saw many professional people-in and out from Malaysia, gathered together, discussing stuff bout translation and interpretation. I think the conference is a good thing, as translation and interpretation is still a young field here in Malaysia, and there are less people know about it. Hence, there is a 'not being recognised' situation happening here.

Apart from PPA, we, a bunch of third year BATI students who went there, had fun too. Well, I'm not the one who should said 'had a fun fun trip', as I do missed out things with them. Anyway, it was like a chance for us (including Atun, Azira, Kak Ina, Bazli) to get closer to each other, as we stayed together, either in the same room or same floor. Well, actually the guys stayed at another floor. Anyway, all in all, we kindda going out together to had our dinner, went to the night market and the beach. I was unable to join the latter part as I was sick, a thing that I'm regreting now. But like Ming Chee said, "Apa boleh buat?" I can't do anything though. *Left out Afifah and Attan as they joined the conference's dinner each night, so they did not spent most times with us.

Anyway, I had a great time spending with the people that I seldom mixed up, I mean, I do mixed up with them, but not so closely. But seriously, I do like this kind of outing! :0

14 Aug 2009

Lovely days after stormy days

I feel better now after days of suffering...from sickness. No more headache, but my voice stays the same. Eeuww...I think I still can't eat those oily, fried food, as I still feel itchy around my throat. Porridge again, but I'm lazy to go out (though Tesco is just around teh corner), so bread and oat first. I've finished my forum report, and feel like doing another report-the soal selidik report, before really enjoying the coming-soon semester break.

HOLIDAY MOOD Is In The Air!!!!!!! :)

Will go RedBox on Monday, and then there will be a 3 days Internatioanl Conference on Translation. And then, hahahaha...the anticipated trip that I long before-Genting-Sunway trip!! Yippee!!! Actually, it's supposed to be a Langkawi trip, but some of us couldnt afford it. So we made some changes, and now everyone can travel. Yeah!!!!

I guess all of us feel the same: we are in our final year now, and it seems that we haven't done some coursemates trips. All we had were just makan-makan here and there, and the farest place we'd been is Gurney, in a big group. Pity right? I think this is the time we need to use it wisely. Otherwise, when we have graduate, we will regret it. I don't know about others, but surely, I will surely regret if we didnt had any trip during this Uni life. I've stupidly done something, and I'm now regreting, so I don't want to mess up again.

Thirsting for the lovely days! :0

10 Aug 2009

Not feeling well

I've been abnormal since last Thursday. Headache, sore throat, running nose, hard to breathe...at first, sore throat was on the way from leaving me. But it didnt went off completely. Now, I feel a liltle bit itchy at my throat. Things got worsen on Sunday. Thanks to a whole night rain, my nose was full of mucus. Aiiks. Disgusting. And the mucus can't stop coming out. When it stop, there was like something stuck inside my nose, which actually doesn't have a thing there.

I can't breathe!!!

I can only breathe using my mouth now. And my voice had change. Sucks. What's more, I havent prepare my stuff for the next day, which is today's forum. I just had to bear with it. Anyway, the forum went well, I guess. I mean it's like normal presentation we'd done, few improvements can be done, so yeah, I think it went well. Anyway, I always think positive, as I'd put up my best (and in this unwell condition, plus the forum went on like 30 minutes. Nearly die there. Haha).

Anyway, I'm now back in my room, I still need to finish up my questionaire's stuff. I need to set questions before I can print out and make copies, and meet up with my pembantu. Cool man. I have my own pembantu to help me in the survey for the Convo week! :) Anyway, it still reflect that I'm doing stuff at the last minute, as the Convo week, is...well, ahem, this week. Yeah...in 2 days time, well, to be precise, in 1.5 days time!

8 Aug 2009

What makes me happy?

The result: LOVE

Happened to play this quiz in Facebook. And, yeah...the answer is true. Below is the elaboration about it:

The thing that makes you happy, even though you might not realise it is love and caring. You like to spend quiet time at home with your family or hang with your friends. As fun-loving as you are, you're also a very emotional person and would have a hard time dealing with life without the love ingredient. The ability to make people laugh is always on your side. Don't lose it. Careful though. Being so nice can go a long way. And having so many friends, some of which in constant need of attention,
can be very stressful at times. Don't overdo it. After all, being so open and friendly for no apparent reason also brings in the threat of becoming vulnerable to traitors, hypocrtis etc... Trusting is always a risky business, don't let anyone invade your privacy, and never get too carried away in those annoying optimistic thoughts. Safety first (: Your ideal romantic match is an opposite of your character. He/she'll complete you in a unimaginable way and make you feel truly content, special... fulfuilled.

It's not suppose to be like this

It's my final year in uni, but life still sxxxs. The routine for everyday life is quite the same: wake up for classes, lunch, and if no other classes, back to our room, do some revisions. The extra activities I might have will be group discussions and cycling. It's not the life where I used to be, those life in past semesters. During the past semesters, we (I mean me and my coursemates who took the same papers) had the same timetable. Thus, easier to make arrangement to go somewhere, together.

But now, as some of us took a different paper, I feel like we kindda starting to move on our own way. I miss the times we spend together, whether we went for KTV or Queensbay or steamboat, or even just a simple lunch at Subaidah. I like being around with you guys. And I kindda feel lonely when we don't have this type of gathering, or that the time we spend together is getting lesser and lesser. It's like a practice for us, so that we won't feel so lonely when the real thing happen.

While I'm writing this, it rain suddenly. It makes the lonely's feeling grow stronger. Those lonely and being apart's feelings are the least thing I want. I know it's a part of human's life. I just hope that we can remain as friends, forever. It's hard to start a new relationship, but it's harder to maintain the relationship that we've build. It's meaningless to get new friends and forget old friends.

7 Aug 2009

One Tree Hill

The series was premiered in 2003, and I've watched quite much of the 1st and 2nd season. But I think the local channel stopped airing it a while, and when I happpened to watch it, it's far from the last episode that I'd watched. Thus, I stop watching it. And now, I've found it in PPStream. So I'm continuing from the part where I've left out!

The series start off with high school years, and continue to 20++ adult's lifes. Originally talk about the life's of 2 half-brothers, and goes on with the stuff around them: families, friends, girl friends, interests, drugs, lives etc.

It's a series for soon-to-be-grown-up-teenage as the series reflect on a teenage's live, until they become adult. Though it reflects mostly on U.S.'s teenage lifestyle, teenage around the other world can learn a thing or two from the series too.

1 Aug 2009


4 of my friends should be onboard now...flying first to Amsterdam, then to Helsinki, only then, will reach Tampere, Finland. They are in a student exchange programme. 3 of them is my housemates, so currently, I only have 3 housemates. Yeah, a bit quite now.

I actually planned to go to the airport to be with them, but the bad thing was there was a talk on Friday, which I can't missed. Hence, my plan was burst. If it's not the talk, most probably I'll be sitting in front of my laptop at home now-note that it's HOME, as in "the house or flat/apartment that you live in, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR FAMILY ". And probably I've own a new handphone by now. Haiz.

Now that there is no other chance to go home, I'll need a longer period before I can have a new phone. Probably during the Raya's break. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Anyway, my friends will be studying at University of Tampere for this semester. They will be back and join us again during the next semester. Though it was not a very long period, it's still some time before we will meet again.

Sayonara, my friends!