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27 Sep 2009

Raya Break-3rd part

Friday, 25th

Help out again at the shop before we went back to Shah Alam at around 4pm...went pasar malam and had dinner before going back home. Upon reaching home, we had cleaning session-1 week away from home, it was dust everywhere. It took us 1 hour++ to finish it. A day was gone, just like that.

The feeling of coming back at home was great. It's the feeling I'm craving for. The feeling of being at home is totally different from say, being at somewhere else, although other family members are there and I'm familiar with the environment. It feels more relaxed and it's like I can do whatever I want when I'm at home.

Saturday, 26th

Went market and had haircut after that. Auntie potong sampai sangat pendek lah!! Then, I had bak kut teh for lunch!! Hahaha.....and the rest of the day? Online, watched badminton and football, cook dinner, find short story...life at home was soooo relax!!! But the time passes so fast!

Sunday, 27th

Took 11am's bus back to Penang. It's a bas tambahan, which means only these few days they have this time slot. Normally, there are only 2 slots to Penang-9.30am and 5pm. After hearing that it was a bas tambahan-my dad bought the ticket, I knew the journey back to Penang will not be a smooth one. So, lets see how's it going. First, it was a 2+2 seats. So, the seat is small, and it was not so comfortable for a long journey. Then, when the bus started to move, I know instantly that something might happen-cos it's an old bus, and the revving sound was different. And I can hear that some parts are not working smoothly. It's just a matter of time that when it's gonna happen. As usual, it stopped to refuel before really starting the journey, but I don't know why it took a long time. The real journey started at 12 noon. After some time, the bus stopped at a rest area, still in Selangor. Don't know what happen, but the driver managed to fix it. So we continue the journey.

At around 1.30pm, it stopped for a shcedule stop-Tapah's rest area, for the passengers to have some break. But it was way too long-half an hour. I was already very pek chek. I was way back of time. If follow the schedule, I should be arriving Penang at 3.30pm. But here I am, still haven't reach half of the journey. The journey continued after the break, but then halted again, this time at a road side, for the same problem. Still, the driver managed to fix it. Up until Jelapang, the problem occur again, but it had gone worst until the driver couldn't do anything. And only now I know what had happen-a water tank had broke off. I'm not sure which tank was it, but the tank must have been connected to an important part that makes the vehicle unable to go on.

The driver called a foreman from Ipoh to fix it, as he couldn't get a back up bus-cos all buses had been used up to fulfill the festive season's demand. So, we waited in the bus for some time, until a man got into the bus and told us he's charging RM 5 per person to Butterworth. Turn out he's in another bus, which was not full. Whatever it is, I think it is faster then waiting for the foreman to fix the bus. Most of the passengers took the chance. The bus was actually from Gopeng to Butterworth. And it only carried 5 passengers. That's why the co-driver make the suggestion.

It was 4pm when I finally got into the bus. Pity for 3 or 4 passengers cos they had to stand, as they were late when deciding want to take the 2nd bus or not. Anyway, reached Butterworth at 5.30pm, and the damn ferry only move after around 15 minutes after I got onboard. When I finally reached Weld Quay, it was already 6.05pm. And the same thing happen when I got up the Rapid bus-the driver went off when I entered the bus. Waited around 5-10minutes before it finally move. And I finally got back at Desa U at 7pm.


8 hours of journey from Shah Alam to Penang!!! I think next time, I'm going to take Aeroline back to Penang. It doesn't mater if I were late when I go back home, but it DOES matter when I reached Penang late!

24 Sep 2009

Raya Break-2nd part

Wednesday, 23rd Sept

Another typical day. But the crowd was lesser. Most probably was that many people went for visiting relatives and friends at other place. But there were still business to do.

Feeling unwell today. Headache, and I felt that I'm getting fever, soon. Felt warm all over the body. Maybe it was the hot day and those junk food that I had for the past few days. Not too much, though. But at least a small packet a day. Had as much 100 Plus as I can, thus getting better at night. Still, felt some itchiness at the throat. Eww...hate it!!!

Thursday, 24th Sept

Last day here in Sri Menanti. Tomorrow will go back Shah Alam. Can't stay any longer, as I myself haven't start any of my homework. Well, at least I've done the slides for the HBT304 presentation. But there are still many works to be done. And I haven't really spend some time at home. Haiz...time not enough!!

22 Sep 2009

Raya Break-1st part

Saturday, 19th Sept

Came back to Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan early in the morning. It was the last day of the fasting month, but the traffic was smooth at the North-South highway. Had our breakfast at Seremban Jaya before started continuing the journey to grandma's house. Reached around 9.30am. Unloaded all our stuff and started to help out. Normally, 10am-1pm is the rush hour for the villagers to get stuff to prepare lunch, but today, there are not many people cos it's still in the fasting month. But those who came, aimed for stuff to baked traditional food-rendang and ketupat. They came for nyiur @ kelapa and ketupat in pack. But around 4pm, people came in continuosly, until around 7pm. It was a tiring day.

Sunday, 20th Sept

1st day of Raya. Grandma bought 60 packs of ice-a big packet. And now, my jobs will be unpack those ice into a smaller packets...as fast as I can. It looks like an easy job, but it takes a long time. The job will be much easier if there are many who buy the big packet. The best time? Around 10am, after the Muslims had finished the morning prayer. Anyway, ice sure is a good friend of the bright hot day. The ice was sold out at around 12 noon, not only ours, but also other shops. Now, this time around, old people came for stuff for lunch, while young people came for ice, soft drinks, and tit bits. The crowd were much more than yesterday, but around 2pm, lesser. Normal scene, though. Around 3pm, grandma asked for 25 packets of ice. Here I go again with the ice. Sigh. But the cold melted water was cool enough to soothe my hands and legs. :0 Evening: People came in again at around 4pm, this time, for sardines, sawi and mee/mihun, plus those mosquito/insect repellent. Kampung mah....and Panadol is also something they needed the most. The shop was not closed up until 10pm. Still there are people who came in for soft drinks, cigarettes, and tit bits.

My aunts came back too this morning. Hence, my 2nd uncle and his family came again tonight. We had a wine and nuts while chatting. Hari Raya break is also a good time for a small family gathering. Chatted until 12am only we went for bed.

Monday, 21st Sept

Still, it was a full day of tiresome. Ice packing, add in the inventories to the shelf, etc. There were still some crowds, but not so much in a time. People came in whenever they feel too. And it's not much tense, though. But the time flies fast when you are doing these things. It's not an easy task to manage a shop, let alone when there are 2 people who are actually managing it. That's why my family and I always come back to help whenever there is a festive and long holiday.

Tuesday, 22nd Sept

Here I go again with the same old jobs. But today was much more relax, as there were not much crowd. And that's why I can slipped away for a long time to blog, and Facebook-ing. Hehe...but then, I have to leave now, as the ice is here again.

See ya! :0

19 Sep 2009

Another 1 from Suomi Finland

This time, the card is from Miss Wendy Tan. haha....anymore? anymore??

18 Sep 2009

A productive week

  • Assignment-safely passed up
  • Group discussion 1-a draft was out
  • Revised phonetic-tested, damn hard!
  • Group discussion 2-found a novel and went to discuss with lecturer
  • Birthday surprise-she was suprised!!
  • Clothes-washed already, coz wanna go back home
  • Outing-went out with birthday girl and other 'gang members' on 17th.
  • Kamus Dewan-checked the entries in it....don't have the data that Dr. Goh need
  • Room-cleaned and keep books and other stuff into cupboard, as I'll be away for 1 week
  • Draft-type and sent to group members

15 Sep 2009

One of his Greatest shot!

This was one of Roger Federer's best shot! It's not easy to do it.

12 Sep 2009

Greetings from Finland!

Received a postcard from my dear friend Sze Sze from Finland.


This is the first postcard I'd received from oversea. Thankiu very much!! The card itselft is pretty normal-pictures from Tempere, the place where Miss Chuah stays now. But the stamp are beautiful!!! I love it!. It makes me feel happy and released upon seeing the stamp, and it feels very refreshing!!!

By the way, it took 7 days precisely to reach Malaysia from Tampere. The card was stamped on the 4th September and I got it yesterday. Hmm, I wonder what took it so long. It should be by air right?

Day and night time in Tampere


6 Sep 2009

Of all the greatests in the new era, why him?

People know I prefer Formula 1's driver Kimi Raikkonen much more than others, but they do not know why. The answer is simple: he's fast.

I first saw him in a live telecast race back in the year 2003. If I'm not mistaken, it's the race in Malaysia. At that time, he was at a tail of someone, and trying to make a move to overtake the driver in front of him. Of course it was not an easy task. No one will ever give up a position easily. Although at that time I didnt know anything about F1, I think each position might earn you some points, and that will decide whether you'll be the champion or not at the end of the racing season. Anyway, he waited for some time to get the chance-tailing behind a driver and can't make a move is so frustrating, even for the viewers! He finally made the move-swift and steadily after tailgating in a lap. It's such a relief for me after he had passed! That's the first time I feel the excitement of watching motor racing. I ended up watching the remaining race. He eventually won that race, which was his maiden race.

I only started to watch the race 'actively' in the year 2004. It's because that was the year where all of F1 races were broadcasted live in a local tv station. During the previous year, there was no live telecasting of the races in the local tv station, hence, I kindda forgot about it. And I don't know how, the sports sudddenly become well known. There were many news and adverts about it. So, the feeling came back to me. I started to find out more about the sport-the teams, drivers, rules.

Since then until year 2007, I watched almost all of the races, watched how those drivers drive, particularly Kimi. Thus, I've seen more of him, probably know a liltle bit of him. I can't say I've known him excatly, as I didn't know him in a way. The Kimi I know is from the newspapers, live telecast, and internet. The real Kimi? Haven't have a chance to do so. I think he's a person who wouldn't give up easily, and that's why he always push hard-a term he likes to use whenever the interviewers' asked him how his race was. This was shown when he was driving the cars which was not fast enough. He always push as hard as he can, but without a winning car, he really couldn't do much to win.

5 years in McLaren, he was twice the bridesmaid, once to Michael Schumacher, and another time to Fernando Alonso. If it's not the techical failures he always had during the grand prixes, he would now have won 3 driver's championship. But he's not whinning either, even he's not winning in Ferrari now. Whenever he was retired from a race, he wouldn't pin point to others. But he will admit if he had done something stupid during the race. The point is, he's a cool guy, without much tempers on and off the race track, hence the nickname The Iceman. He always thinks positively and he wouldn't care much on other businesses, except those things he likes: motor racing, rally, ice hockey, snow baording, etc. And he wouldn't care what people have to say about him.

It is an undeniable fact that he is fast on track. I think it's an inborn love interest. Those other activities he like most also require fast speed. It feels great to see him on track, always trying to be fast-in opening race, in overtaking, in a lap and in finishing a race. To date, Kimi had 35 fastest laps record, 3 times greater than Alonso. Though Alonso had won 2 back to back titles, Kimi is still the fastest man out there, but 'thanks' to his unreliable car, he couldn't beat Alonso on the championship titles.

I'm not trying to say that how great Kimi is compared to Alonso. Alsonso is the second driver I like most after Kimi. And they are friends too! It's just that Kimi too are great in some part of the racing. Based on their age, the time of their debuts and the achievement they have so far, they are the nearest to make comparison. It's like we are taking people in the same era to do comparison in some part of a same category. So, no insulting to anyone here.

And it's because of him, I got to know F1 and Finland!

*Picture toshow that Kimi & Alonso can get along

4 Sep 2009

OST from Talentine


A Malaysian made movie by the best director Yasmin Ahmad that was released in March, 2009. Although there were the movie premiere in my school, I was stupid enough not to grab the chance. Hence, when a friend asked whether I want a copy of the downloaded movie, I agreed instantly. I haven't got a clue what the content of the movie, as I did not do research on it. But from the title itself, it has to be about time and talent.

A school teacher, who is herself a great performer, is organising an inter-school talentime. Through the days of auditions, rehearsals and preparations, the characters get embroiled in a world of heightened emotions-ambition, jealousy, human comedy, romance, heartbreak-all of which culminate in a day of great music and performances.

The director did mention that the idea behind the movie is that as human, we have to go through a lot of pain and some measure of suffering before we can reach greater heights. It sounds like a chinese proverb, 先苦后甜. For me, the movie is like an instant movie-it include all the sorts of emotions, in a movie. It doesn't matter that most part of the movie is centered on teenagers's feelings, as I think these emotions will come again and again when people grow older. People will always go through a lot of pain and sufferings-the only difference will be the cause of the pain and sufferings that we will go through.

Like all of her other movies and adverts, I think this baby product of Yasmin Ahmad really reflected the reality in Malaysia. But these sentimental look into human's emotions, the matters of the heart and the concept of love, is the main thing that captured the viewer's heart. I cried a lot when I watched the film. To tell you the truth, I cried when I watched Yasmin's piece of work-whether it's a film or an advert.

By the way, the music in this movie are awesome!

1 Sep 2009

Post National Day

National day went by just like a normal day, except that it was a public holiday and my coursemate aka sistah's birthday. Though there were few days off, it seems these days were not enough for me to do EVERYTHING. Supposedly, 'holiday' is a day where we are not at work or school. In short, if there is a holiday, you are not suppose to touch anything that is related to your work or school stuff. And what about weekend? Weekend is two non-working days in a seven-day week. Still, it mention 'non-working', which, again, means that we are not suppose to do job/study related stuff. Hence, during holidays and weekends, we are supposed to fullfil our desires-sleeps, reads, shops, eats, watches, plays, etc. We Are Supposed To Do Things We LOVE To Do. Then why, especially students, need to do school related stuff during the weekends and holidays? Why there are works in a period which is supposed to let us relax and rest our mind? It's kinnda funny, though.

I'm not here to complain that I don't have enough time to spend. Somehow, 24 hours is just enough for me. It really depends on how you manage your time. You can divide it with the stuffs you like to do and the stuffs that you need to do. No one is right or wrong on that. After all, how you spend your time is none of others' business. But, it's just that sometimes I do wonder about this-it's a holiday, but still, there are works to be done. There are times that I have mixed feeling on it. Should I be happy 'coz there is a holiday? Or, should I be unhappy 'coz there are works to be done in a holiday?