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30 Jun 2010

Rest and Go!

Since May until the end of June, I've been enjoying my burden-less, non-committing (to anything), lepaking time and even went for some trips. For the last time, I had enjoyed my free time as a student: lepak and main-main. These, however, shall stop upon the arrival of 1st July 2010. July will be the time I really become a person with more responsibility, carrying burdens, and commit myself to other stuff. I shall no longer a student, but an adult who works from 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week!

Surely, a student's life will be totally different from a working life. All a student has to do is study, study, study, and main+lepak. Of course undergraduate experienced much more stuff than a secondary student. But the experiences gained in university is still not sufficient to overcome the real life working situation. It is still two different thing. I myself prefer a student's life. But somehow in today's world, I can't imagine people who only stop at a student's life, or only enjoy life, without working-as in meeting outside people. I wanted to work, to earn money with my own hand, but I also want lepak-lepak. Logically, I need to work first, to earn some money, then I can take off days to lepak.

So, to ensure I won't missed a student's life soo much after I started to work (new hire has probation period, and logically, we want to be a perfect worker during the period, so taking leave is a no-no, unless it is an urgent matter), I had my so called graduation trip with no other than my beloved sistahs. Though some will still continue their study, but most of us will be working after this. It was our last outing as an undergraduate, but we promised to have more outings in future, when we are stable with our job.

For me, the trips was a time for me to enjoy to the fullest before I committed myself with my job. I guess it will not be easy during the probation period, but I believe I can handle it!

21 Jun 2010


Boyzone-Gave It All Away


I .....will learn to live before I die
Will learn to love and learn to try
Not to give it all away (give it all away)
She ...may be
The one that's meant for me
Or for the man that I used to be (used to be)
Til' I gave it all away (gave it all awayx2)

Why hy hy I lay my heart down on the floor
I showed you love, you wanted more re re
But I gave it all away (cry ry ry ry cry ry ry ry)

You.....taught me to see the better truth
About yourself but about me too (about me too)
I was stupid over you
What could I do

Why hy hy I lay my heart down on the floor
I showed you love, you wanted more re re
But I gave it all away (cry ry ry ry cry ry ry ry)

Some people wait a lifetime for a chance like this
I've waited enough
Baby, no, I won't let you go
I'm sick of tears and bitter fears

(I won't let go of you, I won't let go of you, of you, of youx2)

Why hy hy I lay my heart down on the floor
I showed you love, you wanted more re re
But I gave it all away (cry ry ry ry cry ry ry ry)

There's nothing left to take (cry ry ry ry cry ry ry ry ry)

I gave it all away

* Missed the voice of Stephen Gately soo much, and missed the combination of Ronan Keating and Stephen's voice. It's a beautiful song, but it's pity that Stephen left us so early. RIP, Stephen.

20 Jun 2010

Bitter Life

Received a news from FB via an old school mate, saying one of our teacher was just admitted into ICU. I was very shock and sad to hear this. We all knew she had this disease since she first taught us when we were in primary four. But she always show her braver side to us, still taught us when she was not feeling well, until she really cannot take it, then only she will took a day off. She is a very dedicated teacher. I still remembered that we used to stay back for extra class (her class), and then after that, I will followed her back to her house while waiting for my mum to finish her working hours. "Education is important, but her student's safety is also important", that's what I saw through her action. Normally when I stay back, I'll just wait for the afternoon session to finish their school and go back with the school bus OR wait for my dad (who can come out during his office hours) OR take a public bus home. When she knew this, she insisted that I go back with her each time after extra classes. Even my mother was surprised with her act. I felt grateful to her, even until this moment. Though I used to afraid of her, cos she's the teacher who cane students when they did badly, and scold them for their stupid mistakes in the exam, but I know deep in my heart what she did was for the best for her student. It's been years since I last saw her, probably 2 years, but at that moment, I think she is still quite healthy, just like the way she had when I was in primary. I can see that she is a great fighter since she can maintain her health, because I remembered she told us that she won't live for a long time. Upon hearing this, I can only pray for her to recover soon. I still think that you are still the warrior, the fighter that I used to know. Many of your students are still thinking of you, and you need to see how far and how high we should achieved. So, please get well soon!

Papa day

Today=Father's Day.

My family and I didn't celebrate, because for us, everyday other day can also be a Father's Day. Plus, my papa don't like crowded place. So it will be a wrong wrong suggestion to make him eat outside. Anyway, it was a normal week end for us, spending the quality time at home without going anywhere. Reading and watching tv is the thing we normally do on Sundays. And my family had spent a few days off last week to our annually family trip, this time at Batu Pahat and Malacca. So we actually had spent quite a lot of money and time together. For me, spending time with all the family members, no matter where or when is the best-est gift!

6 Jun 2010



and my brothers too! ^.^

2 Jun 2010


Tommy Page-A Shoulder to Cry On


Life is full of lots of up and downs,
But the distance feels further,
When it's headed for the ground,
And there's nothing more painful,
Than to let your feeling take,
You down.

It's so hard to know,
The way you feel inside,
When there's many thoughts,
And feeling that you hide,
But you might feel better,
If you let me walk with you,
By your side,

And when you need,
A shoulder to cry on,
When you need,
A friend to rely on,
And when the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause i'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be your friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone cause i'll be there,

All of the times,
When everything is wrong,
And you're feeling like,
There's no use going on,
You can't give it up,
I'll help you work it out,
And carry on,

Side by side,
With you till the end,
I'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand,
No matter what there said or done,
Our love will always continue on,

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on,
Everyone needs a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause i'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be your friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone
You won't be alone,
Cause i'll be there,
You have my shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there
I'll be the one to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause i'll be there,

And when the whole world is gone,
You always have my shoulder to cry on.

* Heard it from radio few hours ago, and the feeling strike me again: missed my sistahs sooo much!! When I first heard of this song few months back, I only think that the melody is very nice, cos' it's a little bit different from current pop songs, and I found some parts of the lyrics are quite meaningful. Thus I downloaded it and listen to it again with full lyrics. With a lil bit sad's melody singing in my ears and the lyrics right in front of me, I think of my sistahs, whom we had been closed together. Now when I accidentally heard this song again, the same feeling reappeared! Although throughout the years we met, I have not encountered any serious case until I need a shoulder to cry on, but their presence had already made my days wonderful. I really hope that our 'courtship' will last until the days we left this wonderful world, and that we will always be one another's shoulder to cry on. God bless our friendship and us!