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5 Oct 2007


5 october....

hOOOrayyyyy!!!! still got 5 days to go......i'm going back to selangor....yeSSSS!!!! though i was at home 2 weeks ago, but its only 12 hours, as i juz went back to get my laptop.....i had been busy during these 2 weeks..assigment, tutorials, meetings for both edc(english dhamma camp) and wus 101...it was my first time taking part in a dhamma camp...quite nervous, as i do not know how to handle, well, what to handle, actually...im in logistic part...now that the ajk form up for this camp had been disband, the camp's committee will be form up this coming monday....normally, these ajk's position will not be change, as they had already know what to do...my ketua(logistic) said i will be in charge of the logistic department as she will not be attending the camp....HELLOOOO!!!!!....me in charge??haiz....itz not that i hate it, but it will be a big responsibility for me...ok lor...i will take charge from there lor.... :)

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