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8 Sep 2008

Long Time no SEe

How Are u??
It's been a looooooooooooooong time since I log in to my blog. Time flies by....easily. Maybe I spent times on doing things I like, thus felt that time really FLIES by. These fews months have been long. Joined some activities, so that's why I'm off these few months. Plus the normal stuff: study.
During the semester break, I was an expo convocation's committee planning for the convo week, a soon-to-be Pembimbing Pelajar Minggu SuaiKenal (PPMS), a certified PPMS 08/09 (after the 2 weeks trainning) during the Orientation Week, and a committee member for USM's expo convocation during the Convo week. And now, back to the old me, I'm a student! While being so many position at a time, I felt very tired. But now when I reflect back, all these tiredness are AWESOME! It's because I felt happy when I've done something I never done before. And now, somehow, I missed all those time! Times like when I was in Kem Ulu Kenas for the PPMS's trainning, meeting the juniors during the orientation week, etc. Above all, I think my coursemates and I are getting closer. (for some only!!) While getting closer to everyone, 3 of coursemates left us, for some time. They went abroad for student exchange programmes. Xin Mi, one of my closet friends, went to Hong Kong for one semester, while Shu Li and Pau Li went to Japan. ~Goodbye my friends it's hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky~. Well, take good care of yourself, my friends!!
Last but not least, congrats to USM, as USM had just been granted an APEX
(Accelerated Programme for Excellence) status! USM transformation plan, entitled “Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow” focussed, among other things, on diagnostics, medical biotechnology, waste management, pharmaceuticals, nano-technology, membrane technology and vaccines.

Congrats! :)

My group during PPMS trainning. There are 2 from Engineering Campus.

Coursemates: Lawrence(back, left), Theepa (left), Min Min(centre), Shei Han (Right) & Zhe Rong (far right)


From left: Tze Sieng, Me, Xin Mi, Sze Sze and Shei Han

USM's master plan

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