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31 Mar 2007

6 wEiRd ThInGs AbOuT mE

6 weird things about me

i have been tagged by my friend, fadilah about this question...so, i guess i have to answer it....or else she might get upset with me!!! hahaha....

6 weird things about me:

1) i must wear socks while i'm sleeping, at night, of course. whether itz rainny day or a damn hot day, i must wear it. if not, i'm not going to sleep. well, i haven't try it whether i'm going to sleep or not if i didnt wear it. guess i might sleep, but mayb have to take a longer time! bcoz if i forget to get my socks when i change it (for hygiene purpose), i will definetly find a socks to wear although itz already late at night, say 1 or 2 am. so, whenever i went to stay at my grandparent's house or went for holiday, i will definetly bring along my socks...

2) every morning, the first thing that i do when i have clean myself, i will read the newspaper first. breakfast itz not my first thing, though. i dunno why i have this habit. my parents won't say much about mine habit as they had already knew my 'style'. but whenever my grandma (which is currently staying in singapore and will come to my house on holiday or on festive season) came here, she will surely scold me for reading paper rather than having breakfast first.

3) whenever i read the newspaper, mostly the star, i will definetly read from backward, whether itz main section or the section 2 part. i really dunno why. what i can say is, yes, i like sports, so i will read the sports' section first. but other section of the paper like section 2, i dont have the answer. dont ask me, ok??

4) i'm a gurl who loves sports very much, especially f1 and badminton. i watch soccer, tennis cycling, swimming, rally, (etc) (too much, i couldnt remember, but those i named it is those i watch most of the time!) too...but, of course, i didnt take part in any 1 of them. occasionaly, i play badminton and cycling with my brothers. and i really like to spend my money on magazines. but, i do not buy every edition of the magazines. i only bought it if there are things i like in it. most of my magazines are about f1 and entertaiment news. i wrapped up most of the magazines, especially magazines about f1 and those edition that i like. other magazine that i didnt wrapped up, i'll cut out those pix and article that i like and glued them in my file. and the left over magazines which has been cut out? i keep for 1 year...coz, sometimes i might read it again....after that, itz on the way to the recycle bin!!

5) mp3....important for me...last time i used walkman, disc man, but now i got mp3!!! although itz a bit outdated, but i think mp3 itz enough for me. i said itz important coz i like music very much and i put music as part of my life..no music, no life......whenever i'm driving or sitting in the car, radio must b on. so, if i sit in a car which the driver dont like music, i fell like soooo sick!!! but now, i got mp3. so, i bring them along when i went for a long journey (which, of course, i'm not the driver!!)...or when i have to go out with some1 who dont like music!!

6) i'm a gurl who dont like to wear skirts......long jeans or pants itz my favourite....dunno why, mayb when i was a kid, i used to wear pants. so, when i grew older, i got used to it...hahaha!!!

now, itz my time to tag my friend to do the same thing. she has to answer the same question just like i have done it. sorry, but i have to tag u, Norhannah Shahruddin!!

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DiZZy D3v|L said...

Eik...me got tagged. Answered already ^^ go see see.