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26 Mar 2007

nEw EnViRoNmEnT, bAjU kUrUnG n Me

gReAt TeAcHerSSS!!

form n MUET teacher,Pn Shirin,who has studied in England b4

sejarah mas n sejarah asia's teacher,Pn Norizam,who can speak a bit of japanese n went there b4
Pn Maznah,who is also the ketua bidang bahasa,taught me bahasa melayu....

Pn Zaharah,who know sooo much bout current issues,taught me pengajian am,paper2

a very sporting teacher,Pn Meriam taught me pengajian am,paper1,loves korean drama n RAIN!!

one of the dicipline teacher,Pn Sharipah taught me sejarah islam

the sole male teacher n incharge of school's koperasi,En Mat,teach pengajian perniagaan

new environment

since primary 1 until i was graduated in form5, i was in a chinese medium skuls,which is located in klang(although i stay in shah alam). most of my friends r chinese but i also got a few malay n indian friendz. when i went on to secondary, i also make friendz v the malay gurls in our skul as we r same age. for me, itz no limitation to make friendz. i mean, if i got the opportunity 2 make friendz who r different races v me, i will really get along v them. for me, different culture n backgrounds should not b an 'obstacle' 2 make friendz! i think it is interesting to know more bout other's culture...but, of course,since i was in a chinese skul, most of my friendz r chinese. but there were no unfair thing among me n my malay or indian friend.
when i was graduated after form5, like my other friendz, i got the opportunity to do form6 in High School Klang, a skul where most of the students hope to join in(for stpm students only!). of coz, i was very hapi. but the prob is, i dunt hav transport to go to skul. hence, i hav 2 find an alternative. so, i decided 2 switched skul. after doing some findings, finally, SMK Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in section 2, shah alam,bcome my next destination. 13 june 2005 was the day i first stepped in this new n unknown skul. i hav prepared to expect the unexpected things. so, i was kindda ok v the new environment. the very obvious diffrence btween this new skul n my old old skuls is that there will b a small
size assembly every morning, except the rainny day. this assembly is not a formal assembly where we sing negaraku or the principle speaks in front of us. this assembly is just for saying prayers n some stuff, like dicipline n things like dat or inform us whether on dat perticular day got extra curicular or not. then, b4 n after a peroid, prayers must b said.n the most important thing is,i dunno wat 2 do during recess time as the library is open!! going to library during recess time was my routine for the past 5 years!!!!!! n i was quite upset bout dat...but after 2 or 3 weeks, i really adapted the 'system' in this skul. n i hav a bunch of malay n indian friendz!!! i was the only chinese during my form6. i didnt felt lonely as i got along v my friendz. 1 n the half year was the time w
e spent 2gether. during this time, some of our frienz leave form6 2 do other thing like technic skul n there were 2 newcomer when we were in upper6. i really got along v them, though i was not a talkactive person. some of us went to midvalley 2gether after our final exam, went to celebrate hari raya at teachers' hse....during these time also, i find myself know a lttle bit more bout their culture, which is very good for me!!:) i think i made a right choice of switching environment..i had finished my form6 now n when i think back the time i had spent here, i think itz valuable....i've learn soo much thing here, whether itz from my friendz or the teachers or the skul itself!! so, thanks to those who teach me directly or indirectly!! i want take this opportunity to say to those people who is trying or plan to change to a new environment,go ahead v it!!! try to hav fun while adapting n learning new things..itz really a benefit things n a right move. it really will improve yourself, if not 100%, at least 60%...

Gang 1:
the bollywood...
back row: rom left-right, malar, paveethre n mogampigai.

front row: (l-r),suganthi, mishallani

Gang 2:
me n my gang
from left-right: salwa, me, nur jehan, siti salbiah

Gang 3:

back row(l-r): yasmin, nurul asma, salizasafina
centre: nurul ezzah
front row(l-r): alwani nurul julia, melati

Gang 4:
from left-right: wan aisyah, nashazila, fadilah, sabrina

Nor hannah

Gang 5:
back row (l-r): atiyah, iryani, umi salma
front: farhana

Gang 6:
the only boyz in our class. from left-right: ikhwan, tajirin, fauzi

baju kurung(bk)

mmmmm.....bk, knew nothing bout it....didnt touch it b4 as i was in a pinafore since primary 1 til form5....i only knew dat itz an attire by the malay, and majority who wear it is the malay. the indian n chinese gurls+aunties also wear it, but itz for functions n itz only minority.....i never thought i will b wearing it coz i sweat all the time!!!! but when i switched to study in smk ssaas, the majority wear bk, including the indian n the chinese. so,i put in tooo...well, i felt very proud coz i'm a chinese wearing a malay attire!!! i think my tuition teacher will easily remenber me as i'm the only 1 wearing bk to tuition class (well,itz chinese sub
ject..)!!! to tell u the truth, i still sweat everytime execpt very very cold day! n every time i put down my bag while waiting for the assembly to starts, i will automaticly rolled up my sleeves....except the formal assembly...n u'll always c me v a handkerchief on my hand coz i really need it!!! my day v bk come 2 an end when i finished my last stpm paper....i'll miss it,though!! i dunno whether i will wear it(bk) again, but i think i'll just hav 1 or 2 pairs first so dat i'll hav sthing 2 put on on certain function....but for now, i'll leave 'her' for a moment.....


[Fadilah Diyana] said...

chong,fad terharu sgt...xsangka chong pun rasa apa yg fad rasa...chong n mishall merupakan satu2nye kwn cina+india fad yg sgt2 rapat...thanks ya...sblm ni fad xpernah sambut CNY bersama rakan2 but this year fad dapat rasa kemeriahan CNY...thanks again...kenangan kitaorg semasa form6 ni,akan sentiasa tersemat dlm hati fad...i love u all...

DiZZy D3v|L said...

Wee...me picture XD. Mmm..those we the days..lol. No more school uniform-which I'm so glad about. But it's kinda sad since I never really spend much time in school. Missed loads and loads of things going around. Sometimes I feel left out due to my absents >.< Anyway life goes one and hopefully we all stay in touch even though only online. ^^ Buh-Bye, take care.

chakry said...

heyya chong, chakra here! *hope u know who i am* :P

congrats on ur results btw! amazing la...

form 6 must be a really different year for u eh? visit my blog too!

kimichongraikkonen said...

haha....form6.....very different but itz really meaningful+wonderful year!!