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13 May 2007

primary skul's gathering

Gathering- x-1999class6b's gathering

11 may, 8.30pm, at station 1, behind Klang Parade....that's where we, the x-6b's classmates (primary school's year 6's classmates) met..it's been a long time that most of us met....7 years, precisely...some of us did meet b4, those studied in the same secondary school...but others who were not same school with me, rarely met...few attended...roughly 10++...bcoz others got things to do...those who make it, 80% of them were same school with me...but, juz felt great that they came...this is bcoz although we were in the same school, we seldom talk to each other coz we were in different class...besides that, itz already 2 years since i left them and the place....this place where we met, was once a place i knew very well...i can tell u precisely which junctions lead to what place, or which shops/stalls are always full with customers...but, ever since i did my form 6, i havent been to that place b4...the place change soooo much!!! the are these new blocks of shops....very 'in'...and during nite time, it is really a 'hot spot'! i still remember during my time, this place here was very quite and dark during nite time as the was no crowds here...but, hey, things change!!!

it's a good thing that a gathering was held...to know what they are doing now and what they have been up to...most of them (who make it) are working...2 of them are teaching in primary, 1 is a clerk at AmBank here, 1 is working at a telephone shop, 4 of them still studying, while 3 others which including me, are at home now...we took turn to tell each other about those who didnt make it, (but still contact with them) what they are doing now.....i guess it was a good gathering, but was not good enough coz not all attend...but what can we do? not every1 was free at a same time....n there are 3 who is currently studying overseas now...pity for them coz couldnt join us! there should be another gathering on this coming june, as our form teacher (yes, our standard 6's form teacher!) wants to organise a gathering for us at her house b4 every1 further their studies...actually, she planned to come, but couldnt make it...yup, we still know what our teachers have been doing these years, especially our favourite teachers...as some of them still contact them, while 2 of my mates work along with them!!

i'm glad that we still have this feeling...to gather standard 6's mates...i've went for form 5's gathering tooo...but itz already 2 years...now, itz harder to meet them, as most of them are studying at overseas...mayb have to wait for some time again!! :)

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