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11 May 2007



hahaha...2day, i went for a scholarship interview......geee....i was, well not soooo nervous!!!! bcoz i dunno what to expect, i just prepared those info bout myself....luckily, they just ask those things!!! well, i applied for The Star's education fund.....applied for 2, 1 is Bachelor of Arts (communication & media managemant) at Taylor's College, the other 1 is at UNITAR, which i already forgotten what course that i applied!! so, i was shortlisted....at the Taylor's....and my interview is 2day...my papa sent me there...when we reached the college, we were lost...the college were soo big...luckily the 'information center' was in an obvious spot....the lady incharge gave me a form which was supposed to fill by those candidates for the interview...went to the school of communication's office, where i guess all those study communication are at this block..there was a girl, whom i guess also came for this interview...the lady incharge, was Miss Koo, who is this college's student services executive. she asked me to wait at the lounge there.

so, i ended up talking to the girl..her name is Tan Yee Leng...well, she's from cheras, and she took stpm too....she said she has 5 siblings, which are all gals...and she said it was not soo best...u know, being in an all girls siblings...so, her mum was quite protective, until she went to work after spm...i guess she really hunger for freedom, coz she said it was the best moment when she went out to work...while we were talking, then came one guy, rushing in to the lounge...he sat at the other table to fill a form, n we guessed he also came for the interview...after filling the form, yee leng asked him to join us...he introduced himself, which i couldnt remember his name as his name was 'rare'...this guy is from johor...whoah!!! sooo far away!!! n he's here with his parents....well, actually, the parents came along coz the three of them are going to visit this boy's sister...she's is studying at The Nottingham, at Semenyih...she will be leaving Malaysia to UK....so her family members came to visit her lah.....only then we realished that there was only 3 of us who are going for the interview (all same course)...mayb they shortlisted a few for a course as there are also other courses and other private colleges/universities

as we were talking, time passes...and the boy really looked very nervous....the only thing that i dont get it was, why was the interview starts sooo late? yee leng's time supposed to be at 2.45 pm, while the boy's time should be at 3 pm...mine supposed to start at 3.15 pm, which means every interview lasts for 15 minutes....then, at 3.15 pm Miss Koo came and asked yee leng to go in...the interview, at last, going to start! so, only left me n the boy...we didnt talked much, as the boy really looked very nervous..but time passed very SLOWLY.....although it's only 15 minutes..at last, yee leng came out and the boy went in.....finally, itz my turn...i just went in, and i saw 2 ladies n 2 men, plus Miss Koo herself... i guess these 4 person are from The Star as they are the 1 who give the scholarship...well, they didnt ask much, actually, i'm the one who do the talking...talk bout myself...co-curiculum that i took part....interest..these kind of things....roughly after 15 minutes, the interview finished...i wouldnt said that i was verrrry nervous, but the thing is, i'm not used to speak in english...so, i was kindda stuttering....hahaha! the result will be coming out next week...


2morrow, 11 may, my 3rd uncle, from my mum's side, went for register...i wished i was there, taking some photo for him, but my papa didnt want to go....well, actually, they register at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, which is near my grandma's house...so, i couldnt drive by myself, as my parents wouldnt allowed, but hey, i drive back before, except that i drove with my aunt as my passenger lah!! u must be asking why they will not allowed, right? coz the road to my grandparent's house is just like the old road to Cameron Highlands, or the road to Genting Highlands, minus going up the hill....basicly, the road are winding, plus have lots of big lorries, carrying tree trunks, oil, etc to the Pahang that side.....actually, if these lorries are going to Pahang that side, they must go this way, as this is the shortcut....anyway, just want to say congratulations to my uncle...my mum 'reduce' 1 single siblings! heheh! i still have 2 uncles and 1 aunt left who is still single....i think my grandma is the happiest...coz all this while, she's always nagging her children to get marry fast...but we know that a suitable partner is not easy to find....it takes time...it always starts from friends...only then we will know whether they suit us or not....but i guess, if we have partners, we should wisely manage some time with them..otherwise, they'll feel neglected...so, i just wonder how my aunt can find a partner as she's always busy with her work...anyway, just wish these bachelors and what we call those unmarried girl? bachelor girl? good luck in finding their partners!!


DiZZy D3v|L said...

Good luck on your results after the interview. Hopefully you'll get in ^^ Scholarship does make life much more easier. But keep working hard..! I know you do.

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