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17 Aug 2007

PPB's day trip+DTSP's mlm anugerah

Day Trip+ Mlm Anugerah

4 August 2007

I'm a member of Persatuan Pelajar Budhhist in USM. So, I took part in a lawatan, named Lawatan M.O. Actually, M.O. means Minggu Orientasi. It's was a day trip to visit Penang. So, at 6.30 am, all the participants gathered at Dewan Utama Pelajar, a place where all the examination take place, which is quite far from my hostel. We were given a pamphlet which had some briefings on what places are we going to visit. Besides that, we had to find a person because inside the pamphlet included a name. So, we had to find out who he/she is, and gave back their name. Then, we gathered into groups according to the pamphlet's colour. In my group, I'm the only 1st year. Then we introduced ourselves to each other. At 7.15 am, we went to our first destination, our society's 'home'. Basically, it's just the place where all the society's things were keep, notice's board, a place where the Exco held meeting, etc. They named that place 'cubicle', because it really is a cubicle!! This were done so that all the members know where is the society's 'home'. We took turn to visit the cubicle as the place are small. While we were waiting for our turn, we had some games. It's a game to remember other members' names.

After that, we straight away went to Kek Lok Si Temple. On the way to the temple, we sang songs in the bus. Those songs that we sang are all from the society's songs. At Kek Lok Si temple, those facilitators ( 'faci' in short) gave us some briefings about the history of the temple. We spent about 1 hour there before we left for next destination. Our next destination is The Botanical Garden. Before we had our lunch, we had some games. After the lunch, we were given our own time. That's the time where we had rest. It was a sunny day, and was quite hot. And there were monkeys who came to disturb us!!! But they didnt attack us lah!! Those faci were sporting. They always had games for us, which means we wont got bored. At 2.30 pm, we started our journey again. That's when we really have our rest (in bus, got air-cond mah!!). Later, we went to visit Penang Museum, Dharmikarama Burmese Temple and Wat Chayamangkalaram before we went to Tanjung Bungah's beach.

At the beach, games were held, and we also sang songs. All those games that we played, some of it has the meaning of 'we have to help each other', or 'the unity is the strength' "s concept. We spent almost 2 hours there before we left for USM at 6.30pm.

My Feeling

It was a great trip as I really felt very warm by all those faci had done . They really are like my big brothers and sisters who would care for their little sisters and brothers. It feels like a second home here. Maybe that's the main objective of the society, to give warm to all those who are far away from their hometown, besides let them get in touch deeply with the religion.

The 20th Malaysia Film Festival

Upon arrived in USM after the day trip, there was a different scenario in USM. The 20th Malaysia Film Festival were here!!! The festival were held in the Dewan Tunku Syed Putra. Some of our students had the opportunity to watch it live from the hall itselt. And it was really a star-studded night!!! ARGHH!!! These 'outsiders' who came wore beautiful outfits, although I didnt had the chance of meeting any artistes. I just happended to be walking near the hall, and saw some of them, and saw 4 vintage cars!!! ARGHH!!!! My friend, Nor Farhani, went to watch it, and these are some of her photo's. And I couldnt say much about this event because I didnt attend it!! Do you know where was I? I'm at the night market!! Hahaha!!!

My 'sister' Nor Farhani b Ariffin

With Hans Isacc

With Khatijah Tan

With Jalaluddin Hassan

*I had watched Cinta and think it was a good movie. I cried while watching the movie ( in cinema!). And congratulations to Cinta 'cos won the Best Film, Best Editing and Best Screenplay's categories.

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