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24 Jan 2009

New Year


It's a new year, but is the same old life for me. Nothing change much. Maybe the age is catching up, coz I don't feel like any 'fire' inside me. Especially in some occasions. Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthdays etc. The Feeling. Has change. Doesn't have the feeling like I used to be. Everyday is just as normal as it can be. Nothing special. And Time flies by. A year has gone. I've been a(n) university's student for 1 year. Never thought that the first year will passed by so fast. As time flies by, people grow older, become wiser, as we see a lot of things. Not sure why some people just can't be mature like their age. Things change, so do people. Or maybe I should say that the more time we spent with someone, we get to know him/her better, and then only find out that actually he/she is that kind of person. But that's an opinion from a new friend, as they just met not long ago. For those who already knew the person for a period of time, they might say, "I think xxx has change!". Different people, from different perspective, will give a different opinion at the same person. Life. Is. Such. A. Mysterious. Thing. *headache*
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Chinese New Year is around the corner. Reached home from Penang 2 days before the reunion dinner. Help my mum baked the final round of biscuits (enough for this celebration, kot) and clear up some messy spots in my house. That's all I did for the preparation. I didn't need to clean fans or change the curtains or do the decorations or go shopping for the festivals stuff, as my parents and brothers have done it while I'm still busy with my presentation and tutorial works. Feel like I was left out, as I used to do all those things with my family. Sien. But then I can't do anything. Life's like that. I hate it, but obviously I need to cope with it. FULLSTOP. Now all I need to do is wait for my granny to reach here from Johor. She's coming here tomorrow, or should I say, today, as it's already past midnight. And then wait til the big day(reunion day) come! Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate this festival! To Shu Li and Pau Li in Japan, Happy Chinese New Year to both of you too!

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