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30 Jan 2009

Chinese New Year

2nd Part of Chinese New Year
3rd day-28 Jan

Went back to my parents’ hometown at Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. To be more spesific, we visit my maternal grandma. Both my parents come from the same place. But my paternal grandma moved out from there after my grandpa passed away. So whenever I balik kampung, I'm visiting my maternal grandma. Hehe. Before reaching there, we stopped by at Senawang, to 1 of my relative’s place. We had some home made roti canai there. After staying for about 1++ hours, we continued our journey back to Sri Menanti. Arrived at my grandma's place around 12.30 noon. Waited for my 2nd aunt and family to reach home to have lunch with them. They reached around 1.30pm....and I played with my cousin brothers. Hey, it's been a while since the last time I met them, of course I wanna 'bully' and play with them!! Hehehe...and after lunch and playing with my cousins, I went to zZzzzz....tired coz waking up early...slept late last night, coz I watched series "Miss No Good".(If not mistaken, this is the English title for "不良笑花".) Woke up around 4.30pm. 2nd and 3rd uncle came (they lived near grandma's place), and had our dinner at 7pm. Talk about what they've been through, the news-national and international, and other stuff. Around 8++pm, mum's aunt and her family came visit. Crowded, as the aunt came with her 2 children and their family. I HATE CROWD! Upon 'serving' them, I slowly slipped away. Hehehe....but I came back to the crowd some time later. As there was too many relatives, there were groups. 1 group at the dining place, while another at living room, and the other 1 at the front of the shop(my grandma's own a grocery shop). I didnt join anyone of them. Hehe...coz they are the long distance relatives. I barely see them once in a year. So I don't feel the need to hear what they've been up to (I don't care which countries you are staying.) They stayed for about 1++hours. Before leaving, we had a group photo.

4rd day-29 Jan

Woke up late. Help mummy prepare lunch. HELLO. Miss Seldom-Go-Kitchen-To Help now turun padang to help leh. Give some applaudes man! Thank you very much!! Thank you, thank you. First of all, I wanna thanx my mum and dad...Oopps!! Too perasaan man!! :) Prepare pork, prawn, and mushrooms to fry. Actually it's because these things just came out from fridge. So mum was a bit kelam kabut there. Otherwise 2 helpers were more than enough! Finished helping at 1pm, had my lunch and prepare to go home. 2nd aunt went back earlier than us, and I shall miss my cousin brothers again! See you soon ya, lil bros! Reached home at 6pm, as we were stuck in traffic during our way home. Took a bath and watch the Australian Open, Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick. Dang..now I'm real in love with tennis matches! You see, I like tennis this game, but haven't had a chance to watch people play. I always got the news from newspaper, but haven't seen a match before. As my dad installed Astro not long ago, now I got the chance to watch it. I don't care if it's not a real match, (real in the sense that I go to the place and watch them play) as long as I have a chance to watch it from tv, I'm satisfied. Hehe...so, coming home to watch tv programmes especially programmes like Mythbusters, and channels' numbers starts with 55x and 81x (my favourites!) is a MUST for me. Hehe....these are the lil cousin bros that I mentioned before. *BTW, Roger Federer won that match and he will be in the final. Yeah!*

5th day-30 Jan

Hmm...today, like other normal days, did nothing. Helped mum search for her bakery thing-something went missing and I need to search for it. Didnt find it either. Then prepare those biscuits that want to give to my uncle. He will be here tommorow to fetch grandma back to Johor, before sending her to my aunt's house in Singapore. Then I find for my new Jusco's member card. It's been renewed, but I haven't got the card as my mum kept it. After I keep the card in my bag(in my room), I started to look back at my old stuff. Dairies, greeting cards, F1 tickets, CDs, magazines, brithday gifts. I got many things here, as I like to keep things, as a memory. Btw, I used to do things like this. When I'm doing something, and I find other things to do while doing the 1st thing, I'll do the 2nd thing first, only then continue with the 1st thing. Like just now, I supposed to keep the drawers in the living room (while searching for my J-card) clean, but then when I went to keep my card and saw my old stuffs, I can't help myself to look at it. Only after I look at it, I'll be happy to continue doing my work. Hehe....after that, I stamped the receipts that we had collected throughout 2008 for Income tax usage. I love to do these kind of things. Hehe..and I know how much I spent for magazines. Just hope that my mum won't nag at me when she sees it. Mummy always nag at me when I buy magazines and CDs. Hehe..but I like buying these things, but now have reduce buying CDs. I only buy certain artistes' album.

Chinese New Year Deco


Home made biscuits

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