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7 Dec 2009

Movie-New Moon

Just watched this movie online. Luckily I didn't went to cinema for it. It sure will be a waste of money! Stephenie Meyer's New Moon is hard to put on screen, as there was not much action from the book itself. It's more on the story telling part from Jacob. Hence, I didn't expect much of the movie itself. Guess what? I nearly wanna vomit at the beginning, as the screen keeps turning round and round, when Edward left Bella-an effect by the director. And I nearly stopped watching halfway through as I find it too bored! Maybe, the feeling of watching a movie based on novel really will never beat the feeling of reading the novel itself. I admit that throughout the 4 books, New Moon was the least I like. But the feeling from watching the movie was much worse. At least I'd read the book the third time, but I will not watch the movie again. Really. But kudos to Dakota Fanning, as I think that she is the Jane from the novel!!

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Lee Ah Wei said...

see..i said that before! Luckily you listen to my advice, watch online.. Haha...