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27 Dec 2009

Suprise! Suprise!!! Suprise!!!

Went to check the mail box when I reached Penang. To my suprise, there were 2 mails from Suomi Finland and 1 from London!

Above is from Ms. Birdie Chuah to Ms. Joan Chong...lovely Mr. Santa for me!!

From Ms. JC Loi, Ms. Wendy Tan and Ms. KP Lim to the residents of 10-6-1, Desa U!

This one: I don't know why the photo was upside down, as it is in the correct position in photo gallery, was sent by Ms. KP Lim from London, but Ms Wendy Tan and Ms. JC Loi sent regards too!!

*Lots of thanks to Ms. Birdie Chuah, Ms. Wendy Tan, Ms. KP Lim and Ms. JC Loi for the postcards. To my other housemates, can I keep those cards? I'm a card and stamp collector~ Just hope that these gals will safely return to Malaysia on 28th, as their flight which was scheduled on 26th from Finland to Netherlands was delayed, thus they are delaying their flights back here from Amsterdam.

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