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2 Feb 2010

Birthday of the Year!

Yet another birthday celebration for Ah Han and Ah Mi in this new year. It was supposed to be a birthday surprise, so we only told them it will be a reunion dinner before the Chinese New Year break- Lie no.1

As it was a birthday celebration, we need to have presents. We planned to do a handmade scrapbooks which contains our photos together plus messages from all of us. As it was a last minute plan, we had the photos being washed on Monday and we'll do the scrapbook on Tuesday, which is the day we supposed to celebrate. Except the two gals, the remaining of us met earlier to 'produce' the scrapbook, which was made by the drawing block. It was not an easy task, especially the decoration part. We estimate 2 hours to finish it, but it couldn't finish it on time, and we had class the next hour.

Initially after the class, we (include Ah Han) supposed to go to Queensbay Mall to shop for a while with Lawrence's father drive us there while waiting Ah Mi and Chia Min finish their meeting. As we had not finish our scrapbook, Lawrence told Ah Han that his father was stuck in a traffic in town area, hence we will go late. -Lie no. 2

So, Ming Wei, Lawrence and I went to a tutorial room in our school to finish up the book, while Ah Han was waiting SzeSze to finish up her class. At the meantime, David was in library, and he was supposed to take bus with Ah Mi and Chia Min after their meeting. Then, SzeSze and Ah Han was walking down to the tutorial room too to meet us, but Lawrence told her to wait somewhere else so that no one will see the 5 of us going together. -Lie no. 3

While we were doing the book, Ah Han did called and asked when is Lawrence's father arriving. Lawrence said he's on the way. -Lie no.4

When we finally finished up the book, Ah Mi and Chia Min had finished their meeting. So, all of us took bus to Queensbay Mall, except David, whom we can't reach on the phone because he's in a no connection's library. So when we reached Queensbay, we agreed to wait David and we separated to see our own thing. Initially, Lawrence was supposed to buy the cake and keep it at Nando's. But the excuse he gave, -lie no.5-'I'll need to withdraw money' was echoed by Ah Han, who then went with him. So, the task of buying cake became Ming Wei's and mine.

After David had finally arrived, we had our meal. The cake came out when we had finished our meal. The waitress who brought out the cake started to sing when she came nearer to us, and we sang along too. I think it really surprised the gals, as I saw Ah Mi was like saying "You know these?!" and Ah Han was like "No!!" I think the 2 of them really was surprised, as they wouldn't think of it, as their actual birthday is on another 9 or 10 days. We had photo sessions before they received a gift from all of us which was bought by Lawrence from Genting.

After they had cut the cake, the scrapbook was presented to them. This present was the real surprise for them. They flip over the pages, and read some of the messages. I think Ah Mi was very touch by this as her tears started to roll down! Ah Han also!! The same waitress, whom Ming Wei and I met when we brought the cake and serve us, seems happy to see what we had done to our friends. She even looked at the scrapbook and asked how we done it!

Though it was not an expensive stuff, but it was something we made on our own, where our effort was counted.

It was a day full of white lies and hard works plus some "how to settle it problems occur" , but the outcome was great! :0

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