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4 Feb 2010

House gathering

Yet another gathering, but this time, it was with my housemates. We have not go out to have dinner or lunch together as a 7 crew members, but we've done it many times at home-be it birthdays or normal meal times. But today, we went dinner at...Bukit Tambun, I think. i'mnot sure where exactly the place, but it's before Sungai Bakap and after Juru Auto City. The restaurant we went was in a small place, like Teluk Gong we have in Selangor. It's not an air conditional place. We had dishes like claypot tofu, mixed vege, chicken, fish and a type of lala, which I forgot what it's called. And we had losang too, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.

It's a different feeling when having dinner with housemates. Except my roommates, I don't know my other housmates very well. It's just because we always do our own stuff when we get back home, and not chatting about our personal stuff. Thus, I do not know them in deep. So, it's hard for us to find a topic to talk to. It's not like when my coursemates and I went out, we can sit for few hours before leaving the place. Totally different.

After dinner, we went to Juru Auto City. It was my first time stepped in to Auto City, and I think I can smell the elegance and richness. From the shops, I know that it's a little bit high class and young place, where I think mostly young and wealthy people will come here. There are a few pubs, and many restaurants, be it western or eastern.

And I think it the best place to look at those nice and expensive cars. Except those cars that are on sale, I saw many expensive cars like BMWs or FairLady on road.

We went to SOHO to have a drink. I asked for a Tequila pop, and finished it in 2 times. They said you should finished it at once after you have pop it. It's my first time trying it, and I think I will try again next time.

I don't mind if we'll have another house gathering again, as I cherish the time I spent with them.

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