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30 Jun 2010

Rest and Go!

Since May until the end of June, I've been enjoying my burden-less, non-committing (to anything), lepaking time and even went for some trips. For the last time, I had enjoyed my free time as a student: lepak and main-main. These, however, shall stop upon the arrival of 1st July 2010. July will be the time I really become a person with more responsibility, carrying burdens, and commit myself to other stuff. I shall no longer a student, but an adult who works from 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week!

Surely, a student's life will be totally different from a working life. All a student has to do is study, study, study, and main+lepak. Of course undergraduate experienced much more stuff than a secondary student. But the experiences gained in university is still not sufficient to overcome the real life working situation. It is still two different thing. I myself prefer a student's life. But somehow in today's world, I can't imagine people who only stop at a student's life, or only enjoy life, without working-as in meeting outside people. I wanted to work, to earn money with my own hand, but I also want lepak-lepak. Logically, I need to work first, to earn some money, then I can take off days to lepak.

So, to ensure I won't missed a student's life soo much after I started to work (new hire has probation period, and logically, we want to be a perfect worker during the period, so taking leave is a no-no, unless it is an urgent matter), I had my so called graduation trip with no other than my beloved sistahs. Though some will still continue their study, but most of us will be working after this. It was our last outing as an undergraduate, but we promised to have more outings in future, when we are stable with our job.

For me, the trips was a time for me to enjoy to the fullest before I committed myself with my job. I guess it will not be easy during the probation period, but I believe I can handle it!

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