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20 Jun 2010

Bitter Life

Received a news from FB via an old school mate, saying one of our teacher was just admitted into ICU. I was very shock and sad to hear this. We all knew she had this disease since she first taught us when we were in primary four. But she always show her braver side to us, still taught us when she was not feeling well, until she really cannot take it, then only she will took a day off. She is a very dedicated teacher. I still remembered that we used to stay back for extra class (her class), and then after that, I will followed her back to her house while waiting for my mum to finish her working hours. "Education is important, but her student's safety is also important", that's what I saw through her action. Normally when I stay back, I'll just wait for the afternoon session to finish their school and go back with the school bus OR wait for my dad (who can come out during his office hours) OR take a public bus home. When she knew this, she insisted that I go back with her each time after extra classes. Even my mother was surprised with her act. I felt grateful to her, even until this moment. Though I used to afraid of her, cos she's the teacher who cane students when they did badly, and scold them for their stupid mistakes in the exam, but I know deep in my heart what she did was for the best for her student. It's been years since I last saw her, probably 2 years, but at that moment, I think she is still quite healthy, just like the way she had when I was in primary. I can see that she is a great fighter since she can maintain her health, because I remembered she told us that she won't live for a long time. Upon hearing this, I can only pray for her to recover soon. I still think that you are still the warrior, the fighter that I used to know. Many of your students are still thinking of you, and you need to see how far and how high we should achieved. So, please get well soon!

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