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27 Nov 2010

MAHA 2010

The 2010 Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show started last Friday and runs for 10 days at The Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). It was hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobased Industries and organised by the Federation Agriculture Marketing Authority. I haven't went to this type of exhibition before, so when my brother was going with his friend (both of them are studying about agriculture), my younger brother and I tagged along.

There were so many visitors until we couldn't mange to turn into the road the the gate B car park, which is situated at the side of the SKVE (if I'm not mistaken). So, we ended up entered from the main gate to MAEPS. The traffic here was not as heavy as the gate B though.

The exhibition were all about agriculture. So, there were a lot of fruits, animals, plants, equipments, fertilizers, etc. The exhibition were divided into 2 parts-indoor and outdoor. There were 3 buildings for exhibition on information, whereas, we took shuttle bus to a 5 or 10 minutes drive to visit outdoor exhibitions-animals, tractors, plants, fishes. They even had an auction for livestocks!

It was like a walkathon, as we can only walk through all the booths. It was quite hot though while visiting all the outdoor exhibitions, although we had umbrellas. Some parents even brought along their infants! (What's so special/important of the exhibition that 'encouraged' parents to bring along their infants to a crowded+hot place?)

It was a new experience for me to visit this type of exhibition, but it will be my last time though.

a tractor used to fetch visitors to the main building from the parking lots

small scale of paddy field

tractors from the outdoor exhibition booth

turtle in an indoor exhibition booth

livestock auction

even our Prime Minister was there!

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