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17 Nov 2010

She Is So Good!

It feels so good to be with her again! It's been a while since the last time I visited her. I felt calm and relaxed when I saw her, and I think all the negative energies inside me were all gone.

Thank you, mother nature!

It was a public holiday today, so my family and I went to the north part of Selangor for a day trip tour. I feel good as it was kindda out of town, out of the busy+concrete city life. We first stop at Bukit Melawati. It's been ages ago since the last time I went there. This place has not changed so much though. There are still a lot of monkeys and the big trees are still there. It feels good to be able to see the sky horizontal with the Straits of Malacca. Spend about half an hour before went off to Kuala Selangor Nature Park to have a look. Didn't went inside though, as entrance fees are required.

Next stop was Pasir Penambang. I had been there once, it was almost 10 years ago. It is a fishing village which full with seafood restaurant. There are a few shops where fishmonger sell the catches right after the catches were unloaded from the ship. Bought a big packet of keropok udang/ikan as our snacks to continue our journey. Then, about 45 minutes drive away, we reached Sekinchan. We drive through the paddy field before we went to the wet part, the fishing village. There was a great feeling when driving alongside the green paddy. I wonder how does it feel if we pass through the fully grown paddy in gold color.

Had lunch at Jiaan Chyi Seafood Restaurant. Ah Xian, from 阿贤人情味 tv program went there before. We had Hot&Spicy Prawn, Fried Tiger Shark Fish, Shark Fish Porridge, Pan Fried Squid and a vege as our dishes. Basically, they offered more dishes about sharks. The food were quite ok though.

We went to the fishing village just behind the shop after our lunch. The port is where the fishermen unloaded all their catches. Here, the unloaded the containers from the ship and then separate the fishes and pack into some smaller containers with plastic bags and ice. Then, a truck will come and fetch the fishes away, after confirming the amount of the fishes with the manager. Nowadays, fisherman, literally the person who goes out to the sea to catch fishes, does not involved in managing the selling of the fishes. These so called 'manager', actually used to be a fisherman. When they had earn enough money, they hired other people, normally the foreigner, to go out to the sea. Hence, they will do the management stuff, like counting and arranging where will the fishes to be send to.

We happened to watch the fishes being unloaded, packed and being sent off. We also saw some relatives of the owner were cleaning some mantis shrimp. While waiting for my mum to buy some fishes (fishes had not been unloaded), I went to watch a few people building a ship right beside the port. The ship was halfway finish, because the chassis of the ship was already there. The whole place was fulled with sawdust, because they build a ship with woods. In front of the port was the view of a clear blue sky with the sea. It was the greatest feeling upon seeing the never ending sea, horizontal with the sky.

This is not the first time I experienced this type of environment. But, it's been a while since the last time I spend a few hours surrounded by green green grass and clear blue sky with the sea. Thus, it really makes me feel great!

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