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1 Jan 2011

Hello 2011!

While everyone started the first day of the year by celebrating either went for holiday or shopping, I started off by attending my high school mate's wedding ceremony. It's the second wedding among my high school mates and I guess there will be more (hopefully!) to come! Congratulations to Atiyah Azmi and her husband!

Met some school mates there but only the four of us we went for a drink at Starbucks after attending the wedding kenduri. Spent about 2 hours with Yasmin, Ezzah and Fadilah, chat about our lives so far. Well frankly speaking, I listened most of the time as I don't talk much. =.=" But then, it's good because it's a gathering!

Right after I came back from the small scale gathering, my family and I went to Seremban to attend a relative's son 1 year old birthday party and to pay a visit on my aunt who had just given birth to a baby girl yesterday. So, yeah, it's a triple wonderful occasions that I was celebrating in the first day of the year!

Happy year 2011 ahead! =)

From my left: Yasmin, Fadilah, Ezzah

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