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10 Jan 2011

Gen XYZ in The House!

Gen X, babes born in the 1960s-late 1970s

Gen Y, babes born in 1980s- early 1990s

Gen Z, babes born in early 1990s-2010s


From playing guli (marbles) to playing video games...


From playing teng-teng to watching televisions...


From having complicated meals to fast food...

When there are 3 generations in the house, one can feel the differences in each other. I'm in the Generation Y, so I was influenced by the Generation X in the early of my life and adapting the new technologies from the Generation Z while I'm growing up. Things changed with time, and I can see that my parents started to improve themselves with time from using manual stuffs to electronic stuffs, the most significant example would be the usage of typewriter in the past to computer nowadays.

I would say that Gen Y were a bunch of people who can adopt changes. Gen Y was in between Gen X and Gen Z. People from Gen Y does not grew up with gadgets like computers and PS and Ipods with media technologies such as the World Wide Web, SMS, MP3s. But I "met" them while I was on the way growing up. It's easier for the Gen Y to adapt these new stuffs as they were still at the young age when those gadgets were made famous. Whereas, the Gen Z was born with those stuffs around them. So, they're like growing up with them. All these stuffs were made by inventors from Gen X. So, when these things became a part of human's lives, people from Gen X also have to learn to use them and adapt the major changes in their working routine.

The world is changing. Thus, the Gen X have to follow the steps in order to be at the same level as others. As their children from Gen Y and Gen Z (that is, me and my younger brothers) grow older, my parents too, learn from us in order to be in the same "time zone" as us. My brothers and my grown up's environment were totally different from my parents, so our perspectives of life are different from them as well. What we think as an important subject may be some unimportant subject to them. So, there were times where I was upset because my request to eat at certain place or buy certain thing were turned down. Their reason: Not worth it; waste money. When I was a kid, I used to be very upset when that happened. But as I grew older, I understand it!

So, what's next after Gen Z? It has been suggested that the next generation will be called "Generation Alpha", for those babes born from 2010. Generation Alpha.....Gosh, even the suggested name sounds so "high-tech"!


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