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20 Apr 2007

japanese lesson

I'm lAzy....but Itz fun n iNterEsting to lEarN!!


Watashi wa Chong desu.
Dozo yoroshiku.
Watashi wa Mareisha-jin desu.
Nihongo o benkyo shiteimasu.
Watashi no tanjobi wa shigatsu no nijugonichi ni desu.
Mata dozo.


How do you do?

I'm Chong.
Nice to meet you.
I'm a Malaysian.
I'm studying the Japanese language.
My birthday is on the 25th of April.
Please come again.

hahaha...i'm currently learning the japanese language..by myself....i wanna learn coz i hope to be a translator and want to be easy when i go to uni (although i can take japanese class at uni, it will b easier if i have the basic!!)...and this language has the market tooo....just think the best sides of japan like technology, n u'll know what i mean...but, since i'm not schooling right now, so, i feel a bit lazy to continuosly learn the language...i'll always find an excuse to skip this language 'class'....like no mood today or got favourite programmes to watch, this kind of excuses...but now, i think i have to start to do it seriously...otherwise i'll not be finished until next year!! :) so, u guys will wonder how am i gonna learn without going to the language class, right?...well, my aunt went to learnt b4 (at language centre), n she left those books with me...so, i learn from these books and from those exercises that she did b4...and search in internet for the pronounciation...

basicly, there are 3 types of japanese writing, that is kanji, hiragana and katakana.

-used for expressing 'meaningful' elements such as nouns & stems of adjectives and verbs.
-characters borrowed from chinese language.
-usually got 2 readings, the 'on' reading that is originated from chinese pronounciation, and the 'kun' reading that is the japanese reading.

-used for expressing 'gramatical" elements such as particles and ending of adjectives and verbs which show tenses.

-words for foreign origin.
-as for those chinese characters, if they are read in japanese pronounciation, Hiragana will be used; if they are read by following the actual Chinese phenetic signs (means in chinese pronounciation), Katakana will be used.

so, for the beginner, we have to learn all those basic writing in hiragana and katakana, just like abc in english...but, u have to know that there are only 26 alphabet in english...in japanese, hiragana+katakana= 226 'alphabet'!!! this havent include the kanji words...there sooooo many(actually i dunno how many, maybe thousands).....but, for the japanese, the hiragana and katakana's writing are the most important...kanji is second...this is because if they forgot these kanji's writing they can replace it with katakana's writing...note that the japanese only learn kanji's word when they are in secondary...so, they will know some of the basic's kanji...like their name...most of the japanese's name is written in kanji...some of them also use katakana....But NOT in hiragana....that's the thing that make me so 'lazy'.....memorize these new writing.... :(

but for us who is not the japanese, we learn the language using the romanized form...just like the first part of this article...eg: Hajimemashite in romanized form...then, write in hiragana...so, it means that, we, the foreigner, have to learn the romanized form and the hiragana's writing at the same time!!! then it's word order are different from the english languange...in english, the word order are subject-verb-object, whereas in japanese, itz's subject-object-verb....so, really, have to learn the basic thing, like grammar....

but on the other way, i find this language very interesting...the japanese's pronounciation are all the same tone, only some of it with a bit higher or longer tone...others are the same...then the way to make a sentence....in english, if it only use four words to make a sentence, but in japanese, it will use more then four words or lesser than four words...eg: i'm chong-watashi wa chong desu...see the difference? and the writings are very cute....for me, itz like drawing some symbols....hahaha.....

p.s: i hope to finish this b4 uni's intake...wish me luck..hahaha...thanx!!!


DiZZy D3v|L said...

^^ uuuu...good luck! Learning languages is always fun.

kimichongraikkonen said...

arigato gozaimasu!!! hahaha...trying hard now to learn...heard that you are going to college...when itz gonna start? what course n where?