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11 Apr 2007

Why Always Tagged Me????

You often fly around Asia. What do you usually do on the plane?
Yen Pheng: Watching the sky, people around me, watching tv, sleeping....wat else can we do? havent fly so far b4.....except from Langkawi to Subang

What will you always bring when you're traveling overseas?
Yen Pheng: Probably camera, many many pairs of socks, clothes, note book, wat else??

Where would you like to travel to the most?
Yen Pheng: Republic of Ireland, England, Finland, Spain, Italy n other european countries....i like their culture, their building very much...Korea, Japan oso among other places dat i like

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Yen Pheng: Drink water

What are you getting into these days?
Yen Pheng: Learn sthing bout life through all those i have encountered b4....

What interesting movies have you seen recently?
Yen Pheng: The Day After Tommorow

Which CDs have you been listening to often these days?
Yen Pheng: Cd dat i burnt recently...songs dat i like but i didnt buy those album, Maksim's third album,Wang Lee Hom's ....

Do you go to Karaoke often?
Yen Pheng: Went to karaoke once, on my graduation day (2004)....

Did anything happen recently that moved you?
Yen Pheng: Not really....

If you can rest for a month, what would you like to do?
Yen Pheng: Travelling....

If you're about to go to a no-man-land and you're allowed to bring 3 things with you; what would you bring?
Yen Pheng: Mp3....magazine....water?!

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