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25 Apr 2007


Happy Birthday!!!!

today is my birthday....hahaha...happy birthday to me....turn 20 2day....above is my birthday cake...cappuccino cake...mum bought it from baker's cottage...quite delicious...got my birthday gifts from my friends...only 2.....and 2 birthday cards.....and loads of birthday messages whether itz from friendster or myspace or sms......i didnt feel sad as i had not received many presents as i dont think birthday gifts are soooooo important....watz important for me itz dat my friends still remember my birthday...whether itz new friends that i made in form 6 or old friends from secondary school or old old friends from primary school...i think that's the bestest gift.....just a simple birthday wish will make me happy...at least, people still remember me....i'm not that kind of person who is popular among the students....so, not many people know 'bout me...and i'm glad that among those friends that i made, they really treat me as their friends as how i treat them....fair enough....

by the way, my family celebrate all of our members' birthday, included my aunt, who on and off come and stay with us.....we just celebrate the birthdays by eating cakes...no more than that...so, i just spent my day at home 2day...i remembered that on last year's 25 april, i was at school and had bowling lessons after school....2005's 25 april i celebrated v my friends by meeting at midvalley(coz after spm, havent meet after that!!)....2004's 25 april was a school day and was a friday and i brought along the gifts to tuition centre (coz i went to tuition after school)!!! then 2003's 25 april was a school day, but my friends and i went to shopping at jaya jusco klang to celebrate it....celebrate with a party is just not our style...although i've done it b4....when i was younger and stayed with my grandparents....maybe when i was 4 n 5 years old...i stayed with my grandparents in a village at sri menanti, negeri sembilan coz my parents were working in shah alam...they couldnt take care of me so i stayed v my grandma n grandpa...that's when the birthday party was held....neighbours' children were also invited!!! n the cake was very bigg!!hahaha....that's the way they celebrate sthing in a village...everybody got invited...

my siblings and i never wish for any birthday gifts from our parents....NEVER.....this is bcoz everything that my parents bought for us were considered as our birthday gifts...whenever we went shopping, anything that we wanted to buy, they will buy for us, as long as itz affordable and itz meant for us....say, buying toys when we were younger....but, things like cds, magazines, they'll think itz a waste of money...but, back then, when i said i wanted to buy, although they still 'nagging' 'bout how wasteful (of money) it is, they still bought for me....until when i got older, i bought those things quitely v my pocket money....so, really, we never lack of anything...what we need, itz already been there...therefore, birthday gifts really is not part of our birthday thing from parents...itz just mainly from our friends...i'm glad that i have them to b my parents!!

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