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16 May 2009

Autograph Signing Sessions

Went to Sungei Wang for 2 artistes' autograph signing session, well, not as a fans, but as a companion for my friend, who is doing her industrial training at Sin Chew newspaper, as a trainee reporter. As she needs a companion, I became the casualty. ~Dead~I don't like places that is too crowded, though I'm not sure how big each artiste's fan based is. You see, Sungei Wang is a place where KL people's lurve to hang out during weekends. And I had some, well, mixed feeling? I mean I didn't go to my favourite artistes/people's meet-the-fans session (well, I don't have the chance), but here I am, going to other people's, what fans am I?! Though I've went to Maksim's autograph signing session, and that was the first time I went to an autograph signing session. And now, my second and third time was given to...not my favourite people. Anyway, here's the artistes:

Golf & Mike

Pop duo from Thailand. They are actually brothers group, just like The Jonas Brothers, except that they are only 2 of them. The session was scheduled on 3pm, but only started at 3.20pm, outside of Sungei Wang plaza. The fans were not so crowded, though, I mean, you can't compare their fans based with the likes of LeeHom's. But all these fans who were behind the VIP box wore green T-shirt. Eh, environmental friendly? Golf & Mike greeted the the crowd Sawatdeekhrap when they came on stage. They then judged a dancing competition, and presenting the prizes to the contestants, before singing some songs, called a lucky fans through a phone and give away an I-Mobile phone as they are the spokesman for the phone, and finally wrapped up with autograph signing session. At first, I was standing side of the stage, where I can see clearly the whole stage. But then I moved away as it was raining cats and dogs, to the staircase to Sungei Wang plaza, which is near the backstage. I guess it was quite a good spot, although I can't see the stage clearly. But backstage is a place where most people don't have a chance to peek through. Though they are not super duper famous people, it was an opportunity to see what really happend at the backstage in the first hand. It's interesting to see the whole scene. The whole event finished at aroud 4.30pm, where I watched both guys walked off the stage to a standby car, using a fans' umbrella (taken by their staff, of course), and left the scene. Guess the spot where I stand is the best viewed of all! :)

Amy 王明丽

Amy was winner of 2004's TVB8 全球华人新秀歌唱大赛,also known as New Talent Singing Awards. Though winning the contest, she only managed to release an EP this year. It was scheduled to start the event on 6pm, but only started at 6.20pm. Haiz, Malaysian time. Guess all those who came here will always have the same outcome. I wonder whether the same thing happend when those Japanese entertainer come. Her fans based was slightly bigger, probably because there were 3 buses of fans came all the way from Johor to support her. Amy came out greeted everyone, sang all her songs from her EP, played a game with her fans...much more interaction with the fans. I can see from her face that this lady is happy and overwhelm with lurve, by her families (I think all of her family members were here-parents, sisters, aunts..etc), friends, and most of all, her fans. Her voice was kindda like A-Mei 张惠妹's voice, when she sang her winning song from the 2004's contest. And when she sang 三天三夜 from A-Mei's, it really sounds like A-Mei is singing.

Malaysia do have many talented singers/songwriters. But most of them need to go abroad to gain fame first before we can really say they really had achieved something. It's like overseas recognition are much more standard, high level, before we can really say a new star has born!

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