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5 May 2009


Though it's officially holiday, I've been busy with Dr.Goh's research. It's not a hard work, though, but it's tiring. Key in all those 1000++ Malay and Chinese proverbs (this is the 1st phase) just take a looong time. Plus, typing in Chinese are real dang slow!! Although we (the 10 of us who are doing these) are given 12 days to do, I need to do it faster, as I'll be off to do-things-people-should-do-during-holiday-FUN TIME. So, I'll do as much as I can in a day. (I don't care if I have to sit in front of laptop all the time! But I guess I can't do that either. Just can't sit still like that for a long time! ) Hence, this blog will not be updated for some time. 

*华文,华文,你快生锈了!Where's the lubrication oil??! 需加点油才能走得更远啊!

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