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2 May 2009

Photos update

~Photos will do the talking~

Last exam's (except for ZheRong)/end of semester's cum birthday celebration

The birthday cake!!

Celebrated with Lawrence's (May)

Gifts presenting ceremony

With Ming Wei. Burung, u occupied the remote control!

Singing with ah ka~ka~

The existing homosapiens with XY chromosomes in the group

Everybody sings!!

Group pix-the 8 of us

Waiting for bus to get back, at Gurney Drive

While waiting for the bus to come...

Still, the bus is not coming. Storytelling about the Twilight saga to Ming Wei.

My birthday presents:

From my coursemates

From my roommates...

What's this??


Last but not least, all those birthday wishes/messages from phonecalls, SMS, Friendster, Facebook and blog etc. Thank you very much!! *Kisses from me*

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