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14 Mar 2010



From Tiger Woods to John Terry, and now Jack Neo, it seems like there is no stopping in this topic: extra marital affair. From what we see, these people have something in common: famous in their professional field, and they are, of course, rich. It seems like all men are the same, but I do hope that men Do Not do this. It's not right to do this. If you want so much, please don't get married at the first place. You have to respect your partner and others who might get involved on what you did. If you do not know how to respect, you should just get out of this world. Women won't mind what you've done before you marry her, as long as you don't cheat on her after both of you got married. If you think you're a guy who cannot control yourself and likes to pick girls other than the women you loved, you better don't get married, and stay single until you leave this world. It's not fair for wifes to suffer for you, whereas you can fool around like that's nothing happen. And they didn't think about their children too. Who wants a father who is two or three timing with other women other than his wife? And these children might follow their footsteps when they grow up. They are all smart people, and yet, they are not smart enough to stay away from lust. Lust is really a powerful sin to kill off a person!

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