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28 Mar 2010

Fashion Nerd Meets Fashion Show

I had a chance attending a fashion show few hours ago. It was actually a fashion shows on wedding dress, and a friend of mine was the designer. Though it was a small scale shows, I felt that it was kindda grand. :-)

It was actually a whole day event at Traders Hotel, Penang, but for me and my friends, the main subject was the 3 pm's fashion shows. There are a few bridal houses who also took part in fashioning their dresses. My friends and I were seated at the first row in front of the T-shape stage. And you know what? It was a great feeling seeing the models in front of us! All the dresses were beautiful, and so do the models! All in all, there were 8 models, with 5 ladies and 3 gentlemen.

It was not bad though, the fashion show. The atmosphere was good, and the dresses were nice too. And now I can imagine the atmosphere in London Fashion Show and other fashion shows. It will have more models, designers, celebrities and camera flashes.

I guess I like to go to this type of event too~

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