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28 Mar 2010

Letter Without a Stamp

To you,

Just want to wish you Happy Birthday, and hope all your dreams come true.

It's been years since the last time I saw you. Are you doing great there? Though we've not meet for years, I always remember your birthday. I don't know why, it just always pop up in my mind when your big day is arriving.

One thing that I felt regretted was that I was not able to tell you my true feelings on you. I know that some of my actions were obvious, but I think I should personally tell you. I know there won't be any changes, but deep in my heart, I feel that there is a need to tell you.

I wish to meet you again. Really. Thanks to your mum who had gave birth on you. Thanks to you for appearing in my life, so that I had a chance of experiencing different types of true feelings. I shall never forget what I've learnt from there.

Le Gra Go Deo,
Yen Pheng.


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Yen Pheng said...

adalah orang tu~ :)