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1 Jul 2010

Induction day

I'm officially a working people now. To be precise, I am an ASTRO's staff! =) Today and half day of tomorrow is induction day(s) for me. New hired is exposed to the company's history, some important rules and regulations, etc, those boring stuff. But the best part was, we had a chance to visit radio stations-MIX fm, hitz.fm, LiteFM, MY FM, ERA, SINAR, XFM and THR, and met some of the deejays! Saw Adam C in hitz.fm's room, Rex and Non in LiteFM's room, Vivian 卓卉勤 and Josh Lai in MY FM's room, Royce 陈志康 outside MY FM's room, Wan Wai Fun in another room doing recording, and some other deejays that I don't recognized.

The environment in a media company is different from others. Though I didn't work at other places before, I can feel it. Your attire depend on your job, ranging from a full set of formal attire to shirts and jeans. Because it is a big company, the building itself is quite big also. Funny thing is, the highest building is only 3rd floor (if I'm not mistaken), but it was very wide. Because it is a big company, they have many departments, but because of space limit, some departments are not inside the main building. It is scattered around, like the department that I'll be joining. It is opposite the main building. Some are as far as Midvalley, but some are nearer to the main building, at Technology Park.

Tomorrow will be another induction sessions, only for the permanent stuff. It will end at lunch time, and then we will greeted by a buddy assign to assist the newcomer.
It was a new experience to know how a radio and tv station work. It's pity that my department is not in the headquarters. Otherwise, I might have a chance to meet some artists walking around! *Saw Nor Syuhaida Abd Razak shooting for Dottie the series for ASTRO Ria, channel 104 though.*

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