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4 Aug 2010

Huh? Been sacked????

I saw a white envelope under my keyboard this morning from afar, and I thought: Walau eh~I've just worked for one month and I got a letter? What had I done? So sueeh meh??

When I finally looked properly, it was this:

Fuiyooh!! Luckily it's not a bad thing!

I slowly opened the mail, and I got this:

Mengejutkan aku saja!

Upon seeing this, I knew who were the senders. Only my supervisor and a few colleagues knew I'll be attending my convocation in a few days.


And my guess was right. It was from them. They are also the colleagues who lend many hands to me when I needs help, because: 1 is my supervisor, so she have to help me, hehe...1 sits on my left, 1 sit on my right (who share the same birth DAY+MONTH except year) and the other 1 is opposite me.

Take a closer look at the part with pinky stuff in a circle which was full with stars~

Yippee! Thanx a lot to my lovely colleagues!

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