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1 Aug 2010

One night in Sri Menanti

Went back to Sri Menanti yesterday to visit my just-recovered-from-sickness'-grandma. Only reach there at 5pm cos we were late to start our journey. As it was just a short trip, mum decided to have dinner outside. We went to Bahau to have dinner with my 2nd uncle who stay in Kuala Pilah. In my family's background, whenever there is an extraordinary+happy+special "thing" has happened, major exam's-UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM result is out, received bonuses, etc, we'll dine out, sort of celebrating the occasion. As I've started working and just got my salary, my "intelligent's" mummy asked me to treat. Well, now, for me, money is not a big deal. And before this, my parents had supported me for more than 20 years. So its my time to repay now.

Anyway, it was a small scale reunion, where we sit and have meal together. As usual, we chat while having our meal. We asked for 7 dishes, and all the dishes are great, as in it was delicious and the portion were quite big. As the bill came, it rounded up to RM 300!! It was the fish, 七星斑 which was the most expensive of all. The fish alone was RM130! I can't believe the fish is so farking expensive. Thus, my wallet bleeds, and it's getting lighter and lighter. It's time to visit ATM machine again!

Today woke up at 8.30 am and followed my parents to Kuala Pilah to have breakfast, cos mummy wanna go market to buy some vege to prepare lunch. Back in Sri Menanti at 10 am, and packed the ice, and then helping in the kitchen. Reached Shah Alam at 6.15 pm, so we went to have dinner. Came back home and did some house chores, before it was late night.

When the time for myself has finally arrived, it's time to say goodnight. Sigh.

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