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8 Aug 2010

Pre-Convo 1

5th August, 2010

Went to Penang 2 days before my actual day of convocation, for the convo's rehearsal. Arrived in Penang at 3.30pm. What's more? It's time to meet my SistAhs!! =) Straightaway went to Queensbay to have some tea break time with Lawrence, ZheRong and SzeSze at Kim Gary while waiting for the rehearsal time to arrive (8.30pm) .

Chit-chatting like we always had until dinner time, when XinMi, MingWei and SheiHan arrived one by one. Left the mall at 8.30pm and went to DTSP, USM's hall where I'm going to get my scroll from Vice-Chancellor with my robes, sash and mortarboard in another 2 days time. The hall was fulled with, sad to say, parents and relatives of the graduates. Shouldn't graduates be the one who listens to the dos and don'ts during the exact day? Why parents and relatives were inside too when there is not enough seats for us? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter for me now.

The so-called rehearsal, only showed us some video clips on how to wear robes and the dos and don'ts when we were on stage. And they did told us what we should do when the VIPs are entering the hall, when we should clap hands, etc. After about 1 hour, the session ended. Sien.

Meet course mates who came for the session too. Photo booming as much as we can until the convo's officer asked us to leave, so that they can check and make sure everything is in good condition for the next day's convo's session. Bo bien. We've not meet for about 4 months, of course we'll chat!

We then walked to the convo's expo. But then we finally decided to go to somewhere quite and air-conditioned, so we can talk better. We end up going to KFC and chatted until 12 am.

2007 batch of BATI-ans Rocks!!!

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