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1 Sep 2009

Post National Day

National day went by just like a normal day, except that it was a public holiday and my coursemate aka sistah's birthday. Though there were few days off, it seems these days were not enough for me to do EVERYTHING. Supposedly, 'holiday' is a day where we are not at work or school. In short, if there is a holiday, you are not suppose to touch anything that is related to your work or school stuff. And what about weekend? Weekend is two non-working days in a seven-day week. Still, it mention 'non-working', which, again, means that we are not suppose to do job/study related stuff. Hence, during holidays and weekends, we are supposed to fullfil our desires-sleeps, reads, shops, eats, watches, plays, etc. We Are Supposed To Do Things We LOVE To Do. Then why, especially students, need to do school related stuff during the weekends and holidays? Why there are works in a period which is supposed to let us relax and rest our mind? It's kinnda funny, though.

I'm not here to complain that I don't have enough time to spend. Somehow, 24 hours is just enough for me. It really depends on how you manage your time. You can divide it with the stuffs you like to do and the stuffs that you need to do. No one is right or wrong on that. After all, how you spend your time is none of others' business. But, it's just that sometimes I do wonder about this-it's a holiday, but still, there are works to be done. There are times that I have mixed feeling on it. Should I be happy 'coz there is a holiday? Or, should I be unhappy 'coz there are works to be done in a holiday?

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