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24 Sep 2009

Raya Break-2nd part

Wednesday, 23rd Sept

Another typical day. But the crowd was lesser. Most probably was that many people went for visiting relatives and friends at other place. But there were still business to do.

Feeling unwell today. Headache, and I felt that I'm getting fever, soon. Felt warm all over the body. Maybe it was the hot day and those junk food that I had for the past few days. Not too much, though. But at least a small packet a day. Had as much 100 Plus as I can, thus getting better at night. Still, felt some itchiness at the throat. Eww...hate it!!!

Thursday, 24th Sept

Last day here in Sri Menanti. Tomorrow will go back Shah Alam. Can't stay any longer, as I myself haven't start any of my homework. Well, at least I've done the slides for the HBT304 presentation. But there are still many works to be done. And I haven't really spend some time at home. Haiz...time not enough!!

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