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27 Sep 2009

Raya Break-3rd part

Friday, 25th

Help out again at the shop before we went back to Shah Alam at around 4pm...went pasar malam and had dinner before going back home. Upon reaching home, we had cleaning session-1 week away from home, it was dust everywhere. It took us 1 hour++ to finish it. A day was gone, just like that.

The feeling of coming back at home was great. It's the feeling I'm craving for. The feeling of being at home is totally different from say, being at somewhere else, although other family members are there and I'm familiar with the environment. It feels more relaxed and it's like I can do whatever I want when I'm at home.

Saturday, 26th

Went market and had haircut after that. Auntie potong sampai sangat pendek lah!! Then, I had bak kut teh for lunch!! Hahaha.....and the rest of the day? Online, watched badminton and football, cook dinner, find short story...life at home was soooo relax!!! But the time passes so fast!

Sunday, 27th

Took 11am's bus back to Penang. It's a bas tambahan, which means only these few days they have this time slot. Normally, there are only 2 slots to Penang-9.30am and 5pm. After hearing that it was a bas tambahan-my dad bought the ticket, I knew the journey back to Penang will not be a smooth one. So, lets see how's it going. First, it was a 2+2 seats. So, the seat is small, and it was not so comfortable for a long journey. Then, when the bus started to move, I know instantly that something might happen-cos it's an old bus, and the revving sound was different. And I can hear that some parts are not working smoothly. It's just a matter of time that when it's gonna happen. As usual, it stopped to refuel before really starting the journey, but I don't know why it took a long time. The real journey started at 12 noon. After some time, the bus stopped at a rest area, still in Selangor. Don't know what happen, but the driver managed to fix it. So we continue the journey.

At around 1.30pm, it stopped for a shcedule stop-Tapah's rest area, for the passengers to have some break. But it was way too long-half an hour. I was already very pek chek. I was way back of time. If follow the schedule, I should be arriving Penang at 3.30pm. But here I am, still haven't reach half of the journey. The journey continued after the break, but then halted again, this time at a road side, for the same problem. Still, the driver managed to fix it. Up until Jelapang, the problem occur again, but it had gone worst until the driver couldn't do anything. And only now I know what had happen-a water tank had broke off. I'm not sure which tank was it, but the tank must have been connected to an important part that makes the vehicle unable to go on.

The driver called a foreman from Ipoh to fix it, as he couldn't get a back up bus-cos all buses had been used up to fulfill the festive season's demand. So, we waited in the bus for some time, until a man got into the bus and told us he's charging RM 5 per person to Butterworth. Turn out he's in another bus, which was not full. Whatever it is, I think it is faster then waiting for the foreman to fix the bus. Most of the passengers took the chance. The bus was actually from Gopeng to Butterworth. And it only carried 5 passengers. That's why the co-driver make the suggestion.

It was 4pm when I finally got into the bus. Pity for 3 or 4 passengers cos they had to stand, as they were late when deciding want to take the 2nd bus or not. Anyway, reached Butterworth at 5.30pm, and the damn ferry only move after around 15 minutes after I got onboard. When I finally reached Weld Quay, it was already 6.05pm. And the same thing happen when I got up the Rapid bus-the driver went off when I entered the bus. Waited around 5-10minutes before it finally move. And I finally got back at Desa U at 7pm.


8 hours of journey from Shah Alam to Penang!!! I think next time, I'm going to take Aeroline back to Penang. It doesn't mater if I were late when I go back home, but it DOES matter when I reached Penang late!

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