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22 Sep 2009

Raya Break-1st part

Saturday, 19th Sept

Came back to Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan early in the morning. It was the last day of the fasting month, but the traffic was smooth at the North-South highway. Had our breakfast at Seremban Jaya before started continuing the journey to grandma's house. Reached around 9.30am. Unloaded all our stuff and started to help out. Normally, 10am-1pm is the rush hour for the villagers to get stuff to prepare lunch, but today, there are not many people cos it's still in the fasting month. But those who came, aimed for stuff to baked traditional food-rendang and ketupat. They came for nyiur @ kelapa and ketupat in pack. But around 4pm, people came in continuosly, until around 7pm. It was a tiring day.

Sunday, 20th Sept

1st day of Raya. Grandma bought 60 packs of ice-a big packet. And now, my jobs will be unpack those ice into a smaller packets...as fast as I can. It looks like an easy job, but it takes a long time. The job will be much easier if there are many who buy the big packet. The best time? Around 10am, after the Muslims had finished the morning prayer. Anyway, ice sure is a good friend of the bright hot day. The ice was sold out at around 12 noon, not only ours, but also other shops. Now, this time around, old people came for stuff for lunch, while young people came for ice, soft drinks, and tit bits. The crowd were much more than yesterday, but around 2pm, lesser. Normal scene, though. Around 3pm, grandma asked for 25 packets of ice. Here I go again with the ice. Sigh. But the cold melted water was cool enough to soothe my hands and legs. :0 Evening: People came in again at around 4pm, this time, for sardines, sawi and mee/mihun, plus those mosquito/insect repellent. Kampung mah....and Panadol is also something they needed the most. The shop was not closed up until 10pm. Still there are people who came in for soft drinks, cigarettes, and tit bits.

My aunts came back too this morning. Hence, my 2nd uncle and his family came again tonight. We had a wine and nuts while chatting. Hari Raya break is also a good time for a small family gathering. Chatted until 12am only we went for bed.

Monday, 21st Sept

Still, it was a full day of tiresome. Ice packing, add in the inventories to the shelf, etc. There were still some crowds, but not so much in a time. People came in whenever they feel too. And it's not much tense, though. But the time flies fast when you are doing these things. It's not an easy task to manage a shop, let alone when there are 2 people who are actually managing it. That's why my family and I always come back to help whenever there is a festive and long holiday.

Tuesday, 22nd Sept

Here I go again with the same old jobs. But today was much more relax, as there were not much crowd. And that's why I can slipped away for a long time to blog, and Facebook-ing. Hehe...but then, I have to leave now, as the ice is here again.

See ya! :0

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